Chapter 4:

The Flames Emerge


When Lissa Got up the flames had gone out and the only reminisce of them was a charred circle. Rose was next to me, she was crying at a slow pace. I noticed the burn marks on my hands and arms. The medics lifted me up onto a stretcher. Rose begged them to come with me. They refused her but told me that I would see her in about three days.
After those three days Rose and I went to the forest. The seasons had changed. The forest was blanketed with snow. The forest was peaceful, until, a dagger appeared and slashed my chest and slings. My instincts went on overdrive and I barely heard a foot step behind me. My blades almost appeared and we were in a blade lock. Her blade was lightning shaped. Her eyes were a perfect mixture of red and hazel, like a fire was burning in her soul itself.
His eyes were a frosty blue and his hair white. Something was different about how he moved though; how he fought. He wasn’t like all the other guys I had flirted with then killed; he seemed different. As if contemplating whether to kill me or not. The other people never had a chance to do that, they were always a bloody heap by the time they thought about it.
I saw her studying everything about me my eyes, my hair, even my soul. When we released we had a connection that even Rose and I couldn’t have, a bond of fate. Rose yelled, “Nathan, Get out of the way you still can’t fight!” My sword glowed a light blue, and my eyes looked like a flaming ice.
I was gone with a swish of my cape; I didn’t have time for emotion, for these petty thoughts others called feelings. I am a trained assassin and am not to even think of such things. So, here I was now, in a tree and watching them from above. Sword was sheathed, eyes locked, not ready to fight even though that’s what I was raised to do. What I was born to do. I let out a breath.
My senses were on fire. My ears perked and heard a human breath. My mind scolded me for thinking that a human was almost as strong as me. But I knew what I had heard. My sword erupted in flames, melting the snow around me. Her gasp was able to hear from where I stood. I was running into a tree before She had a moment to gather her thoughts.
I was going to run before I sensed him behind me, I felt the heat that radiated off of him; I wrapped my hands around the handle of my sword.
Our eyes locked.
I unsheathed my sword, electricity filled the air and a light show seemed to curl around me, “Stay back.”
Her eyes shone a light red.
I embraced the lightning and energy around me, it lit me up it seemed and the purple light reflected off my armor, “Who are you?”
Her question rang in the air I called to her “Nathan, Nathan White. And you?”
I was taken back when he asked me who I was, what was I supposed to reply with? Yes I am an assassin who kills with no mercy, how do you just tell someone that? “Thyra Aspen.”
I gazed into her eyes as she slipped on the melted ice around the branch. I jumped down to grab her hand.
His hand was there and I caught it. I felt someone touch me, this had not happened since I was taken away to be raised to who I now was.
I reached out to her soul. She looked deep into my eyes I felt the familiar rush of magic. I was so surprised my grip loosened on the branch. We fell to the ground spinning. I put my body below her and took most of the fall.
I was laying on top of him now, my face inches from his and I immediately pulled my head back; as if retreating away from him. My eyes shown confusement and I didn’t fully understand what was happening.
As Thyra pulled away I felt my face heat up. Even though Rose was so close to me I knew that this would be a ride from now on. I asked simply “Would you like to stay?” She didn’t reply but gave me a small nod and wink as she ran off into the dark of the forest.