Was it worth it my hero?

On a regular day like any other, Edward Parker, an 18 year-old receives an email from an irregular address asking him "Why do you always play like a Goody Two-shoes?".

His reply to it results in him being pulled into a portal which throws him in middle of a forest where he meets a party of three adventurers with whom he tags along with, only to find that he has been thrown in a world non like the one 'he' used to know. And where he starts his quest of leaving his sad past behind and start a new life to became a "hero" for the people he loves.

Watch Edward as he becomes the "hero" that never thought he could be. A story about a new beginning, a story about growing, a story about becoming a hero.... or not?

UpdatedJan 09, 2018
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count7,042
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