Evergleam: The cursed wishes

We are the inhabitants of Lucrezia "The Gleaming Continent" the only safest continent we know in the world.

We live a normal peaceful life with magic despite of the turmoil that happens on the other side.

The world was devoured by void and darkness.

No one from those who left this continent had ever returned.

I thought that this will be a happy ever after if we stay here.

But things got a little more complicated.

Fairies turning into witches.

And humans wishes turns into curses.

And what's more? Heinous entities start to attack the only safest place I know.

I am Axel Ace Pendragon a smith-

Along with Ruzz my, nerdy little sister, Cynthia, the fierce princess of the battle field, Chai Lun, the rebel and all the magical entities taht we have here in Lucresia, we will fight.

We will strive to achieve a life we deserve.

UpdatedMay 02, 2020
Writing StatusOngoing
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