Chapter 6:

Same Feathers Flock Together

Annika Says No!

Imagine this.

There's probably around a thousand apartments scattered all across UniverCity. And for every apartment, there's a couple of floors. And for every floor, there is a line of rooms.

What are the chances of being in the same apartment, on the same floor and being next door neighbors with one specific person in the world?

Now, consider this. There are 12 universities on the island of UniverCity, offering all sorts of courses. What if that specific person happened to be in the exact same university as you, with the same major, and the same classes?

That sounds like ridiculous odds, right?


Story of my life.

"Psst. Kwan!" Annika tapped my back lightly. "The professor's calling you!"



The professor, who was standing in front of an array of seats arranged into levels of different arcs, looked at me straight in the eye and tapped her foot.

"Y-Yes!" I stood up.

The class giggled in amusement, but the professor settled them down.

"What is your name, boy?" The professor pointed her stick towards me.

My heart rate had spiked up a little, but that wasn't because my name was called….

The professor just so happened to be a stunning four-eyed brunette, who just so happened to have twin pairs of watermelons bulging out of her creamy brown wool blazer and a big ol' peach shaping her tight dark jeans.

"The name's Kwan Kalor!" I gave her a sideways smile. "But you can call me, anytime."

The room blew out with laughter after hearing my stupid pick-up line. I let out a sheepish smile and glanced at Annika, who looked at me with a disappointed expression on her face.

Sorry, I just did that out of habit…..

I expected the professor to be annoyed at me, but all she did was silence the whole class.

“Smooth moves, young man,” she clapped. “I like your energy.”

“Thanks,” I scratched my head and looked away with a little tinge of red.

She actually complimented me for that?

“Now can you please answer the question, Mr. Kalor.”

“Ah, r-right, right. What was the question again?”

The class giggled at my idiocy.

“Why did you choose Psychology as your major?”

I winced at the question. Then, I let out a fake smile.

“Well, uh…let’s just say I want to know more about what makes me so charming,” I winked.

The professor rolled her eyes.

“Ok, Rizzerino. Anyways, you there,” she pointed towards Annika. “The funny guy’s girlfriend. I’d like to hear your answer.”

Annika stood up. “He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Really?” The professor raised an eyebrow. “You seemed a little bashful when he answered the question.”

She was?!

“Not necessarily bashful,” Annika simply smiled at the taunt. “More like I felt embarrassed for him.”

Not sure if I should feel hurt or what…..

“I see,” the professor nodded. “Well, we’re getting a little off-track. What is your name?”

“Annika. Annika Frio.”

“A cute name,” she giggled. “Ms. Frio, what is your answer?”

Annika breathed out a small sigh.

“I chose Psychology because I want to learn more about how people work. Their feelings, thoughts, emotions, habits, tendencies, impulses….anything that shapes who they are as a human being. I wish to use what I learn to understand those who are in need of help and support them to the best of my abilities. If I can make another person’s frown turn upside down, then I’ll gladly make that my purpose in this world.”

The azure gaze brimming with altruistic ideals. I placed my hand close to my chest. That look in her eyes still made my heart flutter.

She hasn’t changed at all.

The professor nodded with a satisfied smile. “An interesting answer. I hope you succeed on your journey here. You may now sit.”

I leaned over to Annika’s ear once she sat down.

“Psst. What’s the professor’s name?”

Annika chuckled. “Still inattentive as always. Her name’s Professor Juni.”

“Professor Juni….”

I watched her move around and ask more students the same question. Just like earlier, she continued to reply in a laid-back manner with a little bit of sass. Viewing her glasses from the side, her jade green eyes seemed to gaze directly into each person’s soul as she talked. It felt a little creepy, yet alluring.

Just as I was busy observing the busty professor, Annika tapped my shoulder with a pen.

“What is it?” I asked.

“You seem awfully interested in her,” Annika said, spinning the pen with her fingers.

“O-Of course, I am! Why do you think I gave her a pick-up line?”

Annika sighed. “It’s not a vice, so I guess it's fine to appreciate a woman’s beauty. But you best be careful. That thing on your pants poses a threat.”

I looked down at my pants and immediately covered it up with my hands.

“I can’t control Kwan Jr, okay? It just moves on its own!”

“I get that. It’s already something I’m used to seeing from you anyway. Just reminding you to keep yourself in check.”

“You’ve seen it go up multiple times?!”

“You always try too hard to cover it up most of the time. Sorry if it makes you feel uncomfortable.”

I rested my chin on my palm. “Hmm…just out of curiosity, what do you think of its size?”

Annika pressed her heel on my foot.


“What a naughty boy,” she pouted.

Calling me that doesn’t help Kwan Jr. go away……

The entrance door slammed open, interrupting Professor Juni’s words. A blonde-haired man barged his way into the classroom, with clothes drenched in sweat. I snickered as I saw his worried face.

“A-Am I late?” he said.

“You’re early for dismissal,” Professor Juni said.

The blonde man struck his face with his palm.

“S-Sorry for being late,” he hung his head down.

“It’s all good. What’s your name, oversleeper?”

“How did you know I overslep-”

“Name, please.”

The blonde man blew some air out of his mouth. “Max Liber.”

“Mr. Liber, why did you choose Psychology as your major?”

Max’s eyebrows furrowed. He appeared to be thinking an awful lot about the question, taking a minute to come up with a response. The man looked up in the air for a while, before finally coming up with an answer.

“Because it’s fun!”

Annika massaged her forehead. I slapped the desk and roared in laughter.

Still as stupid as ever….

The professor whistled. “That was quite the…..extensive answer. Please, go take a seat.”

Max trotted up the stairs and gave me a wave. I waved back at him and let out a huge smile. As soon as he got close, we performed a brotherly hand-shake with each other before he finally sat down on a neighboring table.

“You…know that guy?” Annika said.

“Yep, he’s a highschool friend of mine,” I said proudly.

Annika placed her finger on her lips and glanced towards Max, who already started talking with his seatmate.

“I see….”

I wonder what she’s thinking about….


I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth. My body started feeling tense, and my knee began dancing uncontrollably.

Knowing Max…..things might not go too well.

For the rest of the session, all I could do was think about how I was going to handle these two. Rather, I pondered on the actions I had to take and the decisions I had to make. When the professor had finally dismissed the class, the pressure grew even further in intensity. My foot continued to tap repeatedly against the floor.

Annika seemed to notice my distress, and held my shoulder with concern in her eyes.

“Are you ok, Kwan?”


“Hey, Kwan! What’s up!” Max placed his arm around my shoulder.

“I-I’m just banging!” I forced a smile. “What about you, Max?”

“I’m doing great!” Max smiled. “Anyways-”

Please don’t say it. Please don’t say it!

“Wanna go out for some drinks? Let’s go party!”

The trigger words have been activated



Every part of me wanted to scream ‘YES!’, but I forced myself to resist the impulses. I yearn for the bitter taste of alcohol once more. The feeling of letting loose and getting rid of all your problems, even just for a moment. I wouldn’t have to worry about the troubles I have to deal with, and scream out everything in happiness. Alcohol is my fuel! Alcohol is my blood! Alcohol is my holy water!


Max frowned.



My tongue refused to continue onward. It’s as if it had been tied up into several knots, keeping me away from saying those painful words. I was rendered mute.

However, I decided to look back towards Annika. All she did was give me a nod, but that was enough for me.

I hissed in the air and finished the sentence.

“I quit……d-d-rinking,” I said and looked away.

“What?!” Max held my shoulders.

“I quit drinking!”

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