Chapter 1:

Invading her heart

my class president is adorable...but I wish she wasn't so cold

“Hey What’s your name!” I heard a loud feminine voice scream at me.

”oh, you mean me? I’m Ken Watsuki“ She grabs my shirt collar and pulls me close to her face. I try to push away from her. She laughs “ hahaha you have some guts kid I’m Mina Takeda.” she lets go of me. “ I was just scaring you a little bit hahahaha.” Everyone in the class looks over at us.My eyes darted over to a young girl with shoulder length medium golden brown hair looking at her desk glumly.“ heh you must be out of your mind! That’s Seki, the class president. She’s super strict and a real stickler for the rules you know.” I push the girl’s hands away and walk towards Seki and hop onto her desk”yo.”

“ Please step off my desk! Otherwise I’ll write you up. W-wait who are you?” She glares at me coldly.

“I’m Ken Wasuki, nice to meet you” she sits there and glares at me aggressively as I hop off of her desk.“ Very well Wasuki-kun. I'm the class president, Akane Mikawa. It's nice to meet you but never climb on my desk.” she gives me a cold hard glare meant to scare me.

“ Well you're pretty scary but you're also good looking.” her eyes perk up for a second before going back to her neutral state“ What about me makes me cute I’d rather be scary so weirdos like you leave me alone!” I sarcastically slump on her desk pretending to be sad.

“ Ah, that's so mean Mikawa-san I think I'm dying inside. What makes you cute? Huh, your hair, your eyes, everything.” she glances away a little embarrassed then she glances back over with a sad look.“ oh! I take it you haven’t heard the rumors huh?” my eyes darted at her curiously she looked back sadly so I decided not to dig deeper I perk up." Let's catch a movie after school today. What do you think Mikawa-san!” She Jumps up out of her seat and looks at me with watery eyes.” you mean it really! Y-you actually don’t mind hanging out with me?”

The whole class was shocked that someone would ask the oppressive class president to hang out after school. The entire class shouted “HUH??” the teacher walks in a second later and everyone starts moving back to their seats “ see you later Mikawa-san!” I whisper to her as I hurry to my seat I pull out a binder and pencil “Alright time for class everyone!” The teacher writes the first three numbers of pie on the board. Enough times that all 11 students can write as much as they remember most of the students stop after 3.141956359 I only hear two other people going. After we reach the 20th number one of the others drop out “ I can’t anymore.” I hear a voice clearly coming from a guy say as he sits down I figure the other person has to be Mikawa-san after the 50th number we start running out of space “ That’s enough!” the teacher says in a shocked voice.

“Honestly you were about to do more than me, you two are really good, well anyway I was doing this as a warm up Introduction yourself.” I turn to face the class. It's an interesting mix of people, some stand out while some seem completely Invisible I notice one guy giving me and Mikawa-san a thumbs up. He was probably the other guy who posed a minor challenge.” I’m Ken Wasuki. Nice to meet you all.” Everyone starts clapping after I Finish I guess I left quite an impression on them.

During lunch I saw Mikawa-san sitting alone in the classroom so I combined our desks to make a big table for us to both eat at. “Watsuki-kun what are you doing? I sat here to… avoid other people, they all annoy me. Even you.” I put a slice of my octopus sausage in her bento and smile at her.

”You don’t mean that I know you have a heart somewhere in there, you just don’t show it.” she looks down at her bento and tears start rolling down her eyes.” Shut…up you don’t know anything about me. I really do dislike everyone!"

 I really have no idea how she feels but she can’t hate everyone. I'll make her like me then we can work from there.” M-movie. Mikawa-san movies after school, you and me!” I just blurted out the first thing that came to me.

 She wipes the tears from her eyes “ R-really with me t-the movies?” she starts blushing a little bit. She seems embarrassed about her rant.

 “together yes we can see whatever movie you want!” I grasp her hands” Mikawa-san this will be a great opportunity tell me you accept, please!” she looks around the room before sadly agreeing. 

“ F-fine I guess I have no choice but be warned if you try to make a move on me…” she glares at me coldly and seriously then continues speaking in a threatening tone. “ or you’ll die and it won't be painless.” she smiles evilly it seems she has a dark side a second later she goes back to her normal self which isn’t much different it’s just not as intimidating.

 “ don’t worry I don’t plan on it…” I mockingly laugh and sinisterly smile at her, I look at her.        ” Today at least.” she shudders a bit as I burst out laughing. She glares at me coldly she didn’t seem to enjoy my joke.

 “ Seriously I would’ve killed you for that if we weren't at school lucky for you, well tonight we’re seeing the five hour documentary on candy making.” She starts laughing coldly as I slump down.

 “ I’m sorry, okay so can we watch something else l-like the high load movie I hear it’s really cool please.” She stops laughing and eats the rice from her bento.

 “ You know I really love rice. It helps me through some difficult times. You know you should try it whenever you have a problem rice your way through it.” I start eating the rice from my bento.

 "Well, are we seeing a different movie now?” she starts laughing hard and slams her bento onto the table.

 “ hahaha is that really your biggest problem I envy you well then I guess we can see that high load movie.” She smiles as we both finish our bentos and head to buy drinks at the vending machine.

 “ Mikawa-san, what drink do you want? I prefer black coffee.” She takes a second to look at the vending machine options.

 “ Hmm I’ll take green tea.” I put the money in the machine and hand her the tea. We walk over to the stairs and sit down side by side. “ Your strange Wasuki-kun, why are you so nice to me?” she takes a sip of her tea looking at me for a response. “ You're pretty handsome. I hear you're a model so why an average looking girl like me?” It’s true that I do model my hair is just naturally like an anime characters I hear some people call it the average Isekai hairstyle. “ you have shiny black hair and sparkling blue eyes you could have any girl in this school with that alone not to mention your physique seriously your above average talking to someone who might be below average why?”

 Before I have the chance to respond, the bell rings. She was so nonchalant the entire time it’s almost like she’s Internalized all this negativity about herself, I notice a magazine sticking out of her bag on the cover is Ai Sayasui a half Finnish half Japanese person she has waist length blonde hair and black eyes. I remember I ran into her once during a photoshoot. She was super shallow. She had no personality compared to Mikawa-san.