Chapter 20:

Civil war in Asgard

Elyon - Gods among us

Asgard, Yggdrasil.

—Were you also summoned by Father Odin?— Thor asked as he walked towards the door in Valhalla that led to the Nordic patriarch's throne.

Three gods stood there, one of them being the handsome Freyr, still wearing his tunic that only covered his private parts, shining like a divine deity.

The second was a beautiful goddess with curly blonde hair and a flirty pink tint. She wore a white dress with a tight neckline, golden brooches, and a skirt opening that revealed her well-toned white legs adorned with golden slippers. Around her neck, she wore a beautiful golden necklace with a fire-shaped stone. Additionally, a dark feathered cloak covered her back.

Finally, the last god had his right arm missing but had a commanding presence. His hair was short and black, Roman-style, and his face bore several scars. He wore a typical outfit of the people living in Norway, with a reddish shirt and black leggings. He also carried a red-colored sword, possibly from countless battles he had witnessed.

—That's right, little Thor, just like my little sister and Tyr ♬— replied the handsome god Freyr.

—We will finally know why our father had been missing for so long— said Tyr, the one-armed god.

—We were told it was urgent that we came, perhaps we will see the problem with Loki in the world of humans— commented the beautiful blonde goddess, whose name was Freyja.

—Soon I'll be able to travel to the world of humans and finally arrest Loki— Thor thought at that moment.

—Alright, the four of you are here; you may enter— said one of the Valkyries guarding the entrance to Odin's throne.

Both Valkyries then lowered their spears to allow the four gods to enter the royal throne hall in Valhalla. The door began to open by itself, and a blinding light engulfed everyone at that moment.

Immediately, when the light dissipated, everything around them changed. The golden columns and ceilings of Valhalla were replaced by tree branches, foliage, and vast vegetation, as if they were in the middle of a forest.

A group of Malakim with skull deer masks and white robes lay horizontally on a path that seemed to be made of earth, leading to a platform created by a cut tree trunk with small ladders. There, a man sat on a throne with four people by his side, who did not resemble the men with deer masks.

Behind that man stood a gigantic mistletoe tree. Decapitated heads could also be seen along the tree branches, creating a disturbing atmosphere.

—Welcome to the new realm of Asgard, Æsir gods— said the man sitting on the throne.

The person appeared as a man with short brown hair and beard. His eyes were green, and he wore a white tunic with golden ornaments. In his right hand, he held a staff made of wood and mistletoe leaves. He was sit in a defiant manner.

—Who are you? Where is Father?— Thor asked as he and the other gods assumed a defensive position.

The four people next to the man sitting began to laugh.

—There's no need for violence in this sacred place, my friends— said the man on the throne.

—By the order of Lel, I am the new ruler of Asgard, I am the god Esus— he continued to explain.

The four Norse gods felt a sense of unease.

—Esus? The Celtic Anunnaki?— Freyja shouted, —What are you doing here?— she asked.

—Where is Father Odin? Answer me! Or I will put your head on my sword— Tyr shouted, preparing his weapon.

—Dead— said the god called Esus with an evil smile.

—For that reason, I have decided to incorporate Asgard into my realm— the god sitting on the throne continued to say.

His companions continued laughing.

—Impossible, he would never have been killed by a weakling like you— Thor said as he pointed his index finger at him.

—Don't worry, I didn't kill him, the monsters in Lel did. I simply accepted the throne they offered me— Esus explained.

—They were tired of the attacks from their humans in their lands, so they decided to take matters into their own hands. From this moment on, Lel rules the Nordic territories— the god said triumphantly.

The four gods gripped their hidden totemas within their bodies, but the four beings standing by the god on the throne took a defensive stance to protect their leader.

—Taranis, Belisama, Sucellus, Smertrios, there's no need to fight. We are among civilized gods who understand the word 'diplomacy,' or so I want to believe— Esus said as he raised his hand, indicating to his men not to intervene.

—I called you here not to fight, but because I recognize that you are the most powerful gods in Asgard, and I want you to be part of my men. If you do so, your lives and the lives of your loved ones will be spared— Esus said.

—But if you refuse, I will lay waste to all of Asgard and sacrifice you within a gigantic wicker man— the god threatened.

—Well, what a generous offer— Freyja said.

—But I think there's a problem with it— Tyr said.

—We are a realm of warrior gods, not diplomats— Thor replied.

—That means all of Asgard will fight against foreign influence, no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem. And we won't stop until we display your heads on our weapons— Freyr said defiantly.

Esus laughed.

—I regret to inform you that you are trapped in this dimension. Only Heimdall could rescue you, but he won't dare defy me as he has protected this place—

—I never protected this place— a voice said in the distance.

—I only serve my father, the great Odin. But if he is no longer here, I am left to obey the orders of Thor, the second in command— the voice continued to say.

Then, through the mist within the hall, Heimdall appeared walking to join the other four Norse gods, wielding a horn called Gjallarhorn.

—Heimdall! I knew you couldn't betray us— Thor said excitedly.

—No one in Asgard would betray the great Lord Odin— Heimdall replied with his characteristic serious and emotionless face.

—They're just a bunch of useless barbarians— Esus said as he stood up from his throne.

—Well, finish them off while I prepare all of Asgard for a sacrifice to our great benefactor: Elyon— he concluded as he retreated.

The deer-horned Malakim also withdrew with him.

—Don't run away, coward!— Thor shouted.

—You have no right to speak to our master that way, god of thunder— one of Esus' men said as he stepped in front of Thor.

The god had a reddish-brown beard and hair, and he wore a brown cloak. His steel helmet was round with golden drawings that resembled olive branches. His bronze armor bore the golden image of a wheel on his chest.

—I have always wanted to clash weapons with you, god of thunder. I am Taranis, the Celtic god of lightning— the man said as he charged his electrical power, and a wheel of lightning formed behind him.

—Your blasphemy in not considering the blessing of our master will be paid with your death— another man said as he stood in front of Freyr.

He had short, blond hair with a thin beard. His eyes were aquamarine, and his features were excessively refined. He wore a red cloak with square details, along with a golden breastplate, a blue skirt, and khaki pants. Most notably, he carried a gigantic hammer in his right hand, and light emanated from his head.

—I am Sucellus, the most beautiful god that exists. Freyr, I'm going to crush your repulsive face with this hammer— the god said with a seductive smile.

—Barbarians have only one place to end up, impaled on the tip of my spear— another person said, standing in front of Freyja.

She was a woman with blue hair and eyes. She wore a long white dress that reached the floor. In her hand, she held a spear that appeared to be made of water, and with each step she took, puddles of the liquid formed on the ground.

—I am Belisama, and this will be the last thing you see, Freyja— she said as she showed her spear to the Norse goddess.

The fourth man quickly attempted to attack Tyr, but Tyr evaded the attack. He was a gigantic man with disheveled black hair and beard, as if he were a caveman. He only wore plaid pants and carried a massive club.

—Not bad, Tyr. You evaded my surprise attack, but you'll need more than that to defeat me, Smertrios— the god said as he put his enormous club back on his shoulder.

—Heimdall!— Thor shouted, —Use the Bifrost bridge to get out of here. Go to Asgard and blow your horn to warn everyone that they must fight these bastards, and try to stop Esus as best as you can. We will join you soon— Thor ordered the guardian god of Asgard.

Heimdall nodded and teleported away in a colorful ray, leaving an open portal for the Norse gods to escape from that dimension.

—And you, it's time to show these tree-huggers the power of Asgard. Transform now!— Thor shouted to his companions.

Then, each one took their totemas and a blinding light engulfed the scene.