Chapter 5:

Lightning Strikes


When We got back to the Court I went to our apartment building, I thought about where Thyra was right now.I wondered what that wink ment.

I was currently walking through the forest, sword in hand. I was thinking of the boy I saw earlier… how I was supposed to kill him; complete my mission.
So, here I was now, heading to where I was trained, where I was trained to kill. The building was made of stone, three floors at least and someone glancing at it would think it’s the gate to hell. Yet, I have been here since I was 12.
I wracked my knuckles on the door, waiting for response before one of the slaves opened the wood. She was new, I could tell. Blonde hair and blue eyes… weak. “Thyra Aspen,” I announced.
She nodded, knowing my name, and let me in. She looked so afraid and that built up the energy to me, for people to be terrified made me feel good. ”Welcome back Thyra, the counselors will be with you now.”
I scoffed before pushing past her and walking down the hallway, “Of course they will.”
She trailed behind me and with my quick reflexes I pulled my sword out, aiming at her. “Leave or else that blonde hair of yours will be turned to ginger with one slash.”
She backed up before scurrying down the hallway, with that I sheathed my sword and walked into the room in which the counselors sat. “Im back,” I pronounced.
They turned their chairs towards me before giving a smirk, this time there were five counselors… usually there were four. “We’ve been waiting for you Thyra.”
I bowed with some mockery and walked up it wasn’t long before the backhand came. “You fool! How dare you stroll into our quarters acting like you have fulfilled your assignment!”
The hit of the strigoi sent me flying into the wall with a crack, I looked up lazily now. Not enough energy was in my neck to even lift my head up; it seemed as if a thousand pounds sat on my shoulders.
The strigoi counselor walked up to me and grabbed my hair into his hands, lifting me off the ground.
I twisted and turned but could not break free from his grasp; a mere human could never compare to a strigoi. Especially since he was the main counselor, he was once an assassin like me.
“You’re pathetic, all the training I have given you for what? You can’t even escape my hand.”
He through me to the ground with that, harder then when he had slapped me into the wall.
“You were just a human pawn anyway…”
Then the blackness overcame me.