Chapter 19:

Note from the Author


Hi everyone, Bikergirlhacker here with another completed story. Uff, it’s been quite the journey, of course, we went through some ups and downs and not just in the book.

I want to thank everyone who read this story and I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it… actually, that’s partially the truth. Long story short, this book wasn’t supposed to drag on for so long, it was supposed to be pretty quick, but I just ended up with a terrible case of Writer’s Block in between the chapters, there even came a point where I was going to give up entirely on the book, but I spoke to a friend who encouraged me to continue, and before I knew it I did end up enjoying writing the story more than I initially started.

Now enough of that, and without further ado, there are a few people I would like to thank.

IceDonut- Thank you so much for the comments and the votes, and I owe a massive thank you for the idea you gave me for the ending, and to answer your question, my initial idea was to show that Sora was actually alive this whole time and he was going to get revenge but they end up actually killing him in self-defence, basically very anti-climactic, but I’m truly glad I took your idea it was a lot better.

Koyomi- Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

Katsuhito- For your amazing comments as well as voting for the story

Thank you so much everyone and I’ll see you again soon with another story, but until then, take care, stay safe, bye for now.