Chapter 1:

New World, New Problems

Gettin' Crafty With Robot Knights!


I felt nothing, I saw nothing, I heard nothing. I thought I was asleep, but it didn’t feel like a dream. Could I be dead? There wasn’t any reason I would be, my health was generally average, just like everything else about me. Even then, the nothingness was starting to fade.

I felt warmth, like I was outside in the sun, and the softness of grass and dirt supporting my body. My eyes open and I’m surrounded by greenery. Grass, trees, and bushes. I was in my apartment when I fell asleep, so I have no idea where I am. What was it that I’m supposed to do when I’m lost in a forest?

“I have no idea” I thought to myself. I was never one to watch survival media or play survival games and those would have at least given me some clue of what to do. Alright, I just need to calm down, I should just look and see what’s nearby. Just then, a rabbit jumped past, but it wasn’t just any old kind of rabbit. It had a horn. “W-What?”

I stumbled back into a tree, getting poked by a branch. This wasn’t a dream, and that just proved it. I didn’t want to consider what was going on but I didn’t like where this was going. Looking around frantically I saw different kinds of flowers I’ve never seen before. Not that I know much about them either way.


A scream?! It was a woman’s scream. If anything, it could at least lead me to another person. I ran as fast as I could until I saw her, and a beast. It looked like some kind of lion or tiger, and it had pretty sharp teeth. I nearly stopped but tripped on a branch, “Gah,” I fell to the ground almost hitting my head on a rock.

That woman probably has more worth in her life than I do in mine. I took a deep breath in and picked up the rock and a long branch and ran forward screaming, catching the beast’s attention.

I was about a meter away from it when… a notification appeared? “Crafting Recipe learned: Stone Spear.”

What? I had no other ideas at the moment, so I thought of a crafting menu, and one appeared in front of me. I put the long branch and the stone in, and they fused together with a leather wrap forming to hold the stone in place at the tip of the pole.

I thrusted forward hitting it on the nose, the stone wasn’t all that sharp, so it didn’t do too much damage. I heard loud clunking stomps coming from not too far away, I was too busy worrying about the threat right in front of me. The only thing I could do was just stare it down and hope that whatever is making that clunking noise is friendly.

I heard the woman again, “Hah, Gust Gale!” A gust of wind blew past the beast and me, the beast was distracted for a brief moment, and I hit it again in the eye, which squirted a bit of blood. The giant cat retaliated, nearly biting my face, one of its sharp teeth scratched my left cheek. The clanking grew louder until a giant hand connected to a giant suit of armor grabbed and lifted the beast, “Aim for ‘is heart kid!” A loud, brutish voice commanded.

“R-Right…” I replied and thrusted the spear as hard as I could into its chest. A lot of blood spurted out and dripped down my spear. The beast became quiet. Huh? A message appeared that said “You gained 42 Experience Points. You are now Level 2!” A page showing my stats increasing then followed.

The green haired, elf-eared woman ran up to me “Are you okay?” She was very beautiful and had pointed ears. Was she an elf? I guess it could be possible if this is another world. “Uh y-yeah”

“Hey kid,” the brutish voice boomed again, “Good work, you aren’t completely helpless, I’m Zelezo, and she’s Carine.” A muscular man came out of the armor, he was bald but had a gruff goatee and short beard. At least there’s a few friendly faces. I coughed, “So what was that the beast and that armor?” “Well, the cat is a daggertooth, and this beauty is a Stahl-Soldat, specifically the model is a Halberd.”

The Stahl-Soldat Halberd, it was a giant suit of armor, and it moved a bit like a robot, but the pieces were very loose. I’m curious on how it works, though it’s probably some sort of magic.

“We should get you to the village, you’re hurt.” Carine looked worried. I could feel the blood dripping down my face from the cut. My face was getting redder from something else instead, she was so close. She couldn’t possibly be trying to kiss me like one of those princesses in a game after the hero beats the villain. She pulled out some kind of plant and placed it on the wound. “This will help but it might leave a scar.”

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