Chapter 8:

Raid Boss Is a Chance to Impress Her and Be Cool

Writing a Guidebook with You

“He is here,” Kousuke said in a serious tone.

“Who is here? Ghost?” Arabella scoffed.

“Are you having a period, my lady? Why do you sound so hostile?”

“It ended yesterday.”

Then why??

That afternoon, Kousuke had gathered everyone on the main deck. He sat and held his rifle and that golden bracelet from Adelina.

“Do you ever see that cloud?” Kousuke pointed at a weird cloud, which looked like a barber knife, after he put his rifle barrel in and out repeatedly into the golden bracelet.

Arabella, Mochita, Adelina, Scolastica, and Zaracas gazed at that weird cloud and dark clouds which loomed around it, and they guessed that there would be a storm.

Zaracas commented, “Young man, we never saw that cloud and didn’t bother to sail around here. So, is ‘he’ going to fall from that cloud?”

“There was a man who had a crush on a peddler,” Kousuke began his storytelling out of nowhere.

For some reason, Adelina shivered.

“But it turned out that the peddler likes a bald man, so that man was rejected,” Kousuke resumed. “However, after the man shaved his hair. He got rejected again. And he realized that his crush basically didn’t like him, therefore his crush just made some excuses. Then that man became a sad boy and jumped off a cliff.”

“My fiance. I don’t think we need that backstory,” Arabella said.

This woman is definitely a gamer who skips the story!

“But miraculously, that man didn’t die. He only had sadness and carnal desires within his heart. He was no longer human. He became a half-octopus. A bald one,” Kousuke said.

“Uooo.........” Suddenly, there was a mysterious, grim voice across the sea.

“Ay! What’s that?” Scolastica asked and looked a little bit excited.

“That’s his voice. The raid boss of the Norma Ocean, the Bald and Sad Octopus Man, Basoman.”

Near the rear and the front of their ship, a huge purple tentacle, bigger than the ship’s mast, came out from the deep sea and hindered the ship’s movement. Those tentacles wiggled, created some big waves, and shook the ship up and down.

“Kyaaaaa!” Adelina crouched and covered her head from the wave that swept the deck.

“Everyone! Hold onto something or use your magic! Don’t get swept away!” Zaracas shouted and used Qing Gong to stay where he was.

“Ay! Ay! Me, have a good grasp on the ship! Don’t worry, it won’t flip!” Scolastica jumped, held the main mast, and rotated around it, which was not reassuring at all!

“Mochita, hold my rifle and hide in the passageway,” Kousuke kept the golden bracelet in his tuxedo and extended his arm toward Mochita.

“Arf! Arf!” Mochita quickly bit Kousuke’s rifle and ran to the passageway.

Arabella stood near the mainmast beside Kousuke and held her position with magic, [Stance Buff], while she was observing some potential dangers and noting about Basoman.

Those tentacles plummeted into the deep sea. Then far from the ship, a huge purple head was raised from the sea surface. The head was bald and had a sad facial expression. However, there were no eyes in its eye sockets, and there wasn’t a tongue or anything in its oral cavity. There was only darkness filling its eye sockets and mouth. It was Basoman, which had no ears and nose...

“Uooo.........” A tentacle gushed up and was about to pierce the mainmast’s sail.

“Ay! Ay! Turn right!” Scolastica made a gesture and an arc with her right foot to her right side. And thus, the ship also turned right a bit and managed to avoid Basoman’s tentacle!

“Everyone, LISTEN! That octopus has THREE PHASES!” Kousuke shouted. “In the first phase, he is going use his tentacles to attack the ship! So, Scolas Captain! Be careful! And everyone else, HELP ME on reducing his HP or vitality! ATTACK HIM!”

“[Charge]!” Arabella and Kousuke charged their MP, while Zaracas grinned and culminated his inner energy, qi.

“[Air Cut]!” like a couple, Arabella and Kousuke shared the same brain cells and made an arc of vapor with their magic to attack Basoman’s tentacle. But another tentacle appeared, wrapped around Adelina’s body, and swung her into the sky!

“NUOOOOOOOOOOOO! HELP MEEEE!” Adelina made a “>_<” with her face, clenched her fists, and hit the tentacle repeatedly like a cute anime girl.

