Chapter 214:

Contact Exchange - End of Volume 4

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

Author Note:

Thanks for reading! As of this chapter, we have officially reached the end of what I like to dub “Act 1” of this story. As such, this is sort of a soft end, perhaps a dip or turn, until we head into the next section of the story. Volume 5 will feature the characters we’ve come to know split apart and returning home to engage in struggles waiting for them. It will start slowly but eventually head to a significant point that will carry on for the rest of the Second Act and lead to the events that roll the story into the Third Act. I will keep things vague for now so as to not spoil anything prematurely.

Next month, from June 9th thru 11th, I will have an artist alley table at Animate Columbus in Ohio. I will have print copies of Resh V1, as well as my novella Order, and some small things like bookmarks and keychains. If you can come out and stop by, please feel free! I would love to meet you.

With the timing of Volume 4’s end, Resh will go on a hiatus as I work to finalize prep for the Con. It will resume after the Con concludes. Going forward, a new page will be created for Act 2.

Thank you all again for reading so far, and I look forward to moving on with you into what the future events of this story will carry!

From: Fiona Whitlock <PrankPrincess@QuenthCastle>

To: <NunGroup>

Hello everyone! I hope you all have had time to get settled! I wanted to send out this message, so we have each other’s contact! I have started a <NunGroup> as well so we can send messages to everyone easily!

I also wanted to raise a question to everyone! Since our last beach trip was ruined by our Japhinth friend, I was thinking we should try planning another! Any objections?!

From: Harlan Sal <ScienceOfficerHarlan@WeskBase>

To: <NunGroup>

I will be busy then.

From Rheba Arms <Warrior1258789224@ShlillBarracks>

To: <NunGroup>

Harlan, we haven’t even picked a date yet…

From Odell Fio <MechanicPrince@HobithCastle>

To: <NunGroup>

I’m down for a trip. 👍 Cecilia might have been checking my mail as well, is it okay if she comes? 🤔

From Hal Bloodmurder <PoetSwordmaster@RoanokeOffice>

To: <NunGroup>

I was going to say no, but my sister was looking over my shoulder and wants to do it.

From: Fiona Whitlock <PrankPrincess@QuenthCastle>

To: <NunGroup>

That’s great! I bet we can invite even more people! I’ll start working on a date, everyone ask around and see if there is anyone else who might be interested in coming!