Chapter 1:

"Why is my father everywhere"

My Father is always everywhere so I had to adjust

This is the first day of school and I'm rather excited so I decided to leave the house early. it's about a 10-mile walk and we don't have public transportation in my area because everyone here makes over a couple hundred thousand a year. I don't know where all that money is though I never felt like my family was that blessed if you were to ask my father he'd say otherwise. which leaves me to my first big problem today. My father somehow always manages to be in the background of everything I once opened up a textbook from 1986 and I saw him behind the local president. at first, I didn't question it too much until one of my friends Pointed out to me it is currently 2207 and he's only 57. he hasn't been alive that long so they're still some mysteries to him for me but regardless he's always around everywhere. Take it in, for example, I woke up early to walk to school and he felt the need to walk me to class for my first day like I'm not 14 or anything. no one wants to abduct a 5'11 male child with crimson hair and hazel eyes it'd be far to easy to notice me. but I might say I'd kidnap me for these good looks so I couldn't blame them if they wanted to though.

Here we are sitting at about the 5-mile mark now which is a very huge convenient store built like an entire mall. who would think that some business person would take the word convenient and run with it. Run with it so hard that you end up with a one-stop-shop literally you can buy anything from food to sex toys here, even cars not just your high-end ones either but even relic vehicles. By the way, I've never been too sure about this but I don't know if it is safe to buy food from somewhere that sells sex toys I'm just saying whoever thought of this was a genius right. might I add my father's face is the highlight of every story model ugh somethings you can just never adjust to. none the less I do like our little futuristic city where all the houses float above ground just an inch. even this store is elevated an inch talk about synchronized. our home town just seems to take some words way to far. at least all the houses look different because if they didn't I think I might have lost it just a little.

Finally We're almost there; yes I said we're he still here following me. that's right my father is still walking behind me I'm a little scared to ask him why but at this point I couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Father why are you following me to school honestly," I asked this with the most puzzled look on my face one of those facial expressions you think to yourself about how bad it'd be if your face got stuck like this. or how a face so cute could have such a dead and uneventful expression in its catalog.

"I just wanted to go for a walk with my son is that so wrong... plus I'm headed this way for some business anyways," he said this with the same facial expression I had on with my sentence. it really felt like he did it to mock me but none the less it confirms that I am indeed his son. oh, how I wish I could change that sometimes.

As we arrive at my new high school we part ways. I say "bye dad' in a real unapologetic manner to let him know how unneeded he was this morning for this walk. and his response said the same as he said nothing at all while he walked away he just placed one hand up in the air and waved slightly like some cool person from the early 2000s. I don't know if I should love or hate this person at this point. 

Now after getting a closer look at the school building it looked amazing and stunning to the eyes, everything was made of glass and the creases in the frames were so thin you could hardly notice. it’s a truly majestic sight to see like a building in a si-fi film you wouldn't think was real. And as a kicker it was elevated one inch off the ground like everything else. I'm starting to think our school was built by aliens maybe my whole city actually.

Since I arrived early I decided to walk around the building from top to bottom just to see if anything would catch my interest but nothing really did coming here early almost felt like a waste besides now knowing my way around the entire school grounds and getting a little mad about the magazines laying around with my fathers face on them.

well, it might have taken a little time but I'm here in my homeroom class and all the other students have arrived.

Now I know you didn't think I walked into my class first right because that's always a bad sign you never want to be that student so I waited around until I seen others arrive before I made my appearance of course.

this class was very clean looking the desk had the name of the student who was supposed to sit their holographically printed in the air until you had a seat. my seat happens to be next to the prettiest girl in the whole class "Scylla". there was my desk with an average name "Ehanso" I almost wondered where my parents got this name from it felt as though they jumbled together a bunch of letters from the name Shane and then added an O in there to be unique.

