Chapter 23:

Tannit vs Surtr

Elyon - Gods among us

—I don't have time to waste with this scum— Tania said as she watched Surtr raise his flaming sword again to attack the goddess.

—You, a goddess of fire? You're a liar. You're a filthy Moon pretending to be a Sun— the giant threatened.

—And do the elements we are born with determine our destiny?— the fire goddess questioned.

—You're nothing but a fraud. Your fire will never burn as brightly as us Sun gods— the giant shouted, charging his power to the maximum.

The sky turned red, and flames erupted from the ground. Lava began to spew everywhere, while a powerful earthquake shook the entire plateau. Sparks of fire floated in the air, and the atmospheric pressure became heavy, making it difficult to breathe.

Surtr's eyes were filled with rage, and foam almost spilled from his mouth. His muscles bulged, and veins became visible on his body.

The giant gripped his flaming sword and struck the ground with it. The earth split in two as lava erupted from the depths of the fissure.

—I have so much power that I could destroy the Earth if I wanted to. This is the true power of a Sun, and your bitch guardian won't be able to save you this time— the giant laughed hysterically.

However, Tania looked at him with complete indifference.

—Can we get started already? I don't have time for your nonsense— the goddess said.

The giant screamed with anger and lunged at the goddess, but she once again evaded his strike and kneed him in the face. Blood gushed from his mouth and nose as Surtr covered his face in agony.

Immediately, the giant tried to strike the goddess with his flaming sword again, but in a swift motion, Tania avoided the attack and delivered a kick to the giant's head, sending him falling backward.

Quickly, he got up and attempted to impale the goddess once more, but repeating the same scenario, Tania evaded the attack and delivered a powerful vertical kick to Surtr, sending him soaring into the sky before crashing headfirst into the ground.

—Aren't I a true Sun? Aren't you ashamed that a fake Sun is kicking your ass?— Tania said, looking at the giant indignantly.

—Damn bitch— Surtr said as he stood up again.

—This is really going to hurt— the giant shouted as his body became engulfed in flames.

Logi!— Surtr yelled, and like a ball of fire, he hurled himself at Tania, who was hit head-on due to his speed.

Tania was sent flying hundreds of miles until she crashed into the dimensional wall. Surtr, who was spinning wildly throughout the scene, launched himself at the goddess once again. Upon impact, he exploded with full force.

The giant leaped backward, away from the smoke caused by his explosion. He retrieved his sword and waited for the smoke to dissipate to decapitate the goddess.

Just as he began to see Tania's silhouette, he threw his sword with all his might to sever the goddess's head. But to his surprise, Tania stopped the attack with her arm engulfed in flames while chuckling discreetly.

—Is this the fire power of a true Sun? It's not even enough for a tan— she said, as the giant retrieved his sword to attempt to attack the goddess once more.

Tania evaded Surtr's attack once again and positioned herself behind him.

Creating five fire sparks with her fingers, the goddess shouted, —Shimushu!— And she launched the small lights that transformed into magnificent spheres that seemed to be made of magma and fire. They collided with the raging giant's body and exploded with such magnitude that the earth shook, and the ground opened as if a meteor had struck.

But the giant was not defeated. He emerged from the dust with his sword unsheathed and screaming like a madman.

Fed up, Tania once again stopped his sword, this time with her hand, and shouted, —Shimushu!— She fired several fireballs from her right hand, resembling shooting stars. They collided with the monstrous giant's abdomen, exploding and creating cracks in his ice armor. Surtr fell to his knees on the ground.

Tania took the jotun's sword and threw it out of the battlefield.

—You cannot defeat me, garbage. Before you die, I want to hear you apologize for the souls you massacred yesterday— the enraged goddess shouted.

Surtr began to laugh.

—This is far from over, and now you shall witness the true power of my kind— the giant said as he rose once again.

Tania then unleashed her fiery claws to end the giant's life.

—The humans who worship us— Surtr said, —use hallucinogens or ritual wounds to transform into beasts during battle. Berserkers, Ulfhednars, and Svinfylkings believe that by wearing the skins of wild animals, they can become monsters, and their potency, speed, and strength increase. I can do the same as well— the giant continued, as he regained his composure.

Surtr, at that moment, dug his fingers into his eyes and scratched his face in a gruesome manner, causing repulsion on Tania's face.

