Chapter 6:

The Everlasting Volume 2 Chapter 5

The Everlasting


(Osfor Pov)

‘Wow. Ousay is here, dam it that guy will be a pain to deal with. With his crazy short fuse temper he will definitely want to challenge Greetman’s disciple I want to stop him but I really want to see how Asura got after the different tactics and techniques he developed and the fusion of his spiritual buff with his magic. This should be interesting heheh’


“Oh crap…”

‘Dam it he must have felt it. It is wired how that guy can smell a swordsman from miles away. Even Greetman was able to differentiate swordsmen’s level with just a look…this might get ugly I need to stop this.’

“Shunpo” (Ousay)

‘Oh he is using his signature move right of the bat…’


‘What that kid he copied it and used the same spell again what a monster...’

“What the Hell” (Ousay)

‘Well everyone seeing this for the first time will have to be surprised heheh that kid is a good taunt.’

“Who are you?”(Asura)

‘But I don’t think that Ousay is a patient man. And he is not one to be reasoned with when he gets into this state. I think some heavy sake will calm him down.’

“Hahaha what a monster…that Greetman sure have a fine disciple too bad I will need to kill you boy. Then can you keep this up.” (Ousay)

‘Yep he will snap. I’ll stop this if it gets dangerous. I don’t think that Greetman will stay silent at the death of his disciple on the hands of his rival…’


‘There he goes that man doesn’t know the words holding back. Oh nice dodge Asura-kun otherwise you would have been transformed into a human needle pillow or blade pillow now? Heheh’

“You dam bastard that would have killed me…You want to play it like that THEN BRING IT ON.


Oh things about to get spicy he pulled off that spell, it will be straining but I think he should prove a bit difficult to handle now.

“Good reflex boy but that will not help you. SECOND BREATH DIVINE CUTTING BLADE.”(Ousay)

‘Oh what a magnificent cut.’

The sheen from the blade started increasing into a blinding light. With a vertical swipe all the clones sent cutting swings toward the glowing Asura.

‘It will be hard to dodge all of those’


‘…god dam it…and I told him not to use it openly. But it proved to be handy. all of the cuts were stopped by the shield. Hmm… it didn’t grow probably because the cuts are not based on mana.’

“Being able to block that truly magnificent I will have to go all out then.”

‘Ah so that was not going all out…’


‘No this is dangerous Asura will die like this I have to stop it. Huh what is he doing?’


(Asura Pov)

‘THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY, he just got here and started hacking away at me fregging DUMBASS.’


‘Dam it this time slow effect is giving me a headache every time he uses a spell it is considered deadly and I enter this mode…give me a brake will you.’

After analyzing this attack it seems that he is sending wind attacks toward me from different angles also there are hundreds of suspended cuts in the air I believe that he marked his territory and walking into any of the cuts will deal damage to me. I believe the wind cuts are only a distraction to force me to move toward the cuts so that I get hit with them and panic. Fortunately my eye can clearly see the mana forming the cuts. I just have to use this opportunity to deal some damage to him. How about this.

“Take this you crazy bastard.”

In an instant I used his instant movement spell, I can honestly say that this is a good spell to know it is taxing but thanks to my training I don’t feel discomfort with exerting my muscles for a bit.

Using Shunpo multiple times I dodged the incoming cutting waves whilst evading the suspended cuts appearing right in front of one of the clones and delivering a clean hit to its abdomen with the hilt of my sword. The clone dissipate leaving a trail of smoke but I am not one to wait. I know an attack will be soon sent to me as a retaliation so I jumped upwards while transforming my blade to its third form. Desert viper. It is not that much different than sand scorpion the same shapes remains but only this time the long sword transforms into chain sword. While keeping the saw teeth on the side of the blade it is disjointed but still linked it transformed into a metal while with a sharp needle tip.


The blade extended to more than 8 meters with sharp edges and a wicked looking tip. Swinging it fanatically it danced in the air hitting any object in an 8 meter radius. The damage was real every copy that was hit instantly evaporated. Leaving only two after the flurry of that attack. One of them has to be the original.


For those two I need only the second form, the third one is specialized with dealing with large group of enemies.

“Then have a taste of your own medicine DIVINE CUTTING BLADE”

After analyzing his attack I saw that he uses a fusion of wind magic plus his spiritual buffs to enhance his performance with the blade, this man is skilled.

Those attacks look very intimidating and flashy but if he can’t connect them then he is unlikely to win this.

After charging my blade with the same wind energy I tried to use the same attack as him but I was utterly surprised. The swing of the blade did not shine the same way his blade did nor did a shockwave was sent. It was like if swinging at thin air. I noticed that the wind magic was still stuck to the blade but before I can fully understand what was happening he charged at me with speed incomparable to before. I believe that his swings now are even faster than that metallic demon I last fought with. But unlike before I am still fully energized.

