Chapter 2:

Dream Of Murphy's Marriage

Was it worth it my hero?

"Holy shit! That is a floating island", Edward yelled as he witnessed the floating mass of land 

"I have read about Lap*ta but wow I never though that I would see a real one"

"Lap*ta? I don't know what you are taking about but this is the Halotisisic's camp that we are heading towards", says Skadi as she whips the Rintomus who was pulling the carriage. 

"i didn't notice earlier but which animal is that? I mean the one pulling the carriage" asks Edward. 

[The animal resembled a rhinoceros in many ways. But it was really docile and domestic in nature. Despite its huge size it was really fast, perhaps it is even faster than a horse when it comes to pulling a carriage.] 

"They are called Rintomus. They are mostly used to pull carriage, transportation and farming related stuff", replies Tania. 

"Huh, they seem to be really domestic don't they", says Edward.

"They are but the wild Rintomus or as they are called, the Glump Rintomus, are really really aggressive and they don't like people. I find them to be really scary. But Bumpy is really friendly and cute. Ain't he Skadi?", Tania explains Edward. Then she looks over at the Rintomus pulling the carriage and then looks at Skadi. 

"Bumpy? That is one interestingly silly name", says Edward. 

He looks over at Alwis, who was taking a nap or was pretending to take one. 

Skadi yelled, "Hold on tight cuz this is going to be a 'bumpy' ride up that bridge!"

"Wait a sec. That land is still way up in the sky, how are going up?", asks Edward. 

"Who said that the land was coming down? Look in front, they have thrown a bright down for us", replies Skadi. 

Edward looks over Skadi's shoulder, and he sees a bridge vertical going all the way up to the Halotisisic's camp.



"How are we supposed to go all the way up?", Edward yells and asks as he hold the floor of the carriage tightly, as to when he looked around so we're Tania and Alwis. 
"This is how", says Skadi as they climb up the bridge. They felt a little pull by gravity at the beginning but after a difference of less than a second the carriage started moving smoothly. 

Edward though that they took his advice and they didn't climb up that bridge. But to his surprise as he looked at the proud smirk on Skadi's face, he looks out of the carriage. He is amazed and scared at the same time as he finds himself going all the way up the vertical bridge that lead to Halotisisic's camp. 

Edward mumbles to himself "hah, how did I forget that this world was magic" and takes a deep breath of relief.

After a few moments, they reach the top of the island. Everyone gets out of the carriage with Edward being the last one to get off. The people of the land or as the are called Halotisisics, where standing there to greet Skadi and everyone else who had arrived. The bridge had been pulled back up in an instant. 

The Halotisisics had tanned skin and everyone was very lean and beautiful, even the old people.

From the group people who had gathered there to welcome them, came out a really beautiful and radiant man. By looking at his face you could tell that he was really old, but that didn't affect how masculine and majestic he was. Despite the fact that every single person in that group was really beautiful and fine looking as if they were hand drawn models by a spectacular artist (a.k.a bishies). But still non of then held a candle in front of his beauty. Even the young Halotisisics were less appealing than him. He was the Elder of the Halotisisics whom they had come to meet, Wicshek. 

"Welcome!", he says as he throws his arms up in the air.

"I'm really honored that Your maj--", Skadi stops him as he had just started bowing in front of her and cuts him midway off as he was speaking. 

"How many times I have to remind you please, just call me Skadi, Wicshek", says Skadi. 

Tania looks at Alwis in confusion of what just happened. Alwis tells her that it just something between Skadi and the Elder of Halotisisics, while Edward was standing besides Tania as she was asking Alwis. 

"Skadi, I am really glad that you arrived safely to our camp. Our bridge didn't cause you any problems or did it? ", asks Wicshek. 

"No, the bridge worked really well, just like the previous time when I paid you a visit", says Skadi. 

