Chapter 7:


Kny Oc Swap

Aki: Etsu!

Aki: Stop chasing him. Come back here.

Aki: Come back here now.

Aki: Etsu!

Aki: Master Urokodaki once said that Etsu is already a demon.

Aki: She's definitely not so weak as to need my protection.

Aki: Is it okay to rely on her?

Aki: If she can protect them for me, I can focus on attacking.

Aki: Etsu.

Aki: Etsu, I'm going down.

Aki: You take good care of them.

Aki: I know you can do it.

Aki: I'm in a swamp.

Aki: These are...

Aki: The clothes and belongings of those being taken away?

Aki: They have claimed so many innocent lives.

Aki: It's unforgivable.

Aki: Truly unforgivable.

Swamp Demon 2: Isn't it suffocating, brat?

Swamp Demon 2: There's almost no air in this swamp and you must be feeling heavy surrounded in its darkness.

Swamp Demon 1: You're not as nimble as you are on land.

Swamp Demon 1: Serves you right.

Swamp Demon 2: It's stupid enough for you to jump in so recklessly.

Aki: Don't underestimate me.

Aki: Where do you think I trained for this?

Aki: The air in Sagiri Mountain is much thinner than here.

Aki: Besides...

Aki: I have killer moves that work best underwater.

Aki: They can move at angles like this in the swamp?

Aki: But that doesn't matter.

Aki: I can only attack them with my sword when they come near.

Aki: It's a move that I can use even when I don't have a footing.

Aki: By fiercely twisting my upper and lower body,

Aki: I'll create a massive Avalanche.

Aki: I smell it.

Aki: An opening thread.

Aki: Total Concentration Breathing.

Aki: Breath of Winter!

Aki: Eighth Form.

Aki: Avalanche!

Aki: I can't take it.

Aki: I've got to get up fast.

Aki: Etsu.

Swamp Demon 3: This girl is strong.

Swamp Demon 3: She hasn't used any mystical power and she's already formidable.

Swamp Demon 3: Perhaps she has consumed a huge amount of blood.

Swamp Demon 3: She moves so fast, I can't get back in my swamp.

Swamp Demon 3: But I'm already getting used to such monotonous attacks!

Swamp Demon 3: Even if she kicks my head off or blows out my guts, a demon like me can heal quickly!

Swamp Demon 3: Good, now I'm going to punch a hole in your face!

Aki: Keep your hands off my sister!

Swamp Demon 3: She killed them?

Swamp Demon 3: Did she kill the other two?

Aki: You three have the stench of rotten oil.

Aki: It's extremely unbearable.

Aki: How many people have you killed?

Swamp Demon 3: If we let those girls live on, they will grow ugly and stale.

Swamp Demon 3: So we ate them for their own good!

Swamp Demon 3: You should thank us demons for--

Aki: That's enough.

Aki: Tell me what you know about Muzan Kibutsuji.

Aki: Tell me everything.

Aki: Tell me!

Swamp Demon 3: I can't.

Swamp Demon 3: I can't tell you.

Muzan: Don't tell anyone.

Muzan: Never tell anyone about me at all.

Muzan: I'll know right away if you do because I'm always watching you.

Swamp Demon 3: I can't tell you, I can't!

Swamp Demon 3: I can't.

Aki: It's the scent of him so scared that his bones are trembling deep inside.

Swamp Demon 3: I can't tell you!

Aki: Again, I failed to gather information.

Aki: Etsu!

Aki: She's asleep.

Aki: She has stopped bleeding.

Aki: Is she sleeping to recover?

Aki: I'm sorry, but you have to wait a little longer.

Aki: I promise I'll turn you back into a human.

Aki: Mr. Kazumi.

Aki: Are you all right?

Kazumi: I lost my fiancée.

Kazumi: Do you think I'm all right?

Aki: Mr. Kazumi.

Aki: No matter how much you have lost, life must go on.

Aki: No matter how tough it gets, you have to move on.

Kazumi: What do you know?

Kazumi: You're just a kid, you don't know anything!

Aki: I'm about to leave now.

Aki: For you.

Aki: I believe that they are Ms. Satoko's belongings.

You've been through something like this too?

Kazumi: Is that what you mean?

Kazumi: I... I'm sorry!

Kazumi: I said horrible things to you.

Kazumi: Please forgive me.

Kazumi: I'm really sorry!

Kazumi: Her scar-ridden hands have grown tougher and thicker through intensive training.

Kazumi: Those aren't the hands of a girl.

Aki: I'll leave the young lady to you.

Aki: I got it!

Aki: I got it.

Aki: It's not only me.

Aki: How many people have you killed?

Aki: How many people have you caused torment and suffering?

Aki: Muzan Kibutsuji,

Aki: I'll never forgive you for this!

Crow: Next stop is Asakusa, Tokyo.

Crow: Rumor has it that demons are lurking there.

Aki: Do I have to go there right away?

Crow: Right away.

Aki: Wait a second.

Crow: No.

Aki: Just give me a couple of seconds...

Crow: No, stop grumbling and start moving.

Aki: The city has developed so much.

Aki: It's so bright at night.

Aki: The buildings are so tall!

Aki: What is that?

Aki: So this is what they call a metropolis.

Aki: My head is spinning.

Aki: Let's go there, Etsu.

Aki: Sorry for bothering you!


Aki: Excuse me, sir.

Aki: Can I have yam udon noodles?

Udon Seller: Sure, right away.

Aki: This is my first time here.

Aki: There were too many people.

Udon Seller: Here is your bowl of yam udon noodles.

Aki: Thank you, kind sir.

Aki: This smell...

Aki: Why did it suddenly appear in a place like this?

Aki: It's the scent he left at my house.

Aki: It's Muzan Kibutsuji.

Aki: It's his scent!

Aki: It's him!

Muzan’s Kid: Dad.

Muzan: Who are you?

Aki: He...

Aki: It's okay, don't be afraid.

Aki: He's living in disguise as a human.

Muzan: Why would you like to see me?

Muzan: You seem to be in a state of panic.

Muzan’s Wife: What's the matter?

Muzan’s Kid: Mom.

Aki: They are humans.

Aki: The scent from the girl and the woman are humans.

Aki: Aren't they aware of it?

Aki: Don't they even know that he's a demon?

Aki: He's a man-eating demon.

Muzan’s Wife: Do you know her?

Muzan: No.

Muzan: It's really puzzling me.

Muzan: I've never seen this young woman before.

Muzan: Maybe she mistook me for someone else.

Muzan’s Wife: I see.

Random Women: Are you okay, honey?

Random Women: Honey?

Aki: Stop!