Chapter 24:

Morrigan vs Fenrir

Elyon - Gods among us

—Wow, that sword looks very interesting, Morrigan— Loki's voice said from a distance without appearing.

—This sword is called Dyrnwyn, and it is a Welsh sword that belonged to a Breton king named Rhydderch. When I use my totema, I am able to create copies of complex and sacred objects, even if they are legendary weapons— Ana said, lifting her sword to the sky.

—And if you call me by that name again, this sword will cut out your tongue, bastard— she concluded.

Ana began to fly using her dark wings, and with a swing of her sword, the attack traveled towards Fenrir's face, cutting his snout. The wolf howled with great force.

Fenrir shot a beam of energy from his mouth, which Ana easily evaded.

—Is that all you can do?— the goddess shouted, flying towards the enormous wolf and cutting one of his fangs.

Fenrir attempted to attack the goddess with one of his claws, but her wings transformed into a shield as she said, —Sciath dorcha!— In this way, Ana repelled the attack from the gigantic animal.

—These wings are made of dark matter and can take any form I desire— Ana said as she returned her wings to their original form.

Then, Ana's wings transformed into thousands of feathers, and all of them were shot towards the wolf. The feathers took the form of small knives and embedded themselves in the beast's body, causing it to howl in pain. A new pair of wings appeared on Ana's back.

—Is this the being that would destroy Odin? Is that Ragnarok legend just a propaganda story by Lel to instill fear in the Norse gods?— the disappointed goddess wondered.

—It's surely a children's tale, but if it serves to instill fear in humans and gods, it is welcome to me— Loki's voice said.

—However, I believe you underestimate my son, arrogant goddess— Loki continued.

The wolf then made a biting movement. Even though Ana was far from its snout, she felt the jaws of the wolf tearing through her body. With a muffled scream and covered in blood, the goddess fell to the ground.

—What the hell just happened? I didn't see the attack— Ana said as she stood back up and her wounds healed.

Once again, the wolf made a biting gesture, trapping the goddess in an invisible attack that crushed her body. Ana, furious, tried to break free with all her strength, but it was completely futile. Blood flowed from her body again as she was tortured by the invisible attack.

—My little Fenrir can crush anything he wants without even touching it. If you are within his line of sight, he can tear you apart— Loki said, with only his voice audible.

—Well, so be it. I'll have to use it then— Ana said.

Then the goddess shouted —Taibhse banríon!— Ana's body transformed into a flock of hundreds of crows, escaping from the wolf's invisible attack.

Fenrir attempted to bite the crows, but there were too many for him to catch. Those he managed to catch turned into hundreds of feathers that disappeared from his sight.

The flock of crows began to approach the wolf and impale him like swords. Ana's ferocious attack made the wolf lose control and stumble backward, unable to defend himself. Fenrir howled and howled, but the crows continued to tear into his skin.

Finally, the crows started to gather together and took the form of Ana once again, standing right in front of the wolf's snout. With a precise strike of her sword, another tooth and a piece of Fenrir's snout went flying.

—I've told you before, a goddess of war won't lose to a Behemoth— Ana said as she continued to fly close to the fearsome wolf.

Fenrir began to move erratically, as if he had multiple heads due to his fast movement, and started shooting beams of energy from his mouth repeatedly. Ana dodged all the attacks as if she were teleporting. Once again, the goddess created knives with her wings and stabbed them into Fenrir, especially in his eyes, causing the wolf to cry out in pain.

—Alright, now I'm going for your head— Ana said as she gripped her sword with both hands to decapitate Fenrir. But with an excessively swift movement, the wolf trapped Ana with its physical jaws. The goddess struggled to break free, but she couldn't.

—I'll have to use the crows again to escape— the goddess said. But just then, Fenrir unleashed a massive beam of energy, severely injuring Ana.

The goddess fell to the ground headfirst. When she got back up, she realized that the wolf had torn off one of her legs, and it wasn't healing.

—He's incredibly strong, without a doubt— she said, using her sword as a makeshift cane.

