Chapter 43:

Maahes and Montu vs Khonsu

Elyon - Gods among us

The wind blew gently, lifting the dust of the red Martian desert. Stone mountains rose on the horizon, forming a path between them. The sky was a grayish-blue color, devoid of clouds due to the low humidity in the region.

Maahes and Montu prepared their weapons for battle. The lion-faced god pulled out two huge curved knives and assumed a combat stance, while Montu gripped his golden staff with both hands.

Khonsu walked slowly towards them, his arms extended slightly downward, holding his peculiar scepter. The weapon resembled a whip with multiple steel cords and spikes, resembling thorny rose stems.

—Rodrigo and the rest of the Malakim, it's better if you continue ahead. We'll take care of this individual— Maahes said, staring intensely at Khonsu as he approached.

—This is a personal fight. You go on and find the Areopagus mountain— Montu also said, without taking his eyes off the malevolent Egyptian god.

—Are you joking? Can't you sense his immense power? I'll also fight— Rodrigo shouted angrily.

—Do you not trust us, Rodrigo?— Maahes asked.

Rodrigo remained silent, a look of annoyance on his face.

—We'll clear a path for you. You'll see what the disciples of Horus are capable of— Montu shouted excitedly.

—Escape? Don't make me laugh. This time, I will exterminate all of you trash— Khonsu said, raising his index finger once again.

At that moment, Maahes disappeared, and like a flash of lightning, he reappeared in front of Khonsu, leaning forward. With one of his knives, he cut off the malevolent god's finger. The weapon glowed red, leaving a trail of crimson light in the cut he made.

Still facing Khonsu, Maahes lifted his head and looked him in the eyes, saying, —Sesen Da

At that moment, a tornado of petals emerged at Khonsu's feet. The storm lifted the god, and the petals inflicted hundreds of cuts on him.

—This is nothing, you shitty lion!— Khonsu shouted.

At the same time, two gray wings appeared on Montu's back. He flew and positioned himself in front of Khonsu at a considerable distance. Then, the Egyptian god pointed his staff at the malevolent god and said, —Xet Seser

Countless arrows of fire appeared behind Montu, speeding towards Khonsu's already wounded body. They pierced him in the chest, eyes, abdomen, legs, and arms. When hit by several arrows, they exploded, throwing Khonsu out of the whirlwind and causing him to crash to the ground like a meteorite.

—Now, Rodrigo!— Maahes shouted.

Rodrigo and the Malakim ran, leaving the two Egyptian gods behind. Rodrigo glanced back at them.

—I hope I don't regret this decision— he thought.

Maahes and Montu continued their attacks on Khonsu's injured body. But when he was taking a lot of damage, Khonsu screamed loudly and destroyed both techniques with his sheer willpower. His body quickly repaired itself, as the attacks had not depleted much of his ichor.

Khonsu turned to look at Rodrigo and the remaining Malakim who had survived. Although they were far away, he pointed at them again with his index finger, but Maahes buried his dagger in Khonsu's back, piercing his abdomen.

—We will kill you if you don't take this fight seriously— the lion god shouted.

—But this fight has already concluded, and you haven't realized it," Khonsu said calmly.

At that moment, Maahes' abdomen exploded, and his internal organs were propelled outward. The lion god fell to the ground, leaving behind a pool of blood, as he continued to vomit more and more of the fluid.

—What the hell just happened?— Montu shouted.

The hawk god swooped down from the sky at full speed, aiming to strike Khonsu with his staff. However, in an instant, his head was separated from his body without the malevolent god lifting a finger. The god's body fell defeated to the ground.

Khonsu shot a white beam from his index finger towards the Malakim, but Rodrigo sensed it and turned his arm into scales, deflecting the attack with a quick movement.

—Well, my eyes don't deceive me. What an exquisite specimen!— Khonsu exclaimed with jubilation.

Rodrigo stood there, watching the malevolent Egyptian god prepare for a new attack, but before he could unleash it, both Maahes and Montu pierced him with their weapons, despite their injuries.

—Keep going, Rodrigo! We'll take care of him!— both gods shouted.

The young man nodded and continued flying until he disappeared on the horizon.

—I must admit, I underestimated your level of ichor. I was certain your wounds wouldn't heal from those attacks— Khonsu said, his expression displaying indifference and nonchalance.

—Don't underestimate us, Khonsu— Montu said.

At that moment, the Egyptian hawk god's staff began to turn crimson red, causing an explosion that tore apart a part of Khonsu's abdomen. However, he simply fell to the ground, and his wounds healed instantly.

Helplessly, Maahes and Montu were repelled by an invisible force, their bodies exploding into a shower of blood. Both deities fell to their knees on the Martian soil, their blood mingling with the red desert color.

—When did this happen?— Maahes asked.

"I am a Moon god. I can manipulate bodily fluids to destroy my enemies' internal parts— Khonsu said, lifting his whip and swiftly attacking both gods, but they evaded the strikes just as their bodies recovered.

Khonsu laughed, and in that moment, Maahes's head exploded. The malevolent Egyptian god struck the fallen deity with his whip, sending him crashing to the ground.

Montu attempted to shoot his fire arrows again, but before he could do anything, his heart exploded in a shower of blood. The hawk-faced god fell backward to the ground.

