Chapter 19:


Elyon - Gods among us

Prince Sweyn's camp on the outskirts of Aarhus, Jutland.

A dull thud echoed through the air as the enormous Surtr fell backward to the ground.

—There were two goddesses without totemas and an Igigi, and you returned here nearly dead despite that— said a man in a grayish robe, raising his left hand, which he had used to strike the giant.

—But Lord Loki— Surtr said, trying to explain his failure to his superior, —the goddess Athena suddenly appeared to support them—

—You idiot! Why would Athena intervene to support the bastards of Lel when she is at war with them?— continued the man in the gray robe, interrogating him.

Loki and Surtr were inside a small improvised hideout, where they had created an alternate dimension to discuss matters without human interruptions.

The war was raging outside the camp, with Prince Sweyn's loyal men fighting to besiege the city of Aarhus, which was protected by massive oakwood palisades. The war had been going on for a little less than a month.

—It was her, Lord Loki. I have no excuses to justify my defeat— Surtr said as he tried to get up.

—Fuck!— exclaimed the god Loki as he turned around and sat in a chair.

—What game is Anath playing? One of her Elohim told me that we had to kill those goddesses right there, and if I brought their corpses to her, she would make me an Annunaki of Asgard— the wicked god wondered aloud.

—Besides, they should be arriving very soon, and I don't think I've obtained enough energy— Loki continued.

—Sir, I believe it will be necessary to get rid of the goddess Athena. Otherwise, I don't think even you can win— the giant replied, still kneeling on the ground.

Loki waved a finger, and a horn with mead floated toward him, which he then took a sip from.

—I will have to fight her then— Loki said firmly, —while you and my children must defeat those three goddesses without fail. Killing them may provide us with the energy we need for our plan— the god said as he propped his legs up on the table.

—Yes, sir, this time I will not fail— Surtr responded as he stood up.

—Everything is falling apart. I expected Sweyn not to take so long to conquer his father. Not even with all the might of the Jomsvikings have they been able to subdue the city. Although every soldier their men kill brings us closer to our objectives— the Norse god of lies continued.

—The war doesn't seem like it will drag on much longer, Lord Loki— the giant remarked. —Sweyn will be victorious— he added.

It had been over a year since Loki had been imprisoned in a cave within the realm of Jotunheim, where a serpent constantly dripped venom onto his face.

The wicked god caused the death of Odin's son, Balder, which had enraged Asgard. He fled but was found in a waterfall within Franangrsfors, one of the continents in the world of Jotunheim.

Lying on his back, bound hand and foot, with an uncomfortable stone digging into his back, Loki endured this torture incessantly. Although the poison did not kill him like it did other gods, partially due to his frost giant heritage, it caused him enough pain and agony to suffer greatly every time a drop fell onto his face. The pain was so intense that it made the continent tremble as he struggled to free himself from his restraints.

On that very day, over a year ago, a woman appeared before him. Loki couldn't see her face or form, only a macabre smile revealing her white teeth. The only reason Loki knew it was a woman was because of her beautiful figure.

—Loki, son of Fárbauti. How did you end up in this pitiful condition?— asked the mysterious woman.

—One day, I was swimming along the cliffs of this region, I stumbled, fell, and ended up here— he replied with a sarcastic smile.

—I see you still retain that peculiar sense of humor for which you are so well-known— the woman responded.

—And you, what business do you have with me? Are you going to free me from this suffering? I regret to inform you that once you enter here, you cannot escape— the defiant god replied.

At that moment, the bindings on Loki's hands and legs disappeared, as if cut by an invisible gust of wind. Simultaneously, the enormous venom-dripping serpent was torn into pieces. The god fell to the ground and rose laboriously.

—Those bindings were made from the entrails of some of my children, woven with dimensional shields. There is no power that could break them!— the surprised god exclaimed.

—You have two options, god Loki. You accept what you see or cling to your foolish beliefs— the woman replied.

—I think I will choose to believe in you— Loki answered.

—But I fail to see what someone like you gains from freeing me— the god continued, responding arrogantly.

—Odin, the father of Asgard, has died, and Lel has decided to grant you the throne of all Yggdrasil— the woman responded.

—Father Odin is dead? But how? He was incredibly powerful— Loki asked, puzzled.

Then the Norse god turned to face the woman, and though he couldn't see her eyes, he could sense that she was laughing.

—You... you killed him?— Loki asked, bewildered and surprised.

—I'm not here to discuss those details, only that Lel has granted you the opportunity to become the Annunaki of Asgard. But first, you must kill some deserters to demonstrate your commitment to our realm. The method you choose is up to you— the mysterious woman replied.

—And if I refuse?— Loki responded.

—It wasn't a request— the woman replied.

The mysterious goddess raised her hand, and all the dimensional walls enclosing the room shattered into pieces. Daylight began to illuminate the small cavern, while the remnants of the serpent lay on the floor, tinted orange by the dawn's light.

—What kind of power was that? Surely Heimdall will discover this!— Loki exclaimed, horrified.

The god continued speaking when he realized he was no longer in the cavern. In fact, the scene was Niflheim, with its distinct panorama covered in ice and thick mist, making it difficult to see the surroundings. In the distance, the howls of the wolf Fenrir could be heard.

—I have brought you to Niflheim so you can begin assembling an army— the woman said, turning her back to him.

—You will have one year to prepare yourself and fight against those goddesses, and it's better for you to grow stronger or they might kill you— she continued saying.

—Wait, Heimdall will surely see us right here, what do I do?— Loki shouted as the woman slowly retreated.

—That god will only see what I want him to see; it's as simple as that. Do you want me to help you convince the others to follow you as well?— the woman said with an annoyed and irritated voice, glancing sideways at Loki.

—She's right, I'll take care of the rest— the wicked god replied more calmly, and he saw the woman disappear before his eyes.

More than a year had passed since this happened.

Loki had managed to rescue his children Fenrir, a gigantic wolf, and Jormungandr, an enormous serpent whose tail could span all of Midgard. Additionally, he had convinced Surtr, the king of the fire giants and leader of Muspelheim, to join him. Together, they formed a great army of ice and fire jotun.

—I was able to enjoy these worldly pleasures for at least a year while those fools let me act. Without a doubt, this mead is much better than that poison that used to drip on my face every day in my confinement— Loki said as he continued drinking.

The Norse god finished his horn of mead and stood up.

—Well, time to continue pretending to be a prophet for that fool of a prince. I'll see if I can convince him to hang more Christians or something like that. Any sacrifice at this moment helps— he continued saying as he dismantled the alternate dimension and left his makeshift tent.