Chapter 2:

The Average in Alcier Village

Gettin' Crafty With Robot Knights!

I was exhausted, even though I only woke up not even 2 hours ago, we were walking along a path for quite a while. I could hardly feel my legs. Zelezo didn’t even offer to carry me with his Halberd that he was using to carry the daggertooth.

“Alright kid, we’re here, Alcier Village, let’s stop by my place.” I have a name you know, Akio, Akio Akabane.”

I turned my head forward and saw a small, homely village. It was accompanied by a large mountain where what seemed to be a mining facility was located.

Zelezo set the corpse of the daggertooth on a large platform. I didn’t really want to stay for it being cut up but maybe it’s something I should get used to in this world. Zelezo got out of the Halberd and grabbed two large knives. “Here kid, take one,” I could see my reflection in the blade, I was sweating more than I’ve ever seen myself sweat before. I reluctantly took the knife and I saw something like stats appear. I could see how much attack power and durability it had; it was better than my stone spear so I guess I should take it.

I’ll spare you most of the gory details but basically there’s a lot of still-blood covered body parts and organs lying on the platform, and I feel like I could throw up at any moment.

I picked up a piece of cut of pelt and saw a menu labeled “Inventory” I opened it and a large page of empty slots to place items in. I set the pelt on a slot, and it disappeared from my hand. I think I’m getting a bit used to it. “Zelezo, can I have a few more things from the daggertooth?” He gave a nod.

What would be useful? I looked at the still fresh remains, the bones are a kind of obvious choice. I can think of many weapons and tools that could be made from bone. I took the knife and picked out all of the bones and put the pieces in my inventory.

I guess I’ll also take some meat from the flesh and make leather from the skin. What was left were a pile of mismatched organs and a large pool of blood I really didn’t want to touch.

My clothes were soaked in sweat and blood, they were also the clothes I was sleeping in last night. Soap is made from animal fat, right? I reluctantly felt around the substances within the pile and picked up a gooey slop and put it in my inventory. I’m gonna guess that I would need something else to craft soap, maybe I should get herbs…

I decided I should just make new clothes. Going inside of Zelezo’s workshop there were a lot of tools I could use. Looking over at the workbench I could figure out turning this loose fur pelt into a set of clothes. The crafting menu showed many options, if I could make leather, I would have more choices… I should ask someone how to make leather. I had enough material to create a pair of shorts and a tank-top made out of fur. It was a bit barbaric, but I don’t know who I could borrow clothes from. I put my old clothes away to clean later.

“You done kid?” a booming voice shouted. “Yeah, can you show me around? It’ll be weird walking around without knowing anyone.” Carine joined in “I can, I’ve only been here for about a year, but I’ve learned quickly.”

We were walking together; and my face started to feel a bit hot. “So, Carine, what made you decide to move here? You don’t seem like the type to find a new life out in the country.” She looked out into the distance, “Well, I don’t really have any memory from before then, similar to you, I just woke up near the village and was taken in. Although you seem to have your memories.” Is she also from another world different from this one? Her pointed ears perked up. “Since you have your memories, why don’t you tell me about your world?”

“Well, my world has a lot better technology than this one, there’s still not much that I know about this world but mine never had anything like magic,” I took a moment to think, “My world had things like those Stahl-Soldats, but they didn’t have limbs, instead they had wheels and people used them to get to places faster, they were called cars.” Now that I’m actually talking about it it’s pretty hard to describe it. “Uh, people would go to facilities that would teach them all sorts of things called schools,” “Did you go to school too?” She smiled honestly, making me look away slightly.

We spent quite a while talking until it became evening. I knew I was awake late last night, but I didn’t think it would be noon when I woke up in this world. I need to find a place to stay, “I should ask Zelezo if I can get a place to stay for the night.”

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