Chapter 7:



Thyra Was Up and roaming the Court in about four days. She was still in a cast so she was in a wheelchair but for the most part she had recovered. She has fast healing for a human I thought. When we met up that day she kissed me, not an old friend kiss but a romantic I love you style kiss. I kissed her back and we fell into a makeout style moment. I picked her up and we went to my room. Rose had insisted that Thyra take her room and she could just sleep with Lissa.
When I woke up Thyra was still sleeping. Her face was actually pretty nice when I thought about it, her hair was the perfect mixture of a deep crimson and a light brown. Her skin had a light tan from the hours working in the field. Thyra stirred, her hair moved from her face. She’s Beautiful, I thought.
When Thyra woke up her wounds had completely healed. She was still a little unused to walking, but she had some energy to spar so she asked me.
“Ok, But I won’t hold back.” I said.
When we got to the auditorium Thyra started to get into her armor. She unsheathed her sword. Her sword glowed a light yellow. When I unsheathed my blade my eyes glowed a strange light, like they were burning blue. Thyra looked at me and her face was aghast with confusion. Every time I had drawn my sword since the day I had saved Thyra at the Gates Of Hell.
Thyra raised her sword and chanted something like Lightnix Florium Strithus. I looked outside and saw what looked to be a storm forming.What is she thinking calling a storm in the middle of a battle! I simply replied by saying Rune 11: Flame Burst. Her reaction showed me that she had not expected me to have magic.
My sword glowed with a flame al big as the sword itself.
Her sword was raised high glowing a purple yellow.
A lightning bolt struck the ground below me.
I looked up. The smell of burnt wood caught my attention.She had ricocheted the lightning to my feet! Her hair was glowing a purple red. Unlike anything I had ever seen before. Her eyes were the colors of pure lightning. The sound of electricity was crackling around her. Even without her armor her body could withstand the heat and power of lightning.
“Let’s go girl!” I said as I ran through the door at a speed even lightning couldn’t match. She was right behind me, however, as I ran to a hill side.