Chapter 9:

Chinese Proverb: Kill the Chicken, Scare the Monkey

Writing a Guidebook with You

Is this the second phase?

“[Air Cut]!” Arabella used her magic to hit that half-octopus’ forehead.

“Uooo.........” The half-octopus, Basoman, rubbed his eyes with his tentacles and made some big waves around him.

“It’s THE SECOND PHASE!” Kousuke shouted. “He’s gonna summon his underlings, blue fishmen, to take over the ship! Prepare for a HORDE of monsters!”

“Young man,” Zaracas said. “Do you know my Korean or wanderer name? It starts with ‘Kim’.”

“Kard*shian?” Kousuke responded.

“That doesn’t sound like a martial artist’s given name.”

“Then, ‘Jong-’?”

“Jonghyuk. That’s right. It means strong and trustworthy, I hear.”

Some blue humans with salmon heads came out from the deep sea, jumped, and jumped from the water like a dolphin. They also spun after jumping for apparently no reason. Probably they wanted to show off their muscles.

They also wore brown leather to cover their lower parts, which was probably stolen from sunk sailors, and they held spears, probably, also stolen. But more importantly, they jumped and jumped closer to the ship, and there were about fifty monsters. Each fishman made a group of five and moved in rhythm.

“[Charge]!” Kousuke and Arabella charged their MP and stepped back so they wouldn’t get dragged down into the water easily.

“So you can leave them to me,” Zaracas said and stood in front of Kousuke and Arabella. Like a cool martial artist character, Zaracas looked back at Kousuke and Arabella, grinned, and said, “Just focus on that damn octopus, lovebirds.”

“Ah... yes, yes, we are indeed lovebirds,” Kousuke blushed, put his hands on his cheeks, and wiggled his body. “Ouch!” But of course, Arabella got disgusted and hit his head.

“The Weeb Sect Fingering Technique. Second Form:” As four fishmen reached the main deck, Zaracas clenched his right fist and stretched his right arm toward the left side of those fishmen. And that gesture spun and pushed the fishmen into their right sides as if they got punched from their left sides!

Then Zaracas also made a similar gesture with his left hand. And thus, now the fishmen got spun and pushed to their left sides! And finally, Zaracas pointed at those fishmen with his right index and middle finger and moved his fingers up and down repeatedly. Therefore, he also made those fishmen move up and down!

Zaracas grinned and solemnly said, “Fei Zhuri.”


“KAAAARGHHH!” Those fishmen’s internal organs exploded, and their blue blood spurted everywhere!

What an amazing martial art technique! Those fishmen got sandwiched between huge turbulence and boom!

“Kya!” Arabella closed her eyes and covered her face from their fluid!

Kousuke just gulped.

Sneakily, one fishman boarded their ship from the other side. But as a sniper, with his observation skill, Kousuke had realized something didn’t add up: Zaracas defeated four fishmen, but each fishman must have made a group of five. Therefore, he looked around and noticed that one fishman.

And that one fishman was going to stab Arabella from behind with its spear.


“My lady! Watch out!” Kousuke walked behind Arabella, spread his arms, and covered Arabella from the fishman. Right before it, Kousuke took out a small bottle of red sauce, which was leftover from that romantic dinner, from his tuxedo and opened it.

“GUAAAAAGGGH!” He unnecessarily screamed and smeared the sauce everywhere over his tuxedo. He desperately tried to make Arabella’s heart ba-dump ba-dump with his sacrifice, although he didn’t get stabbed or anything because of his cheat.

“My fiance!” Arabella turned around and looked panicked. “[Air Cut]!” She blasted the fishman with her magic and ran toward Kousuke.

Kousuke had kept some sauce in his mouth and thrown away the bottle to the water. So when Arabella held his head and put him in her lap, Kousuke could look so dramatic and cough up some blood (sauce)!

“GUH! GUH!” he coughed. He held Arabella’s hand, gazed at her eyes, and was teary like a puppy. “My lady... I think I need a kiss to ease the pain...”

Arabella looked at Kousuke’s body and seemed to realize there wasn’t any scratch. And thus, she sighed. “Drop the act.”


Arabella stood up and let Kousuke’s head hit the floor.

This wench!

