Chapter 0:

Life Plan

She Reads me Like a Book.


Life is complicated.

There are a lot of alternatives to choose from in things as simple as choosing an ice cream flavor or as complicated as choosing a degree in college. And all of those alternatives add up to each other to make life difficult, to make it almost impossible for a person to choose the right path, and some people even argue that there is no right path at all. They say that we are all different and we all want different things, so every single one of us has a different path.

That is but lies created by the powerful to keep the people from reaching their height. Of course there is a right path, and there is a way to achieve it. It is only a matter of learning about the ways of the great masters of every single art. Mathematicians, Astrologist, Phillosophist, Politicians, you name it. There are an infinite number of subjects, and you need to learn about all of them. At a glance it might seem impossible, but is nothing like it, it is just complicated, but as I just said, life in itself is complicated. If you want to live life the easy way there are many ways in which you can do it. Mediocres are abundant, and they all are more than willing to teach you their ways, because they believe there is happiness in their ignorance, but the truth is that they are so ignorant of everything that they don't even know what happiness really is.

My name is Masuda Masato, I am 13 years old. Yes, at such a young age the truth has been revealed to me, and that is the best possible scenario, because now I have more time to learn from the great masters, and I have indeed done exactly that. I grew tired of playing friends with the people, I grew tired of attempting to get along with them, now I live my life in the same way the greatest tacticians have teach: I work alone, and when it is needed for me to cooperate with someone, I made them work for me, they do all the job and I take all the credit. It is not an easy task to perform, after all, to have a life like this, one needs two main characteristics: have a complete control over one's emotions, meaning that you can never feel attached to anyone or anything, and most importantly to never let anyone know what you are thinking and what your next move is going to be.

Only that way you can get the most out of life, only that way you will find true success. But if you can't master any of the two attributes I just mentioned then you are nothing but weak and insignificant, an arrogant whose life has no meaning and it's trying to give it a false one by making up a way to achieve the happiness it has never had-

"Are you doing some kind of character introduction?"

"Eh? Where did that come from?"

"I don't know. You had your gaze fixed in a blank spot, and as time progressed you were smiling more and more, so I thought that you were probably flattering yourself."

"I-i-i wasn't!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, of course I am."

"Mhm… Well, if you say so."

"Yes, I'm telling you that's how it is. We are not a manga or anything like that for me to need to introduce myself!"

"Okay, okay, I get it. But you surely should introduce me too, if not your audience will not comprehend what is going on right now."

"I'm telling you I'm not introducing anyone, jeez!"

"Yeah, yeah, you're right."

Once again the silence took its rightful place in the room, both me and the person who just interrupted me are in a library after all.

Her name is Tanaka Ayaka, we are both library assistants, this poor girl likes to interrupt me and do all kinds of immature stuff, well, I guess she is still a little girl after all, she is the live image of blandness, she has no personality, no physical attributes that help her stand out, nothing. Someone like her could never-

“You are saying mean things about me, right?”

“N-n-no, I’m not!”

“Are you sure, you have been looking at me as if you were trying to extract the worst parts of me to tell them to your public.”

“I wasn’t!”

“You know, if you are just saying you are the best and portraying other people as the worst then no one will like your work.”

“But I wasn’t saying anything mean about you!”

“Oh yeah? Then what were you saying?”

“I was just saying that… ah…”

Then she burst out laughing. Luckily no one else was in the library at that moment, otherwise we both would have been in trouble.

“See…” She continued. “I knew you were doing character introductions.”

I denied it the first time she called it but now I almost admit it openly, she set me up for good this time.

“Jeez…” I answered. I was just trying to get over that matter, I didn’t want to speak about it ever again.

She kept laughing for a good time, it was clear that the situation was really funny for her.

“I'm sorry, but you just make it too easy, it is written all over your face.” She said and then she returned to her book. “So, what is the title of what you are making?”

“I’m not making anything…”

“Eh?” She sarcastically asked. “And here I was hoping to see it.”

“You were?”

“Yes, I mean, it’s bound to be fun if anything else.”

“Shut up!” I angrily responded.

She laughed again, knowing that she was irritating me more and more every time.

This woman is the biggest obstacle to my life plan. She is going to make it all fall to crumbles, because she is always trying to get me into tight spots, she is always cornering me with her perception. She, so far, has managed to always know exactly what I’m thinking, she knows my every movement and she can anticipate what I am about to do next. And that is not even the worst part of all. The worst part is that somehow, I am completely head over heels for her.

It is stressful for me to see how everyone else just can’t decipher what I’m thinking, but she does it in a matter of seconds, but it is not only stressful, somehow the confidence and cheekiness she has whenever she figures out what I’m onto is a contrast with her usual timid and quiet side that is on show for the rest of the people. She is always so serious and barely shows any emotions in other situations, but with me she is so cheerful and happy most of the time, and that makes me feel that only I can see her smile, as if she had an exclusive side that she only shows to me.

That is enough to drive me crazy and make me want to see more of that side every time. I want to see her cute smile and feel that it really is only meant for me. It doesn’t matter if she knows exactly what I’m thinking, even though that is exactly what I’m supposed to avoid, but to see her smile it doesn’t matter if she reads me like a book.

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