Chapter 2:

Saito was Interested in Sex

Hanako won’t Grant my Wish!

comprehensive succubus summoning guide. (continuation from last thread)

Rejoice, for I have compiled almost a decade of legitimate demonology and summoning ritual studies done by myself, so that you can all summon your own.

>does it work?
Of course it does. It’s tested by myself. Though even if it didn’t you’re going to try anyway, so it’s better if you just start believing to begin with.

>why make this information public?
I was a Vchan incel too once. But once I summoned a succubus, she actually helped me to better myself as a person in every way. I want to do the same for you losers

>so god is real? And aren’t demons bad?
It’s complicated and requires a bunch of explaining that you don’t actually care about.
Basically, demons are only ‘evil’ by standards of religious text. The only real downside is your lifespan may be shortened a bit, and you’ll be bound by a magic, blood-sealed contract of devotion.
In other words, if you cheat, your **** gets cut off and you go to hell. That said, just don’t be stupid. As for the upsides, well, they speak for themselves.

Human gf:
>high maintenance
>will cheat on you
>will judge you
>won’t listen to you
>will leave you for a better man at the first opportunity (probably deserved tbh)
>probably ugly

Meanwhile, succubus gf:
>only needs your seed and nothing else
>will be literally magically spellbound to until the day you die
>will love you unconditionally, and grow a bond with you magically
>appears for the sole purpose of granting your deepest desires
>summoned by magic that finds and manifests your literal perfect match
>unattractive succubi do not exist

Steps will be posted down below. You can try any amount of substitutes for things you don’t have, but I can’t attest to what may or may not happen.

And as usual, the disclaimer: You’re working with real actual dark arts here, and not that fantasy bs you see in Harrison Pottery or Marbel. Don’t screw around or you might just end up damned to an eternity of suffering.

Also I got this question last thread, so just for clarification purposes:

>are incubi real too and can I summon one using this method?
They’re very real, but I haven’t researched them as much nor do I care to. If you do this same process, maybe you’ll summon one just by wanting to, or maybe not. Do your own research, fembot.


The post reeked of weird incel roleplaying. It made me thankful that I wasn’t so hopeless like most people on Vchan were.

That said, I followed all of the steps and ended up with this cheesy looking summoning circle on my bedroom floor.

I had to use a few substitutes, but I mean it wasn’t real anyway, so it’s not like it really mattered. I was just playing around out of morbid curiosity. It’s not like I was going to school either, so the time of night wasn’t an issue.

Marker instead of chalk, scented beeswax candles instead of tallow ones, and a cigarette lighter instead of a “pure flame” whatever that meant. I didn’t have incense either, but I figured the scented candles would make up for that anyway.

The only thing left was the ritual itself, which required me to make a wish, and then seal the contract with a drop of blood, which would in turn open a portal into the demon realm.

So I kneeled with my hands pressed together, thinking about what kind of succubus would suit me best. Though, once I really got to thinking about it, what even was my “type”? I had never really put much thought into preference before, as really I thought that anybody who would have been willing to put up with my condition would already be plenty.

I mean, even that much was already wishful thinking.

So then I guess that was all I needed then?

“I wish for a succubus that will accept me for who I am.”

That sounded good. Maybe a little bit vague, but whatever kind of demon summoned would be fine, as long as they were okay with me.

Yeah. It would work out.

Next, I grabbed a box cutter from my school bag. Would just a drop or two be okay?

I didn't want to end up badly injuring myself, especially considering the explaining that would follow. As long as it was really small, I could just pass it off as some sort of accident if anybody asked.

And really, nobody would anyway.

Actually, intentionally drawing blood from myself was a really scary thought all of the sudden. Even if I thought I had resolved myself to do it, wasn’t this a bit much for me?

No, actually, what was I doing?

No, seriously.

Was this the inevitable fate of a NEET?



Incidentally, I decided to start attending school again.

Though, with only 3 hours of sleep, I wasn’t exactly at my best, either. Hopefully nobody would take much notice of me, and I could finish up the school day quickly and quietly, then return home to clean up the mess I made last night.