“Earth Dragon Fist Technique. First Form: Shock Wave Fist!” Zaracas hit one fishman’s body and pushed away that fish monster. But not only that, his punch made a shock wave that also hurt and repelled the other fishmen back to the water.

“They keep coming. I can’t only use Fingering Technique because those techniques need a longer preparation called Qi Undressing,” Zaracas commented.

Master. Once again, I really doubt that’s a martial art technique!

“Those tentacles stop attacking. Me, get bored.” Scolastica was side lying on the main deck and yawned.

Can you at least help us reduce Basoman’s HP??

“[Air Cut]! [Air Cut]!” Arabella diligently spammed [Air Cut] at Basoman. She probably got addicted to using that skill.

“Uooo.........” Basoman raised his short tentacles near his head and made another scream. That half-octopus actually had eight tentacles: four were very long and another four were short. So his long tentacles must have sneakily approached the ship.

“Third phase! This the THIRD PHASE!” Kousuke stood up and warned everyone. This is also my chance to look absolutely chad and cool. I’m sure this is going to make her ba-dump ba-dump whenever she thinks of me! I’m sure of it!

Another fifty fishmen appeared from the water. They jumped, jumped, and got closer to the ship. However, this time, some tentacles appeared beside them. It looked like the tentacles would cover the fishmen and attack the ship at the same time.

Kousuke used Qing Gong, leaped to the poop deck, and shouted, “LISTEN! He’s gonna be brutal and much stronger this time! So we have to kill him as fast as possible! Therefore, just focus to reduce his HP! IGNORE the fishmen if you can!”

“Ay! I’m gonna play with the tentacles!” Scolastica jumped, raised her right index finger, and shouted, “My sea lamprey friends! Bite ‘em!”

Some disgusting, wiggling tentacle-like creatures jumped out of the water, latched on Basoman’s tentacles, and sucked his blood.

“Ay! Ay! Bite! Bite!” Scolastica crossed her arms, ducked, and kicked in turn: she was dancing!

“Mochita! My RIFLE!” Kousuke shouted.

Mochita came out from the passageway, ran, and jumped to the poop deck with Kousuke’s rifle in his mouth. When Mochita opened his mouth, Kousuke casually caught his rifle without looking.

The golden bracelet is useful to raise a weapon’s durability and power, but that’s not enough to bring down that half-octopus in his third phase.

Therefore, I maxed [Weapon Buff] to raise the power even more. And [Epic Buff] raises the power a little and gives the weapon or a skill a cool effect or animation.

[Stance Buff] is also useful to hold a good position to shoot. And [Concentration Buff] reduces noises.

“[Charge]...” Solemnly, Kousuke began to use all skills that he maxed out before the romantic journey. He chanted and chanted with his deep voice for some reason. And he lay and got into a position to shoot. “[Weapon Buff], [Epic Buff], [Stance Buff], [Concentration Buff]...”

Mochita stood on his back legs, opened his mouth, and with his front legs, he imitated an orchestral conductor’s gestures as if he accompanied Kousuke with a cool BGM!

Target. Check.

“[Fire Shot]!” Arabella chanted and attacked Basoman’s tentacles near the ship. It looked like she got bored with [Air Cut] spam. While Mochita closed his eyes and immersed himself in the imagined cool BGM!

Range. Check.

“Ay! Ay! Turn left!” Scolastica made another foot gesture to turn the ship and avoid another tentacle thrust. “Fei Zhuri,” Zaracas also tried his best to guard the ship and take down more fishmen.

Wind. Check.

“Uooo.........” Some sea lampreys began to suck Basoman’s blood from his head. He tried to wipe the lampreys off with his short tentacles, but he failed.

And finally... after all of the preparations Kousuke did before the journey. After all of his failures to make Arabella fall for him. After all of those, he got his chance, the long-awaited chance, to impress Arabella and made her fall for him and ba-dump ba-dump in an instant.

And thus, with his crisp voice... he pulled the trigger and whispered:

“Smash it.”


The bullet got burned inside the rifle barrel. It rotated and became faster and faster. Traveling through the barrel and finally leaving the muzzle, it pierced the air, made a fiery turbulence around itself, and went straight to Basoman’s forehead in stealth, and it was very fast.

Then in slow motion, it pierced the monster’s head, burned his internal organs, and left his head from the other side. It also made shock waves around his body, created a crater-like sea surface, and made a very loud noise, yet exhilarating.