Chapter 15:

Countdown 38

I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

inserted image Classmates

The bullet that was aimed at Charlotte’s forehead pierced her skull and shattered it.
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...Or so I thought.Bookmark here

Charlotte had already made a move before I yelled at everyone to get down.Bookmark here

I’m not sure whether that had to do with pure instinct or her own skill.Bookmark here

The bullet sailed past her head the minute she threw herself on the ground.Bookmark here

“Ack!”Bookmark here

Futoshi let out a shriek, and the onigiri he was eating fell to the ground.Bookmark here

There was a perfectly round hole in the center of his forehead.Bookmark here

As a result of Charlotte dodging, Futoshi — who had been standing behind her — was hit squarely in the head by Yayoi’s bullet.Bookmark here

There was a small explosion, and Futoshi’s head blew up like the lizardmen’s.Bookmark here

“E...eeeyyaaaaa!”Bookmark here

Chika, who had been standing next to him, screamed in terror.Bookmark here

Futoshi fell backward, spattering blood from his now headless torso.Bookmark here

I couldn’t believe that the first person to die among us had been killed by one of our classmates and not a monster.Bookmark here

The reason the other units had left us behind was so that they could shoot Charlotte from a distance.Bookmark here

They wanted to get rid of Charlotte, who was a risk to all of us, along with our group.Bookmark here

This was probably due to Tsukasa’s command rather than Yayoi’s sole discretion.Bookmark here

“They’re still coming! Quick, everyone! Over here!”Bookmark here

I snapped back to reality at Shizuka’s frantic shouts.Bookmark here

More bullets aimed at Charlotte were flying towards us.Bookmark here

However, they lost their momentum halfway, until they slowed down to the point where we could follow their movements.Bookmark here

Saburo had activated his skill.Bookmark here

The other three group members had already hidden behind some rocks.Bookmark here

I quickly grabbed Charlotte’s hand and hurried to their side.Bookmark here

On the way, I got a glimpse of Futoshi’s lifeless and headless body lying on the ground. I tore my eyes away and threw myself behind the rocks.Bookmark here

“Wh-what’s going on?! Are they trying to kill us too?!”Bookmark here

Chika shouted in full-on panic mode.Bookmark here

“Well, we are a burden to the rest of the class. I guess they wanted to kill two birds with one stone by getting rid of this walking bomb and our useless unit.”Bookmark here

Chika turned pale at Saburo’s words and fell silent.Bookmark here

“I’m really impressed by that tiny one. It takes courage to turn your thoughts into action.”Bookmark here

Despite almost being assassinated, Charlotte showed no signs of being flustered.Bookmark here

“I would love to see him again. Let’s do our best to survive, everyone.”Bookmark here

A chill ran down my spine as Charlotte smiled at us.Bookmark here

“Ryo...”Bookmark here

Shizuka was shaking as she tugged on my sleeve.Bookmark here

“Do we want to survive that badly, even if it means killing our friends? This can’t be right, can it?”Bookmark here

“No. This is wrong.”Bookmark here

Just as I’d said that.Bookmark here

I heard my phone buzz with a notification.Bookmark here

Huh? That can’t be. We’re out of range here.Bookmark here

I checked my screen.Bookmark here

Student number two (male), Ryo Izumi.Bookmark here

Skill: None.Bookmark here

Below those words was a new message.Bookmark here

Countdown: 38 remaining.Bookmark here

Thirty-eight. That was exactly how many of us were left.Bookmark here

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