Chapter 42:

The monster of the Land of Manu

Elyon - Gods among us

Ares sat back down on the main seat in the combat hall. His twelve Keres were already seated there.

—So, the rats have entered Mars?— Ogun asked.

—That's right, they have split into three groups, and according to reports, neither Athena nor Horus came, so it will be an easy fight— Ares replied.

—And in what order will we go or who will face them? I don't think this small kingdom can afford to lose too many personnel— Ishtar asked.

—We will soon be drinking gallons of ambrosia, my dear. What does it matter if some useless malakim and igigi die?— Ares laughed as he put his feet up on the table.

—Lord Ares, you shouldn't speak like that about the people who have faith in you and your cause— Zalmoxis responded angrily.

—"I can't believe it, didn't you go today to Ares' great latrine to eat his shit, Zalmoxis?— Khonsu laughed.

—Here we go again— Selardi said annoyed.

Zalmoxis simply ignored the young Egyptian god, which infuriated him even more.

—What, are you going to ignore me, you piece of Nephilim shit? Is that what it feels like to be the bastard son of a god who fucked a human pig?— Khonsu continued trying to provoke Zalmoxis.

At that moment, a goddess stood up. Her name was Shaushka, and she was the eighth Keres.

—Khonsu, I don't think you understand your position here. You are the weakest of all of us, and yet, you dare to insult your superiors— she said angrily.

Shaushka wore a long crimson dyed dress, and she also had a large conical crown on her head with several aligned fangs. She had a slightly tanned complexion, and her black eyes were painted with red mascara.

—Lord Ares— the goddess continued, —I will not tolerate any more insubordination from this child. If he continues at this table, I will turn my back on this group immediately—

—Oh, the Hittite whore is angry with me. The one whose kingdom was destroyed by some shitty pirates thinks she has the right to talk about me. I am the eleventh only because I have been discriminated against all this time; they know perfectly well that I am far superior to that Etruscan shit. I am the strongest in the group!— Khonsu responded angrily.

—That's enough, don't give that child any more attention— Selardi said annoyed once again.

—Besides, that fucking foreigner is beneath me, he shouldn't even be sharing our table with us— Khonsu continued speaking.

—I don't care— the man sitting in the twelfth seat responded.

This man, of oriental appearance, was wearing a white gi with red edges. His hair was long, thick, and black. The god sat in a disinterested manner during the conversation.

—Alright, Khonsu, I have misjudged you all this time— Ares said with an annoyed expression.

—Go immediately and stop Orniskem. If you do that, I will promote you to the number one spot among my Keres. Does that sound good to you?— the god of war said.

Khonsu got up from the table with a big smile.

—Even if he hadn't asked me, I would have done it— Khonsu said.

—I hope they kill that sicko— Selardi thought.

—Why did Lord Ares include him in our group?— Zalmoxis wondered.

—Alright, Khonsu, show Orniskem the reason why I trusted you, show your fellow Keres why you are part of this group— Ares shouted excitedly.

Khonsu smiled with great pride.

—It will be an honor to serve you, Great Ares— the Egyptian god shouted as he placed his hand on his chest and teleported away.

—Do you... do you want someone to accompany him?— Zalmoxis asked.

—Let the boy have his fun. If he is defeated, it's not like we'll lose much— Ares responded, remaining in his relaxed position.

—I don't understand why you let him join the Keres, Lord Ares— Ishtar inquired with annoyance.

—It's simple, monsters are needed to win. Maybe he's not very strong, but his methods are especially cruel and ruthless, and that's enough for me— Ares replied firmly.

Meanwhile, Khonsu appeared at the top of Ares' palace and looked back behind him. The mountain extended further into the sky, and its peak had the shape of a crater since it was an extinct volcano. On the edge of that crater stood the cross where Anpiel was crucified.

Khonsu flew to where the crucified angel was, who was naked with only a loincloth covering his private parts. His body was covered in wounds, and blood was dripping from them. He also had a blindfold over his eyes that was stained with fresh blood. The angel's ichor was nearly depleted, so his wounds were no longer healing.

—How foolish the men of Athena are for coming to save such a useless malak as this— Khonsu laughed, while simultaneously whipping the angel's lifeless body with his whip. Drops of blood splattered the area, some landing on the Egyptian god.

—Who gave you permission to soil me with your vulgar blood, disgusting malak?— Khonsu shouted furiously, preparing to open the angel's belly and pull out his intestines. However, at that moment, two of Ares' malakim reprimanded him.

