“The hardest part isn’t getting into Aksara Online. It’s letting go.”

Any vet of AO will tell you that. However, underneath the surface of this punishing yet beautiful open-world MMO lies Maniavolution—a private server home to the cybercrime syndicate, Black Hat.

Indie filmmaker Jason Null makes it a point to revisit his childhood game, this time to record and expose the illegal activity happening behind close doors. However, in order to survive in this lawless server, he is forced to team up with SakurAlice, a maxed out AO junkie determined to be the star of his documentary.

As creative directions collide, Jason might be getting much more than what he bargained for!

[Isekai - Role Playing Game (RPG)]

[Isekai - Role Playing Game (RPG)]

UpdatedJul 03, 2023
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count36,100
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