Once again, the wolf attempted to use its beam of energy, but this time it unleashed it in a concentrated manner, causing multiple explosions along its path. Ana started to fly to avoid it, but the pain from her injured leg was too great to evade it completely.

The wolf continued firing constant beams in all directions, turning the battlefield into a true inferno. While her wounds had completely healed, Ana realized that the wolf's ichor was far from being depleted.

—He's still fresh, and I'm already dying— the worried goddess thought. —If he shoots me again with that barrage, it will be the end for me— she pondered her situation.

The goddess then positioned her sword for a thrust and shouted —Beanna pollta!— She launched herself like an arrow, speeding towards Fenrir. The wolf tried to catch her once again, but Ana pierced the upper part of his snout.

When the wolf attempted to use his beam of energy again, Ana transformed into a group of crows, avoiding the attack, although some crows were caught in the blast.

When the crows reassembled, Ana had blood on her body.

—Even though you can partially transform your body into an ethereal form, you can still be harmed by energy attacks, right?— Loki's voice said mockingly.

Ana was tired and losing a lot of blood, her vision becoming blurry.

—Damn it, I'll have to bet everything on one final attack— she said as she started flying again in front of the great wolf.

The goddess then raised her sword towards the sky, and it began to darken. Hundreds of beings with goat heads and red eyes started to emerge behind Ana, each one wielding a dark sword. All the men behind the goddess raised their weapons, pointing them at the wolf Fenrir.

—Long ago, there existed a group of demonic beings called the Fomorians. I can summon their immense power using a pact with my dark matter— the goddess said as more and more beings appeared behind her.

Suddenly, the swords of all the beings began to glow, and Ana swiftly lowered her sword and shouted, —Claimhte Fomoire!— The hundreds of swords shot out from the hands of the goat-headed creatures and were directed towards the wolf Fenrir. The swords tore through his body in a cruel and violent manner. His fangs, ears, and pieces of his body started flying through the skies.

But Ana wasn't finished yet. She positioned herself for an attack, and behind the goat-headed men, a man with black hair and beard started to appear, but it was clear he had only one eye. The man was so enormous that he made the Fomorians look like insects. The giant's eye began to shine with great power, and he unleashed a beam of red energy. Ana positioned herself in front of the blast and traveled ahead of it with her unsheathed sword, shouting, —Súil Balor!

Guided by the beam, the goddess collided with Fenrir, and a massive red light illuminated the entire mountainside. Ana was now right behind the wolf, her sword still glowing red. When the light subsided, the giant and the men vanished into thin air, while Fenrir was split in half horizontally. Blood rained from his body, along with the red light Ana had unleashed, piercing through the canine like lightning. His divided body fell to the ground with a thunderous crash.

—I have won— Ana said, swiftly wiping the blood from her dark sword.

—Now, take me to Rodrigo and Epona, you wretch— Ana shouted, raising her sword towards the sky, hoping to intimidate Loki.

The Norse dark god was no longer laughing; he was furious. He didn't say anything but destroyed the dimension where Ana was trapped. The goddess took out a vial of ambrosia she had saved and drank its contents. Her leg quickly regenerated, even though it had been severed.

—Damn it, I shouldn't waste this, or I'll be in trouble if we run out— she thought.

Athena, who had witnessed all the battles, felt satisfied with the power of her new warrior goddesses.

—Wow, Ana and Tania are true warrior goddesses. Without a doubt, they will be of great use in my group— she thought.

Ana started to try to sense the energy of Epona and Rodrigo but realized it was almost gone. So, flying as fast as light, she traversed the dimension where they were fighting, while Tania entered from the other side. But what they saw tore them apart.

Epona lay wounded on the ground, while Rodrigo had used his body as a shield against Jormungandr's attack. The serpent had launched its head towards them, and Rodrigo had intervened, while a gigantic fang from the massive serpent impaled him from abdomen to back, poisoning him as venom flowed through the young warrior's body.

—No, Rodrigo!— both goddesses shouted.