If my sister found something so sinister plotted in the center of my room, I would likely be doomed to a fate worse than just eternal damnation.

Vchan was scary.

No, actually, my sister was many times more terrifying.

My morning started the same as usual. I sat in the far back corner, with the long sleeves of my button-up pulled all the way down to my wrists. I had leather gloves that I always kept in my pocket if I needed to receive something from a classmate, but I hated wearing them. I would have to lie and tell people I was a germaphobe or something of the like, because they always asked.

Everybody always had questions for somebody that was different from them. Questions, or just narrow-minded words and ideas. But they never actually wanted to get to know me, of course. They only cared that I was different. They were looking for a reason to separate me from the rest of them.

It would have been nice if succubi really did exist. Maybe then it really wouldn’t have been such a big deal. Maybe I would finally be able to have somebody to talk to.

Well, I knew where reality ended and my own delusions began. The truth is, I just had to go up and talk to somebody. Today could have been just as good a day as any to make friends. But seeing everybody else already forming into their little groups during breaks, or immediately leaving to meet up with their friends from the other classes; even though there was still half a year left of school, the social order had already been established.

I didn’t want to intrude on that. Or rather, I was afraid to. And besides, I had already been gone for a week. In a likely scenario, I would already have been labeled by everybody as a delinquent.

Though, I wasn’t interested in being friends with other delinquents either. Not that there really were many at such a high-class middle school. Even on that front, I stood out.

I opted to listen into other conversations during the lunch breaks. In a classroom only about a third full, the groups that were made up of members from the same class tended to just eat at their desks. Then there were a few other introverts like myself, who kept their heads down and munched on their lunch bread quietly.

Surely, they wanted to make friends too, right?

No, but being friends with a loner was no good either. I needed somebody who was far more social than me. A “popular kid” if you will. That way, they could introduce me to others, and absorb me into their friend groups. And all of the sudden, I would also become popular by extension.

Genius, right?

“Yo, my big brother was bragging all night last night about his college girlfriend. He says they do it constantly.”

“Uh, why is he talking to his middle school brother about that? Isn't that kinda TMI?”

“Dunno, didn’t ask. Isn’t that so cool though? I met her before too, and she has huge tits. I wish I could fondle boobs like that.”

“I mean, I guess… That’s your brother’s girlfriend you’re talking about though.”

“I mean not hers, dumbass. Some high school girl maybe? Or I wonder if I could get a college girlfriend too…”

“You couldn’t, though.”

“Come on, it’s just daydreaming. You’re so boring, you know that?”

A vulgar conversation from these two as usual. These two were Saito and Kobayashi. The former was always talking about this kind of stuff, while the latter just seemed to humor it. I honestly had no idea why they got along to begin with, though the two definitely served as an interesting case study.

Though to be fair, it really wasn’t all that uncommon for boys our age to be talking like that. I’ve heard the same kinds of topics murmured all around the school. Especially with the internet nowadays, there were an endless number of ways for your average middle schooler to get immersed in that kinda stuff.

Having such a gross older brother probably didn’t help though. I bet he was lying about at least half the things he told to poor, pubescent Saito. To even feel the need to brag about something like that just oozed desperation of acceptance.

Although, is that really all it took to get clout in the 8th grade? If I pretended I was experienced, could I make friends just as easily? Well, not with my condition I couldn’t. Nobody would believe me. Although, nobody here really knew much about me, nor have any of them probably had sex before, so as long as I kept it a secret—

Yeah, wait a minute…

Maybe it could work!

But what do I say? It’s just a lie, right? So anything could work. It would have to be an older girl, for one. And the type to hook up with whoever would probably be the easiest to believe. People probably already thought of me as a delinquent, so it would tie up nicely like that too.

No, wait, but what if a rumor started that I was some kind of twelve year old man-slut? Wouldn’t that damage my reputation?

Actually, if some girl at this school approached me because she thought I’d do it with her, I might start crying. That’d be way too scary.

Okay, so maybe not that far.

