Chapter 8:


Kny Oc Swap

Random Women: Are you okay, honey?

Random Women: Honey?

Aki: Stop!

Random Villager: What's going on here?

Random Villager: There... There's blood!

Aki: Stop!

Random Women: Honey.

Aki: Ma'am, you're in great danger.

Aki: Wrap your wound with a cloth and hold it tight.

Aki: It's okay.

Aki: There must be a way to cure you.

Aki: The wife's wound shouldn't be fatal.

Aki: Harder!

Aki: Hold it harder.

Aki: Bind the cloth with a rope.

Aki: You're going to be okay.

Aki: This man hasn't killed anyone.

Aki: He was just an ordinary passerby just a moment ago.

Muzan: Are you all right?

Muzan: Don't look.

Muzan: It's dangerous here, Rei. Let's go somewhere else.

Aki: What about him?

Aki: Damn it.

Aki: I can't leave this one behind.

Aki: Muzan Kibutsuji!

Aki: No matter where you go,

Aki: I'll never let you off the hook!

Muzan’s Wife: What's with that girl?

Muzan’s Wife: Do you know her, Tsukihiko?

Aki: You'll never get away from me!

Aki: I'll pursue you to the depth of hell and I'll cut off your head with my sword!

Aki: I'll never forgive you!

Police Officer: Hey! What are you up to?

Police Officer: Are they drunk?

Police Officer: Hey, kid. Get off that man.

Aki: No.

Aki: Get me some fetters, please.

Aki: I beg you.

Police Officer: That's enough. Get up.

Aki: Please, don't.

Aki: Only I can constrain this man.

Police Officer: Move aside!

Aki: Please don't!

Police Officer: Goodness, what happened to his face?

Police Officer: Did he lose his mind?

Police Officer: Take the girl away.

Aki: Please stop!

Aki: I don't want him to kill anyone.

Aki: Please let me do my work.

Aki: I beg you, gentlemen.

Police Officer: Damn! If you resist us again...

???: Enchanting Blood, Aroma of Visual Fantasy.

Aki: What is this aroma?

Police Officer: What are these patterns?

Police Officer: What's going on?

Police Officer: I can't see anything around me.

Aki: Is this some kind of attack?

Aki: If it is, that's not good.

Aki: The smell is getting stronger.

???: You still call someone a human even if he has turned into a demon and you will do your best to save him.

???: So let me give you a helping hand.

Aki: Why are you doing this?

Aki: Who are you?

Aki: Your scent, it's...

???: That's right. I am a demon, but I'm also a healer.

???: I'm also bent on eradicating a certain Muzan Kibutsuji.

Muzan’s Kid: You're not coming along, Dad?

Muzan: I have work to do, so I have to go somewhere else.

Muzan’s Wife: It was a huge commotion back there.

Muzan’s Wife: Honey.

Muzan: It's okay.

Muzan: I'm just going to talk to the police.

Muzan: Okay, go inside.

Muzan’s Kid: Come home early, Dad.

Muzan: I will. Be a good girl.

Muzan: Send them home, please.

Muzan: You may go now.

Drunk Yachan: Dude, let's hit another bar!

Drunk Yachan Brother: Yachan, are you okay?

Drunk Yachan: I'm fine.

Drunk Yachan: I'm not drunk yet--

Drunk Yachan: What the hell?

Drunk Yachan: Excuse me.

Drunk Yachan: Stop!

Muzan: Excuse me, but I'm in a hurry.

Drunk Yachan: What was that?

Drunk Yachan: Hey, that's an expensive suit you have there.

Drunk Yachan: It hurts my eyes.

Drunk Yachan: Your face looks pale.

Drunk Yachan: It's like you're going to die.

Drunk Yachan: Say something.

Drunk Yachan: Are you already dead?

Drunk Yachan Brother: Yachan!

Drunk Yachan Brother: What did you do to my brother?

Drunk Yachan Brother Wife: Honey, he's dead!

Drunk Yachan Brother Wife: Yachan isn't breathing.

Drunk Yachan Brother: Why you...

Muzan: Do I look that horrible to you?