"Hoho, I am glad to hear that"

"Let's continue our talk inside. I am sure that your companion and you must be tired from all the traveling you guys have done. Oh! And it is really nice to meet you again Alwis", says Wicshek as he reaches out his hand for a handshake with Alwis. 

"Same for me, I am happy being able to meet to again, Elder Wicshek. Well it was not like you were going anywhere or anything", says Alwis while shaking hands with Wicshek. 

Wicshek laughs, "HAHAHA, oh Alwis you still have your sense of humor",

"Everyone, please make yourselves comfortable. Please proceed to the tent you are being guided to and refresh yourselves. Your Rintomus carriage will be taken care of. Skadi, shall we continue our conversation", says Wicshek, being an excellent host. He and Skadi proceeded to talk while walking towards the big tent at the center of the floating island. Skadi pull out a pouch as they were talking, and then they entered the tent. While Edward and others were being guided to a different tents, just 2 tents away from the big one at the center which Skadi had went in with Wicshek and the rest of the elders.

"Excuse me..."
"Miss Tania please come with me. We have prepared a separate one for the Miss Skadi and you", says one of the girls who where attending while guiding Tania to another tent.

Edward and Alwis enter the tent prepared for then. They were the guest tents. The tents were really spacious and each had 2 separate beds and drawing room area with a wooden table and 2 chairs.

After the attends left, there was an awkward silence between Edward and Alwis. Edward, who was new to this world and knew nothing about it was eager to ask Alwis about it. On the other hand, Alwis was not at all interested in talking with anyone. It seemed like he was shy or really annoyed because of Edwards presence. Edward thought that he should break the ice and warm up with Alwis. He needed to know what kind of system this world had, how are countries divided, who are the rulers, how does the magic work in this world, what was the history of it, more and more and more. 

"What are supposed to do here?", asks Edward.

"Shush. I am not in the mood to talk right now…"
"All you need to know is that you do as we say. You are just an extra in this equation. You were not planned. It is just a personal matter that Skadi had to attend, so I have no idea what is. All I have been told to is relax while we are here because, it is going to be one harsh trip after we take our leave from here. And with you now in out group, it is going to be one hardass trip. I can tell this just by looking at you that you have no idea on how to use magic. You really are an odd one. Now don't disturb me. I am going to take a nap", says Alwis as he tosses the bag he was carrying on the chair and then proceeds to take a nap. 

"He sure did talk a lot for someone who wasn't in to 'mood' to talk" mumbles Edward. He keeps the pouch which had his thing on the table in the drawing area. 

"I think I should relax for a bit and take a nap too. It should refresh my mind. There are thing that I need to know and learn about this world", Edward talk to himself and then proceeds to take a nap. 

(Meanwhile inside of the main center tent)

Skadi pulls out a palm sized jagged opaque stone.
"I bought the Prophesy stone", Skadi hand the stone over to Wicshek and asks, "Can it really tell us where we can find The Great Saint's reincarnation, or whether he or she has been born or not?"

"It surely will", Wicshek looks at Skadi with a big smile on his face and says, "It's been around 12 years since the day I first day I met you. Back then you were still 8 years old", he laughs a little then says,"You were lost in the jungle and were being chased by a kid of wild Rintomus. And then you were rescued by Nikkito" he chuckles,"He then bought you up to our island", he looks at Skadi, "And now look at you. You have grow to be so much stronger and independent. I am really proud of you"

"I am sorry, Skadi..."

"You got exiled from your own kingdom because you tried to help us, and you still continue to do so", says Wicshek. 

"You people, Halotisisics, did nothing wrong, I only did what was supposed to be done and it still isn't complete. Don't disrespect my sacrifice by apologizing to me. And anyways you yourself said to me that I am like a granddaughter to you. Didn't you?", says Skadi then looks at Wicshek. 