—Lord Khonsu— one of the malakim said, —if you kill him here, you will be betraying Lord Ares, and we cannot allow such insubordination—

Khonsu turned around, wiping off the blood that had splattered on him.

—You're lucky I'm in a hurry— he said, —or I would have made you eat your own intestines, you disgusting insects—

Said that, he leaped out of the mountain and flew away.

—I sense several presences— the Egyptian god thought as he flew.

—The presence of two girls tempts me, I would love to kill them and rape their corpses, but I'll save that for later. There are two Egyptian presences here, and it's better to kill them first— Khonsu said to himself.

The evil Egyptian god took out his totem, a figurine of a bandaged man with a staff, and used it.

A hawk-shaped helmet appeared over his head, with two horns forming a crescent shape. His skin turned greenish, and an Egyptian chin appeared on his jaw. A golden armor resembling a bull covered his body, still bandaged. On his left arm, a golden snake swayed, protecting him, and he now had two enormous white wings.

The increase in the divine power of the god was so significant that all the members of Orniskem noticed it.

Ana and Tania were fighting against a gigantic chimera, while the malakim of Orniskem were battling against other malakim of Ares. Ana easily decapitated the beast while Tania burned it alive. At that moment, both goddesses turned to where the immense power of the Keres was emanating, possibly the weakest of all Ares' Keres, and they were surprised.

—He's very powerful— Tania said.

—However, he's far away from here. We must continue searching for the Areopagus palace— Ana replied.

Tania nodded.

On the other hand, Mithras, Sol, and Epona were fighting a group of basilisks. These creatures had petrified several malakim, so the gods were engaged in battle with them. At that moment, the three of them perceived the immense divine power emitted by Khonsu and felt uncertain.

—I can't believe there's so much power. Is he really a Keres?— Mithras asked.

—I-I have no doubt— Sol replied.

—He's very strong. Ana, Tania, Rodrigo, be careful— Epona thought.

—Don't get distracted!— Mithras shouted as he decapitated a basilisk.

—He's far away from here, so we have to keep going, and remember, if you capture a malakim, don't kill them. Extract as much information as you can— the Persian god continued.

—Yes!— replied Sol, Epona, and the malakim who hadn't been petrified yet, and they continued their fight.

In another part of the planet, Rodrigo, together with the Egyptian gods and the malakim, were fighting against a monstrous boar pulling a war cart of malakim.

—It's Khonsu, isn't it?— Maahes asked.

—Yes, but he's much stronger than before. Without a doubt, he is the son of Amun— Montu said, surprised, as he fought against another enormous boar.

—I can't believe it. He has an incredible divine power. We won't be able to defeat him— Rodrigo thought worriedly, doing his best to protect the malakim of Orniskem.

—That bastard... he's heading towards us at full speed. Be careful!— Maahes shouted.

At that moment, the sky darkened, and a crescent moon appeared within it. Khonsu emerged, shining like a white star with his arms and wings spread wide, wearing a satisfied smile.

—Welcome, men of Orniskem— the evil Egyptian god said.

—Maahes, Montu, I'm delighted to see you again, to see that despicable Egyptian race that expelled me from the Land of Manu— he continued.

—Of all the enemies, we had to encounter the most repulsive one— Montu said, annoyed.

—For those who don't know me, my name is Khonsu, the Egyptian god of the crescent moon— the evil god said as he touched the ground again and the sky returned to normal.

—Rodrigo, malakim, be careful, he's very powerful— Maahes said.

—Leave this guy to us. You continue forward, searching for the Areopagus— Montu said.

—I don't think that plan will work, Montu. You see, I only plan on torturing you, the others will have a merciful death— the evil Egyptian god said, laughing.

—Watch out!— both Montu and Maahes shouted.

It was too late. Khonsu pointed his index finger at Rodrigo and his companions. Enormous silver discs shot out from the deity's finger and spiraled horizontally through the air, decapitating many malakim and injuring Rodrigo's arm, who barely managed to evade the attack.

The boars and malakim fighting against Montu and Maahes were also exterminated by the attack.

—Lord Khonsu... Why?— a malakim of Ares shouted, but Khonsu waved his staff, splitting the top of the angel and leaving only his jawbone, killing him instantly.

—I hate these filthy malakim. How can such inferior beings possess divine essence like us? I don't understand— Khonsu said disgustedly.

