Chapter 1:

~The golden Fairy~

Evergleam: The cursed wishes

Fairies, are winged mythical beings filled with mana that made them capable enough to do their responsibility.Bookmark here

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To fulfill the many wishes of Humans. Every two decades, Fairies will arise from their long slumber on the fairy forest to grant wishes of many people of the land. 
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 This phenomenon is called the "Feasts of Dusts" -but it hasn't even been a decade when one of them 'unknowingly' emerged from the last "Feasts of Dusts" It wasn't a good news, this fairy grants too many wishes from humans on her own. Bookmark here

 Wishes that was intentionally distributed to many fairies of the forest. Wishes that turns darker and darker and darker and evil.Bookmark here

She was Eris, a fairy of the beasts, that took too much of these wishes. Selfishness, Pleasure, Greed, Hatred and Vengeance made her a path into corruption. Bookmark here

 Turning her gleaming skin pale as ash Her eyes paper blank Her purple butterfly wings burnt Her nails grew just as beasts and her body was covered in scars brought by the evil desires of man. Bookmark here

 This lovely fairy became a gruesome 'WITCH'  Bookmark here

And Eris?  She's just one of them. Bookmark here

 One of the many fairies turned into witches that attack Lucrezia 'The Gleaming Continent'Bookmark here

 -book closed- Bookmark here

 "Tomorrow we will have a continuation of this discussion about the anatomy of fairies and witches Bookmark here

 Mage classes please bring mana control tools tomorrowBookmark here

 Combat classes please go unto Vice Roy's division for further instuctionsBookmark here

 Support division, please read ahead the mana flow difference of witches and fairies Bookmark here

 Before we depart I would like to say to all of you that- Bookmark here

 For the next weeks we will be having a specialized class routine. Bookmark here

 Although it will be announced later on, I would like you all to become ready and expect that there will be a lot of changes." Bookmark here

 She smiled in front of her class. Her eyes have been closed as students depart in this wide and massive classroom that looks like a theater with ascending floors where students sit. Bookmark here

 Until she was left alone, wearing her pink fancy dress that matches up her extravagant hat with a huge white feather on top of it in the middle of a plain colored room. Bookmark here

 It was late until she realized that one of her students was waiting beside her. Bookmark here

 "Oh gooseberries!! You startled me.." Bookmark here

The woman exaggerated. Bookmark here

 "Uuum... Mother goose? It's been a month since I enrolled here but honestly I don't know what I want to become." Bookmark here

The boy with the silver hair said in a worrying tone. Bookmark here

 "Go on Axel spill your tea." Bookmark here

Mother goose replied as she sat on her own desk looking straight on Axel. Bookmark here

 "I know that I have to be here to learn but it seems like I can't find myself." Bookmark here

Mother goose sweeps her hand and a random chair came flying in where Axel sat and continued speaking. Bookmark here

 "I might be rushing but I really am not satisfied not being a part of any classes.  Bookmark here

I can't fit in.Bookmark here

 Maybe I should stop attending classes. Bookmark here

Maybe it's not a call for me to become like them. Bookmark here

Maybe I can live an ordinary life?" Bookmark here

Axel desperately said as he looked down on the floor with disappointment. Bookmark here

 "Axel, A man in his silver shining armor, Bookmark here

You are getting things wrong. Bookmark here

 The council decided not to put you unto a specific class because your magic deserves to be in all of them." Bookmark here

Mother goose softly said. Axel was confused and asked, Bookmark here

"What does that suppose to mean?" Bookmark here

 "It means that you will be attending all of their classes and master all of them. I know it sound silly but trust me and the council we have done this countless times." Bookmark here

 Axel slightly raised his voice Bookmark here

 "But it's been a month, I have been attending all of their classes." Bookmark here

 Mother goose smirked Bookmark here

"Yes you do my dear but- Bookmark here

Have you met all of the magic weilders of this prestigious academy? Bookmark here

 The special class?" Bookmark here

 "NO WAY- Bookmark here

 You mustn't been serious. Bookmark here

 And-and if the council really wanted me to be in that crazy special class Bookmark here

 I decline!!!!!  Bookmark here

And right now Mother goose Bookmark here

 Thanks, I made up my mind Bookmark here

 I am not attending classes anymore Whether as a Mage, Combat or Support class I'd rather live out there Unclassified. Bookmark here

 And I am leaving right now." Bookmark here

Axel lifted himself bowed on Mother goose and left. Bookmark here

 She was shocked. Bookmark here

 But she smirked later on. Bookmark here

"He'll come back!" Bookmark here

 ---------------- Bookmark here

 "Just what do they think am I? Bookmark here

 I am not a prodigy in magic! Bookmark here

 I don't want people to expect too much from me, it makes me sick!!" Bookmark here

Axel softly groans as he walk down the stairs.  Bookmark here

He continued murmuring and complaining until he reached the vineyard. Bookmark here

 "I don't even have friends here. Bookmark here

 And all these people, all I see in them is pride and power Bookmark here

 I don't need those." Bookmark here

He sat on the mossy wishing well as he sighed looking at his reflection on the water beneath. Bookmark here

 "I don't know what's suppose to happen now Bookmark here

 If I return to the castle I might as well feel the same Bookmark here

 -sighs- Bookmark here

 How I wish I could live a life I deserve." Bookmark here

Axel calmly said as he straighten his stance and took a deep breath but as he turn around- Bookmark here

 He saw an entity he never expected. Bookmark here

 "Is it what your heart desires?"Bookmark here

 A sweet angelic voice was tingling in axel's ears giving him goosebumps Bookmark here

 He was in shock and is not able to talk Bookmark here

 The entity came closer to him until it took held on axel's messed up and scarred hands. Bookmark here

 "It looks like your hands took too much damage? Bookmark here

Do you want me to bring it back to its normal condition?"Bookmark here

This entity was glowing in gold dusts as her eyes sparkle to charm axel that never have made a normal breathing. Bookmark here

 "If you want me to do what you desire, Just say these words" Bookmark here

The entity continued Then suddenly axel replied, Bookmark here

"N-no my hands, I don't want you to get rid of them. Bookmark here

 It's natural to have th-those scars, Bookmark here

 I am a smith, we make weapons and-" Bookmark here

 The entity smirked and sweetly said Bookmark here

"Just say these words, Bookmark here

 ~Dusts of the golden tree~" Bookmark here

 "Dusts of the golden tree" Bookmark here

Axel repeated in a manner he himself was confused. Bookmark here

 "~Grant me what sets me free~" Bookmark here

The entity continued As axel tried to not say the words but eventually- Bookmark here

"~Grant me what sets me free~" Bookmark here

 "Axel Ace Pendragon, thank you for setting me free." Bookmark here

The entity said as it glows intensely in gold flashing light. Bookmark here

 "What have I done? Bookmark here

 I-it's a... IBookmark here

I made a wish- I made a wish from a FAIRY??!!!!!" Bookmark here

Axel shockingly said.Bookmark here

He witnessed how this fairy's golden wings flap and slowly fades into golden dusts and her skin lose ots vibrance-Bookmark here

 "THIS IS BAD!!!!!" Bookmark here

He exclaimed as he attempt to run- Bookmark here

 but it was too late the bright entity of a fairy suddenly turned dark and gloomy. Bookmark here

 And it magically appeared in front of him- "Thank you for setting me free from that miserable human slaved body. Bookmark here

 I am tired of granting human wishes. Bookmark here

 Now it's my turn to do what I desire!!! Bookmark here

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