Chapter 5:

I Hold You although You Are Far Away

Writing a Guidebook with You

She wasn’t afraid we would steal her infinite bag. And it didn’t seem she know Arabella. Then, was she dumb? Why did she agree to join us easily?

Kousuke was thinking about Adelina, and he remembered her orange eyes. It was sparkling, and people in Astarthe mostly had black eyes, so it was very memorable.

Adelina wore a sleeveless green shirt and a brown corsage over it. And her pants were very short, therefore her thighs were so eye-catching: probably because she was in her 20s, she needed freedom!

Nah. She was probably strong enough to defend herself. In the game, she appeared even in dangerous places after all. Without a scratch.

The air was fresh that day. Because it was still in the morning. And while Kousuke was walking beside Arabella, he stole a glance at Arabella’s hand. Arabella left her cane, so now she held nothing.

Isn’t it nice if we hold each other’s hand in this mood?

Therefore, Kousuke moved closer to Arabella, and he was about to hold Arabella’s hand. But Arabella swung her hand forward swiftly. Hm?

Thus, Kousuke tried again. He peeked at Arabella’s hand, and her hand didn’t move, so Kousuke was about to hold her hand again. But again, Arabella swung her hand forward.

Kousuke looked at Arabella and saw Arabella curling up her beautiful lips. This wench! She was aware I was going to hold her hand!

But how is that possible?! She didn’t glance at me! Do women really have better intuition than men?

Was I really scammed into marrying her? Would I not ever get any romance, and get hard?

Kousuke was frustrated, and he was doubting Arabella. But then Arabella held his hand, without caring about people who might look at them. And they walked together, throwing away their glances toward each other, like a couple in their bud times. Shy, and awkward.

Yeah. Women do have better intuition. She tries to hold me when I’m going away, but she won’t do any further.

Her tiny attention makes me happy. But I know, probably I shouldn’t expect much in our relationship.

Kousuke held Arabella’s hand more tightly. And fondly. He embraced it, even though he knew Arabella didn’t love him that much. Kousuke believed that for her, he was just a tool that could be tied with unrequited love and be disposed of later.

I’m really a dumbass.

Kousuke and Arabella were walking to a three-masted ship near the glistening church. Despite the dung on his shoe, Kousuke was going to meet the current Saintess of Sail, Scolastica Kraus. Being a bit dirty wouldn’t be a problem when someone went to a church or met a saint, right?

Arabella raised her chin and looked at the mainmast of the ship. She said, “Saintess Scolastica. We have a business with you.”

A blue-haired woman peeked from behind the mainmast’s sail. Her hair was short and wavy, and her eyes were silver. She only stuck out her head and smiled. Her face looked so cute and round like a baby, so it was clear that her character designer must have liked “cute girls doing cute things” anime. But she was in her 20s, bro!

Then Scolastica hid behind the sail again and made Arabella look so confused.

“Let me handle this, my lady,” Kousuke said. Scolastica was a childish NPC. Her motive, her interaction, and everything were sometimes childlike. Therefore, I should be a child too!

Then Kousuke raised his voice. “Scolas-chan...!” he shouted like a child. “Let’s play, to-ge-ther~!”

“Ay! Ay!” Scolastica replied. “I can hear YOUUUUUU!”

She leaped into the sky, dived to the ground, and spread the dust everywhere. She wore a white captain hat and a white Japanese sailor school uniform. She was short and had small boobs, but overall she was cute and thus, had some creepy fans.

“What are we going to play?” Scolastica asked, directed her arm toward Kousuke, and made a V sign with her left hand.

“Rock Paper Scissors!” Kousuke said.

“Ay! Ay! What can I loot from you if I win?” she asked, while she retracted her left arm and directed her right arm toward Kousuke. Then she also made a V sign with her right hand. She was just playing around, imitating what people did like a child.

“This thing!” Kousuke took out an anime keychain from his ghillie suit. It was an unnecessary gift from his colleague. And that keychain was a pink-haired anime girl holding a guitar. That anime girl rocked!

“Woohoo! Cute thing! Me, want it!”

“Then if I win, we can hire you for free. Deal?”

“Ay! Ay!”

Thus, Kousuke and Scolastica took a pose and hid their hands on their backs. “Rock! Paper! Scissors!” then they shouted at the same time and revealed their hands.

“Ay! I win!” Scolastica made scissors sign with her hand, while Kousuke made a paper sign.


“One more time!” Kousuke said. “Rock! Paper! Scissors!”

Kousuke made a rock sign with his hand, while Scolastica made scissors. Again. “Yeah! I win!” he yelled.

“Ouch!” Kousuke said. Scolastica kicked Kousuke’s thigh, so he spread his fingers and touched his thigh. And Scolastica put her scissors hand sign closer to that Kousuke’s hand. “Nay! I win!” she said.

Cheater bastard!

“Saintess Scolastica. Arabella Dekever greets our kind saintess,” Arabella said and bowed, although she and Scolastica had equal status. Likely, Arabella just wanted to please Scolastica to gain a favor. A smart bitch.

“Arabella Dekever...?” Scolastica tilted her head and touched her chin. “Ay! Rich lady!”

“Yes. But we need you for our travel, so part of our wealth will be yours,” Arabella said and smiled.

“Why me? Me busy playing!” Scolastica replied and spun Kousuke’s keychain with her index finger: she had looted from Kousuke successfully!

“This person said he knew how to reach that floating island,” Arabella glanced at Kousuke.

Hearing Arabella’s answer, Scolastica’s eyes were full of curiosity and excitement. “Is that true? Is that true!”

Yeah, we have to recruit this person. Going through the seas will be much safer if we board the Saintess of Sail’s ship.

“That cute thing you looted from me is my proof that I know some secrets and rare things in this world,” Kousuke responded. Yeah, actually, I lost on purpose! I wasn't a loser!

“Hmm...” Scolastica pondered while she gazed at Kousuke’s keychain. “Ay! Me, trust you for now. If you lie, you sink!”


“Oh, right, can I talk to your chef?” Kousuke asked. Despite anything, I have to make Arabella’s heart ba-dump ba-dump anyway, so I have to prepare something.

“What do you need from me, young man?” a muscular man in his 50s crossed his arms and stood behind Kousuke. Kousuke didn’t realize there was an old man behind him. That old man just popped out.

How is that possible?

The old man wore a black hanfu shirt and pants, like a martial artist, and tied his silver hair on the back. He also had a silver beard. Therefore, Kousuke had one conclusion:

A fucking Murim master in a medieval world?? Are you kidding me??