Chapter 1:

The Beginning


The Night’s Breeze was cool on my skin. My friend Rose and I lay on the grass of one of the Court’s many courtyards together. Her warm brown skin was like my own, just a shade darker, beautiful. As we lay next to each other I thought over this years events. The year was full of action, fun, sadness, and other parts of action. I felt Rose drift off to sleep next to me so I picked her up in my arms and carried her to her room.
This moment wasn’t to unlike one that had happened this last year except Rose was peacefully sleeping instead of in a coma covered in bandages and blood. That was the only time I had gone soft in my nineteen years of training and court guard. She had passed out after a strigoi had hit her head against a wall, she could go through damage, as was taught at St.Vladimir’s, but she could not take this much. I grabbed my sword, the moroi had started enchanting blades and other weapons, and drove it through the heart of the strigoi. He incinerated in an instant. I gathered Rose in my arms and brought her back to the court just like this.
The medics on the scene bandaged her wounds but the concussion was turning into a coma. When we got back the Medics there took her away from me. For two days I could not see her. Then they let me see how she was doing as I phased through the rules and regulations they told me only picking up a few words.
By the way my name is Nathan White, I am a Court Guard, so on with the story. When I got to Rose she had a bandage on her head and scars on her arms and legs. She still looked as beautiful as every but she wasn’t awake, I asked the meds, “Why isn’t she awake... was I to late?!” The meds only shook their heads as they told me I had made it in time but the damage to her her skull was severe and she ended up on the brink of death.
When I got back to my apartment I started to cry. Rose was in a coma and there was nothing I could do. Now that I was here now I would protect Rose with my life. I decided That Rose wouldn’t mind if I slept on the couch. I didn’t sleep much though as I was just watching the door, my eyes were flitting back to Rose every now and then. My efforts were futile because I could feel myself drifting into a light sleep.
I dreamt about a normal life with Rose, She and I would live together in a normal city with a normal life. We would live in a two story house with a 47” inch TV and a king size bed. We would go on dates every other night and live happily ever after. That, though scared me more than if I died. Because I knew Rose would have the opportunity to be with her best friend Lissa Dragomir. When I woke up Rose was still sleeping like a little kid, she was cute in a way that most people wouldn’t understand. I loved her. She was my one and only love. Bookmark here

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