Chapter 1:

Welcome to Quinn University

Ethereal: Sweet Moment in My Eternal Life

Io started to change into his uniform. For the boys, the uniform consists of a white shirt with a navy color on its scarf and at the end of the sleeves, navy coloured pants, and a navy colored tie with two white stripes at the end of it. A white pair of socks to complete the uniform. While the girls wear the same type of shirt as the boys do. With an overall skirt with a navy color, not to worry the skirt covers up to the top of the knee. For the girls you are free to choose the type of socks you want to wear as long as it has a white color. Wearing a blazer or a jacket on top of it is also permissible as long as it still covers up the torso area.

Io is all set up, ready for his first day at Quinn University. After he walked out the front door he stopped and remembered something important.

“Right, I left my motorcycle at home. Huft… well i guess i have to go using this online transportation.”. Said Io, putting his hands on his hips.

This online transportation is the common way to transport in the Living Circle, all you have to do is open the app, insert pick up location and where do you want to go. The next thing you have to do is wait. After a while an empty vehicle with a horizontal tear drop shape will arrive at your pick up location. The door will open automatically, once you have stepped inside the door will close and it will bring you to your destination.

After ten minutes, Io arrived at the front gate of the university. Everyone with the same uniform is walking inside the university. There will be a welcoming ceremony held inside the university hall at eight o’clock. Since Io arrived thirty minutes early, he gets to do a little bit exploring. The square shaped building with a wooden wall never fails to amaze everyone that never comes to the Capla’s city. The university itself has five main areas. The main building located at the front and center part of the area is mainly used for learning theories. It has nine classrooms, six audio rooms, a big hall in the middle of the building, and the back part that's connected to the field mainly consists of toilets and storage rooms. This main building has three floors in total with a rooftop. The other four buildings are: two indoor sports fields, a canteen, and a training ground. The field in the middle of all these buildings has a water fountain in the middle and several benches. After wandering around Io check the time using his phone.

“Ops! The ceremony starts in ten minutes, I better hurry.”. He rushed to the hall inside the main building.

Arriving at the hall entrance, he saw so many students already standing there. Every student stands according to their race: the Manusha at the left side, the Capla at the middle, and the Siluma at the right side. While he walks to the Siluma area, Io is shocked.

“What!? Am I the only Siluma here? From 180 students who signed up and I'm the only one?”. Before he can process what happened, he has no choice but to walk up there. All the eyes are focused toward Io, not only his appearance that differs from others, he also has a 165 centimeter height making him look small. Compared to the other male students there, Io is the shortest among them. “Just kill me already! This is so overwhelming.” This little feline looks like a stray cat.

After the ceremony, every student went to their class according to their combat skill. The beginners have to go to B-1 to B-3 class, the intermediates have to go to I-1 to I-3 class, and the experts have to go to E-1 to E-3. These numbers also indicate how skillful they are in combat. While Io has to enter B-3 class, in this class they already understand all the basics in combat. Since Io love to learn in class, he decided to sit in the second row. That way, he is still able to focus on the subject while minimizing distraction from his classmates.

When waiting for the homeroom teacher, Io can only sit silently at his desk. Since the Manushas and the Caplas are close relatives, there is nothing Io can do to blend in. He started pulling out his sketchbook from his backpack and started to draw. He loves to draw an imaginary character that he made by himself. He started to draw when he was a kid. His parents use this method since it is an effective way to reduce his uncontrollable anger.

“Hey! Can I sit with you?” The beautiful voice of a girl distracts Io's attention from his drawing.

A tall beautiful girl with braided orange hair standing on the side of his desk, her beauty makes Io speak a little stuttered.

“Y-yes, of course.” Answer Io while that girl proceeds to sit next to him.

“Look how beautiful she is, now I know why the Caplas always be the icon for beauty.” Said him inside his head while staring at her.

“Ummm... is there something on my face?”. Asked the girl.

“Huh! Oh! N-no i just never met with someone from the Capla race before, sorry for making you feel uncomfortable.”.

“That’s alright. It happened a lot to me before. I’m kinda used to it.”.

“WHAT! SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL THAT HAS HAPPENED SO MANY TIMES!” Screams Io silently, showing a shocked expression.

For a person from the Siluma race, it is hard to hide your expression since your ears will move naturally while you express something. The girl sees Io’s expression, but she still plays it cool and changes the subject by introducing her name.

“My name is Alet, what is your name?” Says the girl while holding out her hand.

“Io, my name is Io.” Said Io and shook her hand.

Before they get to continue their conversation, the homeroom teacher walks into the class.

“All right class! Settle down. My name is Skye Claire. You can call me Ms. Claire. Welcome to Quinn University. Here you guys can learn anything you wish for with one condition, do not use your new knowledge to commit crimes and other similar behavior. Also be nice with everyone in this university.” Said Ms Claire loudly and passionately.

“I noticed that we have a new face in this class from the Siluma race. It is very rare that the Siluma ever wants to study at Quinn University. With that being said, please treat him nicely like everybody else in this university. If you ever tried to cause trouble you are going to see me in my office for a serious talk.”. continue Ms. Claire.

A small chatter can be heard everywhere. It is not easy to blend in if you are from the Siluma race since everybody dislikes you for being overpowered in combat. After Ms. Claire's speech, the class was dismissed. Their study will start tomorrow at eight AM. Once again a horizontal tear drop vehicle can be seen everywhere. After arriving at his apartment, Io threw his body to the king sized bed.

“Uhh, this is going to be tough. Can I socialize with them? Ah whatever I’m too tired for this, let me deal with it tomorrow.” Thought Io before he fell asleep.