—Fear not— Khonsu said. "I will kill you slowly until I grow bored. Then, when your ichor is low, I will use your bodies for experimentation," the malevolent god continued, sporting a macabre smile.

—Damn, this bastard is too strong— Maahes said as his wounds continued to heal.

—I will use all my power now, Maahes. If we can't win, I don't know what we can do— Montu replied as his wounds continued to recover.

The hawk god soared into the sky and began to amplify his divine power. Two enormous horns sprouted from his head, and his body doubled in muscle mass. He then crashed to the ground, supporting himself with his arms and legs, creating a small crater upon impact. Montu began to bellow like a furious bull, his eyes losing their pupils and turning red.

Khonsu looked at the god in surprise, but immediately, the hawk god impaled the malevolent deity in the chest with one of his horns, his body glowing red as he shouted, —Backa Peh

Montu took flight with Khonsu's body and crashed into a mountain, demolishing it rapidly and burying the malevolent god under the rubble.

Maahes opened his mouth and shouted, —Apedemak Tawe—. Then, the god unleashed a beam of fire towards the debris, causing a massive atomic explosion.

—You didn't use up all your manna yet, did you, Montu?— Maahes asked, panting.

—No, but almost. This transformation drains my manna by the second— the hawk god replied.

—It's a shame because I still have plenty of ichor and manna— Khonsu said as he emerged unscathed from the rubble.

—I can't afford to play with you any longer. I must go kill those Malakim and capture that tannin boy. I'm sure I'll discover a lot with him— he continued, explaining as he placed his foot outside the stones and dust.

However, before he could react, Montu once again lunged at him and started raining blows upon him. Khonsu tried to make his abdomen explode, but for the first time, he felt that his skin was too tough and couldn't manipulate it.

—You should know, Khonsu, that while this transformation drains my manna, my strength and speed increase— Montu shouted furiously as his fists inflicted more and more damage on Khonsu, turning him into a bloody mess.

Montu immediately shouted, —Daser Setewet

The god created a red energy ball between his horns and shot it towards the malevolent god, who still couldn't revert to his form and heal his wounds. Upon impact, the entire sky and scenery turned a crimson red. The intensity was so strong that nothing could be seen but red. Montu roared with fury, beating his chest as if possessed.

—No, not yet— Maahes said and once again unleashed a powerful blast from his mouth, causing another enormous explosion as the sky continued to be dyed red.

At that moment, Montu returned to normal as his manna depleted, collapsing to the ground, panting heavily.

—This is all I can do— the hawk god said.

—Don't worry, Montu, I think you dealt him quite a blow this time— Maahes said.

Suddenly, Maahes watched in horror as Montu exploded like a blood-filled balloon, his organs scattered across the red Martian landscape.

Khonsu stood there, significantly injured this time. He had lost his left arm, the one he used for his whip, and part of his face had been burnt, resulting in the loss of his left eye. He held his right hand up, the hand that had destroyed Montu's body.

—I, the great son of Amun, injured by these worms? Inconceivable!— Khonsu shouted furiously, pointing his open palm at the lion god.

Khonsu attempted to make Maahes explode, but the lion god quickly moved towards the malevolent god's missing eye. Khonsu grew frustrated and tried again, but Maahes ran towards Khonsu's impaired vision, evading his attack.

—You use your eyes to see and activate your telekinesis, and now you've lost one eye, while the other is filled with blood, impairing your vision. You're no match for me like this— Maahes shouted as he ran at full speed towards Khonsu, always aiming for the malevolent god's missing eye.

—My most powerful technique!— Maahes shouted at the top of his lungs, —Deha Des Et!

The lion god stood right in front of Khonsu, and as if he had sprouted a thousand hands, he sliced the lunar god thousands of times with his two knives, which glowed a crimson red. Lotus flowers floated in the air, forming small spears that also impaled the god.

Khonsu began to lose consciousness.

—I won't die with this bastard— the lunar god thought, and finally, he targeted Maahes's head, exploding his brain at the exact moment the lion god delivered the final blow, creating a red crescent moon with the cut of his two knives.

Maahes's lifeless body fell to the ground in front of Khonsu as he lost consciousness. The malevolent Egyptian god attempted to crawl away on the ground.

—Ambrosia, I need ambrosia!— Khonsu screamed.

At that moment, the spot where Maahes delivered his final attack exploded, creating an enormous sphere of red light, splitting the malevolent god in half. His head and torso separated from his legs, while his intestines rained down on the red Martian desert.

Dying, in the blurry mirage, Khonsu then saw the back of Keres number twelve, the god who came from the eastern region of Yamato.

—You, foreigner, he... help... me— Khonsu tried to scream, but his cries sounded muffled.

—You fought with great honor, Khonsu-san— said the Asian god, —although you are despicable being, I can respect your courage, so I will give you the death of a warrior— he continued, unsheathing a massive katana with a bluish edge.

—No... wai...t.." Khonsu tried to shout, but it was too late. The Eastern god had severed his head with one stroke.

—You loved intestines, and now you are bathed in your own— the Asian god said sarcastically.

—Well, it's time to catch up with those who managed to escape— he said, flying at full speed along the path Rodrigo had taken with the Malakim.