Chapter 3:

I Burn


The next day we asked the King for a leave of absence. He agrees on one condition, that we take our bondmates. We agree but not before crap ton of curses that I probably should not have said. After that Rose and I went to our new apartment, we had gotten one after everything that happened in the hallway. The people of the court hadn’t believed us when we declared the king was a traitor. With everything going on around us we hadn’t looked into each other's eyes very often but this morning there was something more romantic in the air, like we were meant to have some fun this week.
And as I went to Cassandra’s room I felt the energy inside of me burst into aspiring hatred. I was running to her and burst into her room making sure to show her that it was me. Cassandra was mind walking again, the way she was laying told me she hadn't woken up yet. When she did wake up her eyes were bloodshot and she started to cry. I was guessing that she was in my head during her little nap, I yell “What the hell! You can’t just go into my head and sneak on me!” Her eyes told me that she saw something bad. My hair fell into my face and I looked at her with eyes full of concern, I asked “Rose, She’s leaving isn’t she” My face hardened as I once again burst out of the room drawing my sword while I was running. The runes that the magicians had put on my blade started glowing red. When I was well away from the apartments I let loose a roar and my blade erupted into flames. Rose saw this from her room, she ran out the door leaving her half-packed suitcase in a frenzy. The residence of the court had gotten up from their desks and noticed the tower of fire I was emitting. I had put all of my soul into the things I had gone through today with the training the planning of our date and combating everything that could go wrong.
When Rose got to me I was in a fury no one could stop me in. My heart went out to her and noticed she was was crying her tears made my flames dim just enough to hear her “Nathan Please stop this! We need you! I need you! You can't just go and burn down the court!” The flames in my eyes tell her all she needs to know. My heart is set on not letting her go. No matter what the cost I will make sure that when I die Rose will live on. Lissa was the one that runs through the flames to tackle me down. Normally that would not have phased me, but I was to focused in Rose’s eyes to defend myself.