Chapter 0:



Twelve states in the Mangolian empire rebelled against fifty two districts in Mangolia. Only one state of the twelve is acknowledged as a leading producer in grade twelve weaponry. Graded weapons are top tier weapons ranked highest on weapons hierachy. Crafted from the scales of a Synclomarinium, graded weapons rank highest. And on top of that, from the lowest grade two weapons to the highest grade twelve weapon, wielding a graded weapon is an advantage in battle. Grade two weapons are estimated to be able to topple a country's government with a swift strike. The other grades from one to twelve are measured as zero, the power in them is determined by the strength and skills from their users. Skill slots are available for only grade nine weapons. 

  The other fifty two districts in the Mangolian empire did not approve on this treacherous rebellious act, so they formed their own organization to retrieve state number seven of the twelve, Forden City. This organization goes by the name: F.S.M, Federated States of Micronesia.

  State number eleven of the twelve: Kundestin District, as observed from the F.S.M organization, is stated as a threat. Thirty members were sent out to exterminate Kundestin District. Only seventeen reported back.

  Thirteen members were showcased as missing and later on presumed as dead.

 Sixteen members from the seventeen were in perfect shape and ready for another mission. Only one member had gone rogue after the mission. He was locked up in room eighty six, district number forty eight: Gandaka Island, for assault against innocent citizens. The sixteen members who remained are still awaiting for a counter mission to be set-off.  



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