Chapter 7:

[ Bonus Chapter 1] Happy Ending


Of all the summoned mobs in Novice Island, one reigned at the top of the food chain—Asura.

This six-armed deity wanted nothing more than a good fight. Even an entire party of players posed little trouble for its [ Raging Fists ] technique. A Raid Boss back in the official release, Asura now wandered the wastelands of Novice Island, in search of the meaning of true strength.

Perhaps in an ironic twist of fate, another entity also wandered Novice Island, in search of something. Having survived the hellish challenges of the Lava Curtain, the player known as Json Null was lost. With his interview with General Erection being cut short thanks to the horde of Newbloods, the unassuming player looked high and low for the devil, SakurAlice.

But as destiny would deem it, it was these two beings that crossed paths.

Asura was impressed by the puny Human standing before it. Any other player would turn tail and run, but not this one. The Human met Asura’s unflinching gaze without so much as a blink. In its heart, the Raid Boss knew it had stumbled across its toughest challenge yet.

In a show of strength, Asura rapidly punched the air with all six of its arms. Jason showed his strength by…lying down?!

Face kissing the floor, limbs strewn out like the letter “H”. Asura had never seen such a technique before in its life! Regardless, the demigod didn’t know fear.

For it was fear who knew the demigod.

Asura charged forward, unleashing the full fury of its [ Raging Fists ] unto Jason. A dust storm was kicked up from the winds generated by the technique. In a matter of seconds, hundreds of blows pummeled the supple Human flesh of its victim.

But there he lay, without even as much as a bruise.

Jason realised early on that as long as he was lying down, the game “thinks” that he was already in the Downed status. That way, he wouldn’t be knocked around like a ragdoll. He rested his eyes and his body, opting to take a nap instead.

Insulted, Asura roared, laying out the full force of [ Raging Fists ] unto the foolish Human for the second time!

An unstoppable force met an immovable object.

For Asura, it was putting its soul into every punch.

For Jason, it was a massage.

He didn’t really have the money to indulge himself. [ Raging Fists ] was proving to be a really cost-efficient way to get a full-body experience. Hopefully, there would be no “Happy Ending” waiting for him by the end.

“Mmm…put your back into it, would you?”

The deity gasped! It may not fully understand Human tongue, but it knew the attitude its opponent was displaying.

Absolute confidence.

Damage numbers have piled up into the billions. Yet, not a single sign of concern was written on the Human’s face. Instead, it was…pleasure?

This Human didn’t even need to lift a finger. He was like a massive tree. Asura? Just a tiny woodpecker. How many eons would it take to topple this dormant being?

Asura finally understood.

True strength didn’t come from brute force. It came from peace. Peace like this slumbering tree. To be able to allow your body to withstand the universe itself—that was true strength.

The deity patted the Human on his back. Whether it was out of thanks, or out of fascination, Jason didn’t care.

All he cared about was that he got a free massage, and that the scary monster had run away.

To this day, rumours circulated of a buggy Asura, patrolling Novice Island, begging for players to hit it in masochistic fashion in search of its own...

…Happy Ending.

Taylor J
Dhamas Tri (dmz)