Maahes and Montu turned to look at the destruction caused by Khonsu. The majority of the malakim had been killed, and Rodrigo had been wounded in his arm, but his ichor was healing him.

—He hasn't changed at all, he's still a monster— Maahes said.

—The monster from the Land of Manu— Montu said as he watched Khonsu approach them calmly.

Approximately 2,500 years ago, in the realm of the Egyptian gods known as the "Land of Manu," all its inhabitants were celebrating their independence from the Canaanite gods in Lel. The god Amun, now known as the new Anunnaki of the Land of Manu, rose as the perfect leader.

A war quickly erupted against a weakened Lel, an attempt by the Land of Manu to conquer the territories of the Canaanite pantheon. Endless battles between the igigi and malakim from both sides clashed, and thousands of lives were lost.

The gods in the Land of Manu utilized the faith of the ancient New Kingdom of Egypt, establishing themselves as the most powerful celestial realm of their time. However, Lel fought with passion and devotion, and they were not easily subdued.

To solidify his power, Amun married Princess Mut, but she was barren, so they adopted a boy. A young Katteres named Khonsu, who was born with the powers of a moon god.

Gradually, Khonsu was integrated into the royal family and was loved by all in the Land of Manu. He was eloquent, handsome, and always accompanied his parents in ceremonies where the royal family participated. The Land of Manu prospered, and everyone saw Khonsu as the next Anunnaki when his father retired, although that was still far off.

However, not all was good news. There were rumors of malakim and women disappearing arbitrarily in the Land of Manu, and not only that, the same phenomenon was happening within the Egyptian human realm. When the situation became desperate and the pressure from the inhabitants of the Egyptian celestial realm became overwhelming, Amun consulted Thoth, the wisest Egyptian god, to solve the case.

After investigating for a couple of months, Thoth finally arrived at an abandoned barn. As he entered, what he saw horrified him. Torsos, arms, legs, and severed heads hung on spikes. Malakim who had been reported missing were surgically sewn together with humans. Women who had been violated had their intestines exposed. There were even grotesque combinations of malakim and humans with animal heads.

Thoth's men began to vomit. At the bottom of the barn, humans and malakim were dying of hunger and forced to commit acts of cannibalism. They lived among bones, corpses, and putrefying excrement. Thoth's men tried to rescue the people trapped there, but the few malakim who survived were mentally incapacitated.

—Not all malakim are from the Land of Manu— Thoth realized, identifying that several of them were winged men, while the malakim from the Land of Manu did not have wings and had darker skin.

—The person behind these experiments had used the war to conduct experiments on prisoners— Thoth assumed that the mastermind behind this barbarity must be someone of superior power.

—Do you like my work, Thoth?— a voice was heard at the entrance. It was Khonsu calmly entering the barn.

—Is this your doing?— Thoth angrily asked the young man, who laughed.

—It's just a pastime. I'm tired of the weakness and uselessness of the malakim, the humans, and their women. I'm seeking to perfect them. I started experimenting with the malakim from Lel, but when they weren't enough, I continued with our own, and also with the humans— Khonsu calmly stated.

—You are... a monster— Thoth commented nervously and disgustedly.

—Oh, look who's speaking, the great wise Thoth. The god who stole a significant portion of my lunar power when I was a child. You dare to lecture me about ethics and morality— Khonsu responded.

—It's not... it's not the same at all, Khonsu— Thoth continued, horrified.

—Progress requires sacrifices. If we make the malakim and humans more powerful, we will be at the pinnacle of power forever— Khonsu said with a serene expression.

—I do it for the Land of Manu. Thoth, that is my dream— the lunar god said as he placed his right hand on his chest and looked up.

Khonsu was immediately arrested for crimes against divine beings and humanity, but due to his father's intervention and to avoid tarnishing the royal family's good name, he was not executed and was only exiled from the Land of Manu.

—Over 2,500 years ago, I was expelled from the Land of Manu. I could have made the Egyptian Empire the most powerful. Now it's nothing more than a pigsty controlled by disgusting Muslims and those pigs in Lel— Khonsu told Maahes and Montu.

—You are nothing but a common genocidal maniac, Khonsu. Only scum like Ares would have you in their ranks— Montu responded furiously.

—You're right, I have no more interest in the Land of Manu. Now, I only desire destruction, and the great Ares gives me the freedom to do so. And for that reason, I will kill you both right here. But I will savor it slowly, like a fine wine— Khonsu said, drawing a macabre smile on his face.