Muzan: Is my face pale?

Muzan: Do I look weak?

Muzan: Do I look like I can't live long?

Muzan: That I'm going to die soon?

Drunk Yachan Brother Wife: No.

Muzan: I am the only life form that is on the verge of perfection.

Muzan: If I supply you with a good amount of blood, do you know what will happen?

Muzan: A human body is simply unable to sustain such a drastic change.

Muzan: It damages your cells.

Muzan: I want you to kill the demon slayer wearing hanafuda earrings.

Muzan: Is that clear?

???: Yes, sir.

???: As you wish, sir.

Muzan: Those earrings...

Udon Seller: Listen up!

Udon Seller: It's...

Udon Seller: It's not that you haven't paid me, but that you've wasted my udon!

Udon Seller: You have to pay for that!

Aki: I'm sorry. Please give me another one.

Udon Seller: Will you eat it?

Aki: Yes.

Udon Seller: Are you sure?

Aki: Yes, I am!

Udon Seller: Good!

Udon Seller: So will you!

Udon Seller: Put down that tube if you want some of my udon.

Udon Seller: What's that tube for anyway?

Udon Seller: Chopsticks! Use chopsticks!

Aki: Can I have my udon now?

Aki: Two bowls for me!

Udon Seller: Sure.

Aki: Thank you for the meal.

Aki: That was delicious.

Udon Seller: Glad that you appreciated it, you get that?

Udon Seller: Come again soon!

Aki: I'm sorry, Etsu, for leaving you there.

Aki: What is it, Etsu?

Aki: Are you waiting for me?

???: I've been instructed to take you there.

Aki: I can smell my way there.

???: It's a place that is cast with a Blindfold spell.

???: Do you think you can find it?

Aki: Blindfold?

???: Besides that, isn't she a demon too?

???: She looks hideous.

Aki: Hideous?

Aki: Hideous?

Aki: Is he pointing at some ugly woman?

Aki: Who?

Aki: Etsu?

Aki: She's not hideous!

Aki: Take a good look at her face.

Aki: Nezuko was a popular beauty back where we came from, you know!

???: Come along.

Aki: Of course I will, but Etsu is not ugly!

Aki: You'll see her once we go somewhere brighter.

Aki: Wait, let's go there, okay?

Aki: I see it now.

Aki: It's because of her mouthpiece, right?

Aki: Maybe it's the mouthpiece that made her look ugly.

Aki: But someday you'll see what she looks like without it.

???: Hurry up, while no one is around.

???: There's a big house beyond the dead end.

???: Hurry!

???: Heads up.

???: Don't be rude when you see my master.

???: I don't care if you're dead or alive, but she instructed me to take you along.

???: Come in.

???: I'm home.

???: Good to see you again.

Aki: Thank you for taking the trouble to help me.

Aki: And the lady...

???: She's fine now.

???: But I pity her husband.

???: He's in the dungeon now.

Aki: You're treating humans.

Aki: Isn't that hard for you?

???: Are you saying that we demons crave for flesd blood as we treat human beings?

Aki: I'm sorry.

???: Be nice to our guests.

???: Why do you have to be so rough on them?

???: I haven't introduced myself.

Tamayo: My name is Tamayo.

Yushiro: The boy is Yushiro.

Tamayo: I hope you can get along.

Aki: Get along? No way!

Yushiro: It's not hard on me at all.

Yushiro: I think I'm much gentler than the average demon.

Tamayo: It's because I have extensively reformed my body.

Tamayo: I even freed myself from Kibutsuji's curse.

Aki: Curse?

Aki: You reformed your body?

Tamayo: This way.

Aki: Etsu, behave yourself.

Tamayo: It's okay.

Tamayo: Just relax.

Tamayo: Sorry about that.

Tamayo: Now, what were we on about?

Tamayo: We made ourselves survive without eating people.

Tamayo: All we need is just a few drops of human blood.

Aki: You drink blood?

Aki: So you're...

Tamayo: Perhaps you're feeling disturbed.

Tamayo: We buy blood from cash-strapped people under the guise of blood transfusion.

