Chapter 8:

The Forest


If you told me I would be battling a human with magic, next to a cliff, I would have said “yea right,” but here I am. With Thyra right in front of me, a rocky hillside behind me and, some guy running of the cliff. He jumped down yelling, “Get away from her!” as he fell. I only noticed his hand had formed into a fist after he had hit me, so, being a guardian I threw him into some trees to the right of us.
And him being a knight, I was guessing from the emblem on his vest, used his sword to stop himself. His vest flew behind him as he yelled, “That was harsh, bro!” I replied with only, “Your fault for punching me. Thyra do you know this ass?” “Um, yeah… his name is… Link.” She said with a shocked look on her face, the girl had completely forgot about Link. I shrugged and came within three feet and said aloud, “Soul Chain” My sword dropped from my hand but stopped four inches above the ground.I started to slowly spin my blade around and around. Link stepped back the fear completely clear in his eyes, I remembered something Clarissa said “Eyes are the windows into the soul.” When My blade was almost disappearing from the speed I was spinning it, I called out to him, “What are your intentions link whoever- you-are?” He only looked at me, Then said two simple words, “Screw you.”
That was the thing that pushed me over the edge And I threw my sword at him, barely clipping his shoulder.
He ran toward me and I would have happily decapitated him but Thyra yelled to stop and I obliged.Then I said, “let's settle this like men.”