The giant began to chant a mantra: —Jeg gir opp tankene mine for Kraft

At that moment, Tania felt Surtr's divine power suddenly surge. —This isn't normal!— she thought.

The giant stood up again. His face now only had two bloody sockets where his eyes used to be, and a 'ᛒ' symbol was drawn on his forehead. Foam oozed from Surtr's mouth, and saliva dripped from his jaw. The jotun had lost the ability to think.

Surtr's fist filled with fire, and he threw a punch at Tania, who managed to stop the blow, albeit with great effort. After struggling for a moment, Tania was finally sent flying by the attack, but the giant continued to run toward the goddess to attack her.

—Her divine power rose higher than expected— Tania thought as she continued to defend herself against the irrational attacks of Loki's commander.

The giant attempted to strike Tania once again, but the goddess evaded his attack and tried to kick him. However, her kick had no effect.

Surtr grabbed Tania by the leg and slammed her onto the ground. But when the jotun tried to strike the goddess who lay on the ground, she rolled away from the attack. Tania then extended her fiery claws and launched herself toward the giant's stomach, shouting: —Uph-arimat Eshar!

The goddess unleashed hundreds of slashes on the giant's abdomen, causing him significant damage. However, he no longer had the capacity to feel pain, so he caught the goddess with his palms, attempting to crush her.

Using her strength, Tania managed to struggle free from between the giant's palms and leaped backward. She noticed that Surtr's wounds weren't healing.

—This idiot only increased his divine power, but his manna and ichor levels still remain low— Tania thought.

The goddess raised her arms vertically, clasping her hands together. Then, an enormous sphere of fire emerged between her clenched fists. Tania shouted: —Esh Kela - Safar: Alf!

Lowering her arms, Tania launched the massive fireball like a powerful shot, directly impacting the giant. A terrible explosion ensued from the attack, and as the smoke cleared, a gigantic crack could be seen in the ground. Part of the giant's abdomen and chest had vanished due to the attack, but he remained standing.

The giant covered his body in flames once again and lunged at Tania, striking her head-on. The goddess landed on her knees, but the giant was right above her and crashed down upon her like a meteorite.

Tania stopped the attack with her hands, but the impact continued to create a massive hole in the ground, as if a mole were digging a tunnel. Tania screamed with all her might and managed to divert the giant and his attack to another side. Upon landing, the giant caused a tremendous explosion.

—Damn it, he tore my arm tendons, that damned bastard!— Tania cried out in pain.

The goddess of fire then began to increase her divine power to fight against the giant, causing the hole she was in to be erased from the face of the earth. Stones rose as if they were magma, and the ground around the hole vanished. Tania's ichor repaired the destroyed tendons in her arms, and the burns on her palms healed.

At that moment, she saw that Surtr had finally recovered his sword and was laughing hysterically in his madness.

—I must take him seriously, or I won't be able to help Rodrigo and Epona soon— Tania thought.

The giant raised his sword to the sky, and it started to glow with a crimson color, while red bubbles emerged from the trail of his weapon as if it were boiling. Tania remembered that this attack was used to unleash an immensely powerful fire beam, which would undoubtedly be many times stronger than before.

The goddess of fire then raised her hands to the sky and shouted: —Shani Lemah!— A red crescent moon in the shape of a horn appeared above her.

Tania, then, declared: —A Sun god will be slain today by the attack of a Moon—

As the giant launched his fire beam, Tania simultaneously grabbed the crescent moon with her hand and hurled it like a disc. The moon split Surtr's attack in half, as if it had divided into two gigantic waves, and impaled itself into the giant's chest.

Surtr instinctively tried to remove the crescent moon from his chest, but it began to shine with immense intensity.

Then, Tania said, —This is your end, you bastard—

The moon shone so brightly, and the heat it generated caused the giant to release it because it burned his hands. In the end, the crescent moon emitted a blinding light and unleashed a monstrous explosion, so powerful that it obliterated hundreds of mountains in the surrounding area, as if it were a massive nuclear bomb. Tania only shielded herself from the impact by covering her face with one arm.

As the smoke cleared, only a gigantic crater remained with the giant's legs still standing. That was all that remained of Surtr. The alternate dimension was destroyed at that moment, freeing the goddess and restoring everything to normal.

—Well, the souls of those who died yesterday can finally rest in peace. Now, it's time to find Rodrigo— Tania said.