"I surely did say that, but I had made a mistake. Let me correct my mistake", Wicshek answers, 
"You are not 'like' a granddaughter to me...", he looks at her and smile as he says, "You are a granddaughter to me"

"With that settled, now can you tell me how this stone will work?", Skadi asks as she holds back her tears from this heart-felt moment. 

"You really have grown strong, Skadi", Wicshek silently whisper to himself. 

"Okay then"
"It will take me 3 days to make preparations for it and I will perform the ceremony on the night of the 4th day. Till then you can enjoy your stay on this island", Wicshek tells Skadi about when he will perform the ceremony. 

Skadi asks,"Is there anything I can help you with?"

"I will surely ask you when I will be in need for your help", Wicshek replies.

Wicshek and Skadi proceed to plan further with the rest of the elders who were waiting for then in the hall, on the other side of the tent.

They end their talk with them and then everyone exits the tent. 

"Oh my, and look at the time, it's almost time for dinner. Shall me continue our talk while we head towards the dinner hall", Wicshek suggests. 

Skadi and Wicshek enter the dinning hall. 

"There is someone interesting I would like you to meet. His name is Edward", says Skadi. 

"Oh that young ma-", Wicshek bumps into Edward as they were just talking about him. 

"Ah! My bad", says Edward

"Edward! Edward!"
"Cought you!", says a little girl. She looks up with a big grind on her face, "Grandpa! Grandpa! I made a friend! Edward!", she says.

"I see, Aninsti, you made friends with Edward, huh", say Wicshek as he picks up Aninsti. 

"Let me introduce you to him, Edward, he is-", says Skadi as she is cut off in middle by Edward. 

"The Halotisisic's Elder, Wicshek. Aninsti told me about him, her grandfather isn't he?",

"Nice to meet to, I am Edward Parker", says Edward as he raises his hand for a handshake. 

Wicshek puts Aninsti down and accepts Edward's handshake, "Skadi already told me your name, we were just talking about you. She told me that you are a really interesting person", says Wicshek. Edward looks at Skadi. 

Alwis and Tania walk up to Wicshek and they greet him and then stand besides Skadi.

Wicshek looks at Skadi and asks, "So where did you guys first meet?"

"We found him lying on path in the forest", answers Skadi. 


"I see... "

"Don't worry, he isn't from any of the kingdoms. On that he is even from this continent",says Skadi to Wicshek who had started have a worried look on his face, 

Wicshek relaxes and smiles, "If Skadi trusts you them it meant that there is no way that you are a bad person. Edward meet me later in the center tent after the dinner, I would like to talk you about the land you come from. If you are fine with it?" 

"I don't mind. I myself don't know anything about this place. It is a great opportunity for me to learn about this land",says Edward.

"But you promised to teach me how to play football, Edward!" says Aninsti as she starts to pull Edward's hands.

"I will, but first I have somethings I want to ask your grandpa, okay? I promise that I will teach it to you tomorrow", Edward replies. 

Everyone start sitting for the dinner. 

Edward turns towards Tania and is mesmerising by how beautiful she looked in Halotisisic cloths and the word come out of his mouth automatically, "You look really pretty in that dress". 

Tania flushes up and says, "T-thank you for the compliment, I really appreciate it"

"There is no need to thank me. I just said what was true", says Edward. 

"A-And you too look handsome in Halotisisic cloths", says Tania as she fumbles up while speaking. 

"T-thank you", Edward blushes as he thanks her for then compliment.

"There is no need to thank me. I just said what was true", says Tania as her face turn completely red. And so does Edward's as they proceed towards the dinner table. They sit besides each other as there were no other seats left. 

"Edward, your face is completely red did you catch fever again? Tania didn't his fe-, what happened to you? Your face is red too did you catch his fever? Hey Tania, tell me", says Skadi as she see Edward, she then notices that Tania's face was red too as she asks her if she has a fever too or not. 

Everything cools down as the dinner continues. The dinner has ended, Edward enters the center tent where Wicshek was waiting for him. 

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