Chapter 6:

Snow Fall


I felt Pain before, but this type of pain was beyond normal. The snow around me was slowly melting away as I was becoming enthralled in flames. I let loose a guttural roar as the anger took over my body. The pain I felt was nothing close to what Thyra was feeling. Her body was almost completely destroyed.
As I ran to where I felt Thyra was I looked upon the building and slashed open its front gates. The metal from the gates was slowly melting away as I neared the front doors I stopped, a wave of nausea washed over me. There were strigoi here, I could tell. When Thyra was thrown out the door I lost my mind and caught her. Her clothes were in tatters and her body was covered with scrapes and bruises. My eyes shone a deep shade of blue as the strigoi started to back away. A large strigoi man walked up and threw Thyra onto the ground in front of me. My mind raced as i tried to put together the pieces. I got it when he glared at Thyra with hatred.
“What the hell did you do to her!”
Thyra groaned quietly. I smoothed her hair softly. The man came at me with great speed. But I was faster.
He slashed his arms at me.
I blocked, cutting his arms.
He hit my shoulder, knocking me off balance.
I used that momentum to slash his head clean off.
When the battle ended the strigoi man was on the floor in a bloody heap. Thyra was at my feet barely breathing. With my senses on edge I could hear her raspy breaths, her Heart slowing.I reached out to Clarissa and she responded with “May I come in?” She knew that my answer was yes. I felt the familiar presence of another person in my head. I felt her surprise from the body behind me and in front of me. She only said “I’m coming, wait there.”