Chapter 18:



5 Years Later…

Well, here we are, 5 years ago our estranged group came back together again and since then a lot has happened, nothing bad if that’s what you’re thinking everything has been going right ever since. Let me explain.

Daisuke moved back to London but not alone, Emi decided to open a boutique in London too, and just 3 years ago they both got married, now she’s 5 months pregnant with twins, a girl and a boy!

I’ve already told Emi that I will spoil her kids rotten! Daisuke wasn’t too happy about that since he wants ‘perfect little angels’ Puh-lease they’ve got Emi’s blood in them there’s going to be nothing angelic about the little stinkers.

Daisuke is still a professor at Oxford University, but he’s no longer so uptight Emi managed to get him to loosen up a little and it’s a much better look on him, he’s now joking around a lot more, trust me it was scary at first but then we got used to it, also his students love him too.

Emi’s clothing line was featured at the Met Gala not too long ago and was a massive hit! Celebrities such as Anna Hathaway, Emma Watson, and even Angelina Jolie have worn her clothes and done photoshoots for magazines in them, her summer collection sold out in minutes it was amazing!

Kazuki decided to move here in Matsukawa with me, and we’re living in my house, he’s brought the pub that he used to work in and made it exactly how he would have wanted it.

It’s a big hit and all the people that work for him are all University students who want part-time jobs, in the morning it’s perfect for families to go and enjoy, but in the evening it’s a lot livelier with teens, young adults, couples, and groups of friends/ colleagues who want to chill after work and school hours.

He did pop the question a year ago and of course, I said yes, so now you’re looking at an engaged woman, Kazuki and I aren’t getting married yet as he still wants to introduce me to his family, as well as make sure we’re still a bit more financially stable.

If you’re wondering about me, then I’m now an official writer, I don’t work for anyone but myself, I’ve had a few books published already, and I can finally say I have quit that dead-end job!

Also, not to mention that Kazuki made sure I had quit when he punched my boss in the face breaking his nose and threatening to damage other parts of him if he caught him harassing me or anyone ever again.

Yes, we did fight about it and yes, he promised he wouldn’t do it again, but we both know that ain’t happening because I have got the most overprotective boyfriend in the world, which is both hot but annoying at the same time!

Anyways as I mentioned before I’m a published author would be the better term, and I’m currently working on a new book, this time I’m thinking of doing something different from my usual romance books, this time I’m going with something I have never done before.

My new book would be about a group of friends, a tight-knit group of friends who accidentally get themselves in trouble, the next thing they know, their past is catching up with them, the book’s name; Hunted.