Chapter 1:

Beginning of kaliyuga

Astras and avatars

 Before the start of the world, the trideva were given the responsibility of creating, maintenaning and ultimately ending the world. Brahma, the four headed creator who started creating the world and everyone in it . Brahma has the physical features of an old man with white beard and lotus in his hand along with the"Vedas" the sacred text where all the knowledge of the world is written.

      Then there is the preserver of the world, the one who appeared in various yugas in different incarnation to save the world from evil. Vishnu is often represented with blue coloured skin with four arms with each hand holding a different object. 

         And lastly the eternal, without a beginning or an end, the lord of the gods, the mahadeva, lord Shiva. With his body white from the ashes of corpses he smears in his body, a blue neck and a closed third eye. He looks the most fierce among all but is the gentlest god until provoked.  

" Students, this is the description of the trideva, who is said to have control over the world and the gods whose astras are considered the most valuable and whose avatars are known to be the most formidable. " Said the teacher as she was teaching the class. Most students looked bored and waiting for the class to end.  

 This was the world people were living in where you could draw powers from the weapons and become avatars of god. Every kid, every adult knew about this but just knowing didn't make it easy for them to become one. There were countless dungeons and countless weapons to find and wield, but only the bravest and chosen ones could do it.