We all waited a few minutes and a loud bell went off and everyone had a seat. most of the students were people I knew from middle school so they were all familiar faces. A couple of the students if I remember correctly Jay and Itsuki had set a trap for our teacher. it'd be just like them to run a prank day one. they had placed a bucket of water above the door on a ledge so once the door opens it would fall on their head. I never understood how people could get a bucket to sit on a ledge without it falling it's like anime logic that no one ever really questions. as I look at this bucket more I can't help but think that gravity and physics are in on this joke as well.

as we all wait on the teacher to enter and one other student we hear the door start to open. and once it fully opened everyone realized it wasn't our teacher but our class idol Jio. Everyone's facial expression lit up as if this should never happen to jio but I knew that there was no way jio would let this happen to him. as this bucket came falling from the ledge he took a quick step back and with a swift move of a leg kicked the bucket into an upright position so no water left it and then kicked it again towards Jay and Itsuki's desk leaving them soaked. Jio was that one person That logic didn't apply to like that bucket. I mean how is it you could be that good looking with black hair and blue eyes and also have reflexes and knowledge that athletes on a professional level couldn't compete with. at this point, I was convinced he's a Shaolin warrior of some sort that was born with good looks.

Soon after The Teacher arrived and I didn't notice them because my head was tilted back in my chair looking at the ceiling tiles thinking about life at this point. I wanted to be just as perfect as Jio but oh well I look just as good so it's fine.

"you two clean up all this water" was all I heard in a familiar tone before I almost fell out my chair. I quickly went to sitting up in my chair to look at our class teacher and god behold it was my FATHER.

If I wasn't to use to this already I would really be asking someone why but I just couldn't bear to at this point of my life. while those two were cleaning up our class president lily decided to lend a hand she was a little bit of an awkward person but she always tried her hardest to fit in so everyone loved her. but the real stunner of the class for me was still Scylla with the perfect everything long silky and curly brown hair tan skin green eyes that lit up like stars under a night sky and a body that rivaled the thickest of models, yup definitely right for me.

but without a moment to waste classes started and everyone did the standard thing of introducing them selfs even though we all knew each other. there was Mika who we all called sister because she was like the adorable sibling we all wanted but she hated that because when it came to her liking someone it'd always put everyone into being big brother overprotective mode. Atish who's real name was Shadow but his friends called his Atish so we somehow manage to make that official in the school system. Dark who was just like his name always in the background acting shady at times. and last but not least nobodies who was a lot more of a somebody than his name implies don't be fooled by this one. followed by a bunch of other students mainly female students who I never found relevant so I didn't see the need to mention them.

once the introductions were done my father introduced himself. "I'm Marcus Grant your teacher for this year and...." as he finished his sentence I thought to my self he wouldn't and then he did "Ehanso's Father" as I moved my hands all over my head I knew here it comes students feeling like id have an unfair advantage but I knew it was the opposite that he'd be giving me a way harder time going forward because I'm his son.

John started to laugh in the background stating the first thing to come to mind "Oh look at you big daddy's boy huh you had to bring your dad with you to school to protect you"

this didn't get on my nerves as much as it did my fathers he was always one to joke but also hated being interrupted. I knew what was coming next and insult created only by a GOD. "John Stanford was it... I wouldn't be talking too much. your ex was in my class last year and was always telling other students how this city was perfect for you because there was a lot you could relate to like how you could only make her feel like she's one inch up from the ground... I guess puberty hasn't hit you to hard yet" the entire class broke down laughing. I couldn't believe it my father was kind of cool. John on the other and never said too much after that day.

Once everyone calmed down Scylla looked at me and spoke words I'd never thought I'd hear "Hey your fathers funny... if your nearly as funny as him we should hang out sometime" she blushed while saying this

at this point I had all the cool points because of my father and knew I had to follow this up flawlessly "Yeah sure we could do that" was what I thought I said but what actually came out was "yere uld dat" almost as if I forgot how to speak oh my god how could I mess this up. she smiled a little and continued to steer into my eyes "I don't know what you just said but that was cute a little bit... so I'll take that as a yes then"

my heart skipped several beats I had to hold my chest for just a second before responding "Yeah its a yes"

who would have ever thought that having my father be everywhere could be beneficial?