Chapter 2:

Trial of the gods

Astras and avatars

The sun is rising and slowly peeking through the window as the curtains slowly move with the air. The alarm rings and 'ananta' slams it with his hand. Ananta lived alone in this apartment away from home. He had come here to study from his hometown which was a village area. He had  very doting parents. His mother was a warrior class and his father was a scholar. So he was trained in both by them since his childhood. He got ready for his school and went to the station. (Note: this is a world crossed between India and Japan, so it has places similar  to both areas. So when you imagine while reading that's what it looks like. ) 

    He went to the station and got in the train which took him to his school. Today was the day of the trials. All the students and Thier patents had gathered for this as for most people this was the place where they could contract with the gods to make a avatar. A god could have several avatars although they preferred only one avatar. Factions where created for each gods with avatars who could help each others through the mythological connections. Sometimes the avatars could be passed down from generation to generation through contract which many gods preferred. Demons could be contracted through this method too. Many times demons used to entice people with greed to make contract with them and then keep it a secret. Keeping the contracted god a secret was a thing everyone did except for some prominent families.  

Ananta and his friends were ready for their trial too. His friends were named Kabir, vihaan and Ishan. All of them were pretty good with something. They were the first friend ananta made when he came to the school. They decided to form a party going to the dungeon. 

And the trial began as the announcement began telling all the rules for the trials .

 Everyone must enter the dungeon empty handed as outside weapons are not permitted in this particular dungeon. The students are not allowed to kill each other  in the dungeon and if found would be expelled and imprisoned. The trainees should help each other whenever possible. By saying this the announcement ended and everyone started heading to the dungeons.

Astras and avatars