Dodging the first three slashes was surprisingly easy but then the speed of his attacks increased tremendously right after he gave me a grin showing his confidence and probably admiration.

As dire a situation it may sound it was still manageable. Until the other clone joins in, I could hardly handle the two of them so I was forced to defend. Hoping to find a chance to retaliate from his flurry of attacks.

Then it showed up, an opening. He and his clone mimicked each other trying to slice both my sides at the same time. I used Shunpo to appear behind him right after the wide attack connected to thin air. Surprised I taught he may have become I was confident that I can land a direct hit to him. Only this time my body instinctively jumped backwards. Feeling a danger I used Shunpo to further increase the distance from the incoming threat.

This feeling I know very well. It is Death I knew this because these type of counter attacks were a daily occurrence when training with Master. He used to spar with me every day and always would blend a deadly strike in his normal attack pattern. To increase my awareness and enhance my reaction time he said.

What happened afterwards was that one of the two figures that I was behind instead of stopping its blade it continued sideways slicing through the clone and striking at the place I was standing at. If I did not jump backwards I would have probably been sliced in half.

The man smirked saying

“Wonderful, I would have taken you as a disciple if you were not connected to that wretched man. Too bad fate is not kind and today you will meet your end boy.”

‘This man is not to be reasoned with. I should go for the kill.’

Right before I could finish that thought. The man whispered.

“Last Breath, seismic cut.”

Unlike before the amount of spiritual energy in his body skyrocketed and the amount of wind magic increased by a lot. He instantly gave me the feeling of being at the presence of Master Greetman.

A Master swordsman.

But luckily before he could strike he was stopped by the intervention of Osfor-sensei and the maid san also Takeda sensei.

Osfor clearly was using the Blood paralyze spell. As for the maid san multiple chains were summoned from a green magical circle that appeared on both her hands. Takeda sensei who was still reading a book from his right hand. Was using a channeled barrier like spell that imprisoned the man in front of me.

All in all the man was still able to move few steps forward before fully halting. He looked angry then said.

“Remove these petty restraints, I need to settle this debt. Now that I finally have the chance I won’t tolerate any of you for standing in my way!”

Did I somehow anger this man at some point? I don’t think I ever met him…

“What are you talking about you crazy old man?! What debt? I never even met you before in my life… aren’t you misunderstanding something or probably mistaking me for someone else?”

“Are you not Greetman’s disciple? “The man asked furiously

“Yes I am “answering him immediately to not aggravate the situations but this seemed to only further enrage him as he said.

“Then I am not mistaking anything, you have to pay for your master’s wronging”

“What,… what do you mean my master’s wronging did he wronged you enough for you to seek blood not only on him but on his disciple as well, I know my master is not a cruel person if you could tell me what happened I might at least understand your standing.” Trying to persuade him is the only thing I have left to do the man was clearly batshit crazy.

He then paused for a few seconds before he could say what I immediately taught to be one of the most ridiculous reasons I have ever heard for someone trying to seek blood.

“Ten years ago before I was separated from that bastard we were camping outside the bleak forest north east of Astarte’s borders we were assigned a mission after we completed it I retired for the night but that thief He stole something from me something that cannot be replaced” the man halted for a few seconds reminiscing from a past long gone then added.

“A bottle of aged Grinnain sake that tasted heaven…my precious sake…DAM YOU GREETMAN TODAY WILL BE THE DAY YOUR DISCIPLE DIES FOR YOUR MISSBEHAVIOUR.”


“…let me get this straight, so you want to kill me because my master somehow drank a bottle of sake ten years ago…”

The man calmly responded



“…I remembered something. Osfor-sensei you said my luggage was transported here didn’t you?”

Osfor answered after hesitating a bit seemingly he was still processing what was happening.

“…Oh, ah… well yes it was. They are over there near that storehouse they still haven’t been transported inside.”

“Ok, can you keep this man restrained for a moment please I believe I may be able to solve this…problem.”

I released the buffs from my body and the glow disappeared.

The man started squirming I think he taught I was going to run away but if I remember correctly Master said that there is nothing better than a good bottle of alcohol to calm down a non-reasonable man. And if lucky it can even make you some allies.

Finding my luggage I rummage through them to find a special object that was given to me by Master.

It was a black box that contained within it a bottle of fermented wine. This drink was if I remember of what master said was beyond Old. Getting closer to the restrained man I presented it to him saying.

“If I am correct, you must be the guy master calls choppy-chop chop…he said if I was to ever meet you to give you this.”

Right after I finished this every teacher present snorted while Osfor started cracking from laughter…I should probably not have said that because now that I think of it I believe that nickname was quit offensive, suits him well but still really inappropriate. I proceeded to placing the bottle near the man not getting within his range even though he was restrained. And quickly withdrew backwards.

