Chapter 2:

We Survive


When Rose woke up my cell rang, me and Rose had been ordered to go to the new Kings room. When we got there Rose was given a blade and shield and told to get ready to fight. I was given my blade and a shield with my family’s crest on it. We were escorted into a room full of cages and traps. At the end of the hallway I could sense my bondmate down the hall, she was afraid and unable to move. Anger crept through my body until I was screaming for her. Rose was my love but my bondmate was my friend, no more than a friend she was my, savior, and no matter what I would protect her until the end of my life as well as Rose.
The Fight started when strigoi ran down the halls, not fake strigoi but real ones, I jumped into action without thinking. My one goal was to get to Cassandra, I could feel her sweat, she was afraid. Every fiber of my being went out to her. I could hear her call out to me. “NATHAN! PLEASE!” The battle was a blur, every bit of training with my swords went into my slashes, I was changing my tactics with every slash. When one hit landed another came. Rose saved my life about five times, but I was to focused on the battle ahead of me. When I finally came to rest rose was fifty yards behind me, and she had a strigoi behind her. My hand reacted before I even noticed it. A dagger was flying toward the strigoi’s heart. It was as if time had slowed down, but the dagger cut right through that barrier and killed the strigoi. He incinerated before rose could get a scratch on him. Rose smiled at me. Her smile seemed to lighten the entire room suddenly I could see every aspect of her face. The way her hair fell on her shoulders. Her perfect deep brown eyes. She was beautiful in every aspect of the word. The room froze the only things there were me and her. Her eyes locked with mine. Then a strigoi had to kill the mood and swing at me. I stabbed him in the heart. He incinerated. Then I could actually hear Cassandra calling my name. It wasn’t out of urgency it was out of annoyance. I turned around and she was right there. And rose came and cut down the chains that held Lissa. I did the same.
We both carried our bondmates back to their apartments then lay where we always do after a fight. We talked about how we both had different opinions about the best way to kill a strigoi. We argued over this for about an hour almost forgetting the battle itself. Then She looked up at me. The stars made her eyes shine just right so they twinkle. She asked me “Nathan, would you run away with me?” I told her “Of course, but not to Russia.” She pouted and I scooped her up. She gave a small shout of surprise and then snuggled her head on my chest. We went to my apartment and we fell asleep.