“My fiance! We need to help her!” Arabella said to Kousuke.

But Kousuke just snorted and replied, “It’s okay, my lady. Adelina is a woman, and that is a tentacle.”

“WHO DOESN’T KNOW THAT’S A FREAKING TENTACLE? He’s gonna eat her! We HAVE to save her!”

Kousuke waved his index finger and said, “Nah ah. Don’t worry. As my weeb colleague said, why eat? If she can be tentacled!”

“????????” Arabella made a confused expression and seemed that she wanted to hit Kousuke’s head so hard. But she tried to be patient and asked, “Okay, let’s say she won’t get eaten, but what if that tentacle releases her and she gets drowned??”

“Don’t worry, she can swim,” Kousuke responded nonchalantly. “HEY, PEDDLER! CAN YOU SWIM?”

“Huh?” Adelina replied. “YES! I CAN!”

“See? It’s okay, my lady.”

Arabella and Adelina were dumbfounded by Kousuke’s reply. So, Adelina screamed, “WAIT! NO, I CAN’T SWIM! HELP MEEEEEEEE!”

Arabella sighed and seemed to perceive Kousuke as an idiot once more. “[Air Cut]!” She tried to cut the tentacle that held Adelina’s body. But it only caused a scratch.

“We need to use [Air Cut] thrice to cut it, my lady,” Kousuke commented.

“Then help her, you DUMBASS,” Arabella was malding at Kousuke. “[Air Cut]!” She used [Air Cut] again on the tentacle. [Air Cut] cost 300 MP, so it could be used thrice per single charge. “Sir Zaracas! Can you use Qing Gong to catch Lady Adelina and bring her back here?!”

“Leave it to me, my lady!” Zaracas answered.

“[Air Cut]!” Kousuke used that on the tentacle and cut it. When Adelina fell, Zaracas was already below her, so he was able to catch her, and he glided on the water back to the ship with Adelina!

“Uooo.........” As Basoman made another scream, he raised two tentacles beside his head.

“Shit, it’s dangerous! Scolas Captain! I think he is going to thrust the ship hull with its tentacle! Turn the ship around or move! Move! Move!” Kousuke looked at Scolastica and shouted at her.

“Ay! Ay! Don’t worry about that!” Scolastica just put her hands on her waist and smiled on the main deck.

A huge tentacle appeared and moved so fast toward the ship hull. It was about to pierce the hull!

Therefore, Scolastica said, “Ay!” and jumped like she was jumping rope. And thus, the ship also jumped! Pyon!


Everyone bounced as if they rode a theme park ride that caused motion sickness. And yes, Adelina and Kousuke vomited. I hate theme parks!

“Scolas Captain! Another tentacle! Get ready!” Kousuke warned.

“[Charge]! [Stance Buff]! [Air Cut]! [Air Cut]!” Arabella continuously charged her MP and attacked Basoman’s head or tentacles from a distance with [Air Cut]. She was spamming [Air Cut]!

Zaracas’s martial arts were useless for ranged fights. So, he reserved his qi for using Qing Gong or attacking tentacles that tried to damage the sails.

While Scolastica was busy eyeing the tentacles and steering the ship with her body. As the Saintess of Sail, steering the ship with her body was totally possible!

And Adelina headed to the passageway to hide and be with Mochita, because as a mere peddler, she couldn’t fight!

It was so chaotic and wet!

Damn it. I still don’t have a chance to be a knight in shining armor on a white horse! Then how can I make Arabella’s heart ba-dump ba-dump right now?!

I have to remember Basoman’s attack patterns and tell everyone about it. I can’t fight at the same time. Then how can I even flirt in a dangerous situation?! Is my plan flawed since the beginning??

No. There is another way. I have to be cool and impress her!

A huge tentacle appeared again, but now it was in front of the ship: it was about to pierce the foremast’s sail!

“Scolas Captain!!” Kousuke warned Scolastica.

“Ay! Ay!” Scolastica bent her knees, ducked, and walked like she was doing a limbo dance. And thus, the rear of their ship plummeted into the water, and the front of the ship was raised. Therefore, the ship avoided the tentacle!

Is this the fucking Matr*x?? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??