The man seething with rage was going to open his mouth to say something then he calmed down after taking a good look at the bottle inside the box.

“…This is imperial wine…There are less than ten bottles of this left in the world…this…DAM IT GREETMAN. I don’t know if I should be angry or happy but if it was for this…It was worth waiting for ten years you bastard.”

Osfor who just finished his hysterical laughing seizure turned to face me and said.

“This man here can hold a grudge for years. Luckily for you that wine was enough to satiate his rage. No I believe that if it is truly imperial wine it is more than enough. Just one of those bottles can buy you a small city. One imperial bottle is believed to be worth more than five hundred million Crona. You were carrying a huge fortune with you dear Asura.”

“Oh it was worth that much…well if it can at least calm that man down...” I said while shrugging

The man was seemingly unable to open the bottle as he was still restrained yet I was amazed that he was still able to move even so slightly while being held down by the various high level spells.

“Release me this instant…Let me enjoy this blessing…”

With a taught it seemed that all the spells were canceled and the man regained his freedom, slowly he knelt and grabbed the bottle with both his hands hugging it and kissing it. As if it was a father seeing his first born child.

“Oh by the way this man’s name is Ousay. He is a former friend of your master and colleague. He used to attend the same school as him too.”

I answered Osfor adding.

“Yes and it appears that he is the sixth heavenly demon am I right.”

Osfor answered.

“Spot on. He is one of us.”

“And I suppose that the reason that four of the seven demons are here is because that this location is not safe. After all this place is next to the forbidden zone, where demons triumph.”

Tilting his head a bit Osfor said.

“Quite sharp aren’t you but not exactly, the demons are of no concern to us right now the entire camp is protected by a barrier that is very effective in repelling them. It’s rather the training grounds. They are close to ancient ruins of a civilization long since gone. Some traps are still laid here and the teachers are here to deal with any complications.”

Osfor was pointing at a strange structure a bit away from the camp it had multiple pillars spared between themselves with a transparent wall like structure with an enormous magical circle in the center of each wall. Instantly my eye glittered and copied the shape of the Mahojin.

“Oh those big walls over there…Oh but where are the students I only see teachers and some staff here” I interjected.

“Well it is because this is the teachers’ habitat. The students are all at the other side of the lake in tents they are training and learning survival skills. However some students deemed above such training can be found on that hill over there training with a teacher on magic enhancement and magic clad which you don’t need to bother yourself with right now as you already learned it from the best heheh.” He then pointed at a small hill right next to the lake where you can see a small cabin on it.

“Actually I taught myself you only gave me the basic idea…”I said while looking in the direction of the cabin

“…Well the basic idea is all that counts having recourses and not knowing what to do with them is the same as not having them at all. Anyway Shiki-kun and Yuna-chan are training with other teachers I think they even went dungeon exploring. A lot of personnel have been deployed to help students maximize their potential. And help them with their weaknesses and improve their strengths. You should take a look around as you are only needed to attend. This whole camp was only for students to learn how to handle themselves in unconventional situations. Something you don’t need considering your backing but the school demands that you at least participate”

“Oh that I will do, then-“before I could continue Ousay intervened.

“Oi Boy…what is your name?” the man said in a rather serious manner not compatible with the way he was still holding the bottle.

“My name is Asura Shirogami.” I replied immediately wanting to leave this place.

“What about you become my disciple! I promise I can teach you a lot more than that idiot master of yours.”

Without hesitation I replied. “Sorry but I have only one master and I am forever grateful to him. Although I would like to ask one thing.”

The man replied with a disappointed look on his face. “Too bad…you would have become a fin swordsman under my teachings raw power can indeed make a person strong but without skill the person is always limited. So what was it that you wanted to ask young Asura?”

“As you noticed I can copy almost perfectly any spell I see. But I still failed to use your own spell the divine cutting blade…why is that?”

“Ah, well that was not a singular spell that was only a part of it. My breathing techniques are rather unconventional and if you do not use the first breath you cannot use the second nor the third they must be used in a consecutive order to prepare for the last breath the seismic cut. It was the reason why I chose this skill because even if you can copy it you cannot use it. And this my boy is a free lesson. Never rely on that ability you may find yourself in this same situation with a non-merciful opponent.” Said the man grinning.

“Well it’s not like you were merciful if it wasn’t for the teachers I believe that I was going to be cut to pieces.” I said with a laugh.

“Then I will have to leave I need to do some sightseeing and at least check up on some friends.” I said to Osfor-sensei

“Oh you do that me and this Ousay have things to discuss I will be joining the kids shortly after near the lake.”

“Ok sensei so goodbye”

Strolling away I left Osfor-sensei and Ousay-dono chatting up and recalling some old memories only to laugh at the sight of Osfor trying to blackmail Ousay for a drink by digging some embarrassing facts and threatening to tell the maid-san who seemed uninterested by their childish behavior.

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