Tamayo: Of course, it's not so much as to cause any trouble to their bodies.

Aki: I see.

Aki: So this is why they don't have the sort of scent that demons have.

Aki: But still, they need their fix of human blood.

Aki: If it's just blood, then Etsu too can...

Tamayo: Meanwhile, Yushiro needs even less blood.

Tamayo: I turned him into a demon.

Aki: What, you turned him? But...

Tamayo: Yes.

Tamayo: It's said that no other demon can create new demons besides Kibutsuji.

Tamayo: In general, that's true.

Tamayo: In the 200 years I have spent,

Tamayo: Yushiro is the only one I've created.

Aki: Two...

Aki: Two hundred years?

Aki: You spent 200 years creating a demon and Yushiro is the only one?

Aki: How old are you, Ms. Tamayo?

Yushiro: How dar you ask her age, you fool!

Aki: That hurts.

Tamayo: Yushiro.

Tamayo: I will punish you if you harm this girl again.

Yushiro: Understood.

Yushiro: She's graceful even when she's angry.

Tamayo: There's something I need to be clear with you about.

Tamayo: It is not my intention to increase the population of demons.

Tamayo: But for those who have little chance of survival due to terminal illness or severe injuries, this is the only way to treat them.

Tamayo: So whenever I meet someone under these circumstances,

Tamayo: I'll ask if they would like to be a demon so they'll live long without aging.

Aki: There's nothing suspicious at all about her pure-hearted scent.

Aki: I think I can trust her.

Aki: Ms. Tamayo.

Aki: Is there a way to turn humans who have become demons back into humans?

???: Do you see it?

???: Yes, I do.

???: I see footprints.

???: This is it.

???: There's an enclosure up ahead.

???: There are three people and they have a huge box.

???: How should we kill him?

???: I can feel the power flowing within me.

???: I owe it all to our lord for giving me his blood.

???: Of course, we're going to give him an agonizing death.

Tamayo: As for turning demons back into humans, there is a way.

Aki: Please tell me how--

Yuchiro: Keep your distance from Lady Tamayo!

Tamayo: Yushiro.

Yuchiro: I was just throwing her down, Lady Tamayo.

Yuchiro: I didn't punch him.

Tamayo: It's still inappropriate.

Yuchiro: Understood.

Aki: That hurts.

Aki: Please tell me.

Tamayo: Every kind of injury and disease certainly has a remedy or treatment.

Tamayo: Although we can't turn demons back into humans at this stage, but there will be a way.

Tamayo: Thus, we must work to derive a treatment by means of research.

Tamayo: So I have a request for you.

Tamayo: In order to create an antidote, we need a large quantity of demon blood for research.

Tamayo: I have two favors to ask from you.

Tamayo: Firstly, I want your approval to examine your sister's blood.

Tamayo: Secondly, I hope you can try your best to harvest the blood from demons who have a thick amount of Kibutsuji's blood.

Tamayo: Etsu is currently under a very rare peculiar condition.

Tamayo: You said she was in a coma for two years.

Tamayo: I suppose that her body has experienced changes throughout time.

Tamayo: Usually for such a long time, if a demon has no access to human or animal flesh for food, it will undoubtedly grow more aggressive.

Yuchiro: Lady Tamayo has remained gorgeous today.

Yuchiro: She'll definitely be gorgeous tomorrow.

Tamayo: However, what was surprising is that Etsu never showed any of those symptoms.

Tamayo: This miracle should become the key to our upcoming research.

Aki: Etsu.

Tamayo: The second favor I asked you will be a terrible ordeal.

Tamayo: As for the demons who have a thick amount of Kibutsuji's blood, those are demons who are almost as powerful as Kibutsuji.

Tamayo: It's not going to be easy to harvest blood from them.

Tamayo: That being said, do you still wish to fulfill my requests?

Aki: If there's no other way, then I'll do it.

Aki: If you manage to come up with an antidote, Ms. Tamayo, after researching a lot of demon blood, it will save not only Etsu but even more people, am I right?

Tamayo: Yes.

Yuchiro: Get down!

???: So how do we kill her?

???: Make it agonizing, of course!

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