He did mention something about liking breasts though. Will that be enough to earn clout? To say I groped a girl?

No no no, that sounds like I’m just some serial sexual harasser.

How about “A girl let me grope her?”

Yeah, yeah, that’s way better. It’s like she offered or something.

So what, a girlfriend? Or maybe just some kind of sex-friend? That’s a thing, right? Friends who have sex?

No. Wait, that’s just a girlfriend. Or is it? I never did answer that question yesterday.

“What’re you standing there for?”

“Maybe he just needs something. What’s up, Suzuki?”


The two of them were right in front of me, staring up at me from their seats with such blank eyes.

No, actually, wasn’t I the one in front of them?

Had I walked here impulsively? While I was pondering?

“Aren’t you the kid who was gone all last week? I heard you skipped. What’s with that?”

“Come on, I’m sure he had his reasons.”

I knew it! They’re totally thinking badly of me.

So what now? It was too late to back out. But they already thought of me as “that kid who skipped school”, so was there no hope?

Do I run? Can I get out of this situation?

“I- uhm, I- uh- uhm…”

“‘I’ what? Are you a broken record or something?”



The entire classroom had eyes on me.

My mind sort of blanked out, but before I could really get to thinking again, I was already outside of the classroom at a sloppy sprint. I could feel tears in my eyes too.

It was just like that time.

Well, it didn’t really matter, right? I just had to get home, then everything would be fine. I would just stay in my room. Actually, now that school wasn’t an option anymore, being a NEET didn’t seem so bad anymore.

“Wait! Stop!”

A hand tugged my wrist.

Was I caught? Would I be reprimanded?

No, the grip was painfully strong, though definitely not big enough to be a teacher’s, either.

I didn’t really want to look at anybody right now, but the jolt of force jerked my head around to face them regardless.

It was Saito. There was a scary look in his eyes.


“I’m sorry, I just-”

“W-were you serious back there? Have you really d-done it?”



Did he actually believe me?

No, that was my original intention for sure, but…

Was this kid really that gullible?

“Uhm… yeah. I—”

His eyes were suddenly shining out of nowhere, like a pure maiden’s. I didn’t really get it, but I guess he was interested? I felt a little bit bad all of the sudden, telling such a big lie.

“Actually, to be honest-”

“What was it like? Is it really one of life's greatest pleasures? Does it feel amazing? I’ve heard a lot from my brother, but actually I’ve been really interested myself. Do you still talk to that girl? What’s she like? Is she our age?”



What was I supposed to do from here?

“Well, heheh, it’s kinda like… you know, it was so long ago, I can’t really remember…”

“Hmmm, so you were just lying after all.”

A look of complete and utter disappointment. Was he having mood swings or something?

Either way, this was my only chance. I had to salvage it, no matter what…!

“No! No, that’s not it! I just, you know, haven’t seen her in a while. She’s busy! With that! Uh, school! College! Yeah! So we don’t talk much right now!”

“Wait, wait, so you’re saying you have a girlfriend in college!?”


“You’d better not be lying about this. Wait, can I meet her? She’s gotta be hot, right?”

Look, I know this bit is getting old, but…

Seriously? He believed that?

“Uhh, you can’t! But I definitely can message her! And, uh… we’ll do it again! And then I’ll tell you about it.”

Oh yeah, and…

“And she’s really hot!”


“Right, so… I’m going to go home now…”

“To go hit up your girl?”

“…Yeah! Exactly! To go ‘hit up my girl’.”

“Cool, so I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“Uh, yeah. Definitely!”

“Nice, I’ll see you then. Uh…”


“Right, Suzuki. See ya dude. I’ll tell the teacher you weren’t feeling well and went to the infirmary.”

“Uhm, yeah! Thanks!”

And then he winked at me.

He actually winked.

Right. So, back to running home then.

As it turned out, lying was a really difficult thing to do. But I guess it didn’t go as bad as it possibly could have, and Saito seemed convinced for now, so maybe things would be alright?

Yeah, no.

Of course they wouldn’t.

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