Chapter 5:

The Everlasting Volume 2 Chapter 4

The Everlasting

Chapter 4. travel and problems?Bookmark here

Somewhere deep underground a laboratory was going on full alert. It was situated under a city of Alikh most advanced medical facilities.Bookmark here

The place was a glass cabin of 250m² equipped with state of the art technological medical supplies Machines and tools.Bookmark here

With a frightened voice a man wearing a full body suit like the ones used for radioactive protection .“H-How long do you believe it will take for it to breakthrough?”…Bookmark here

Another man answered this one was standing on top of a platform viewing the entire operation “We do not know Soldier, please remain calm and induce it with more of the TX-55 solution.”…Bookmark here

What was rather disturbing was the fact that in the middle of the glass cabin was another container about 2 meter diameter with reinforced and extremely thick glass this one however was filled with a green liquid and inside it was some sort of life form the container was riddled with cracks and fissures but none was leaking. That case however was not going to last for long. The life form was wriggling and revolting trying to escape the pod.Bookmark here

The soldier pressed some buttons on a machine that was close to the glass only to be rewarded with a jump scare from the monster that slammed his palms and face into the glass making more crakes in it. It was…Humanoid but no eyes and with no hair scales here and there covering his red skin and atop his head were horns. Like a monster from a nightmare. This was a tainted demon. Unlike normal demons that are presumed extinct , these creatures are a degenerate version of them more powerful faster deadlier and most of all vicious, they gave up on their sanity not like the originals had any to begin with for more power by inducing the corruption or what is known as the blight to their bodies. It changed them on a genetic level leading to the extinction of their original form into this mindless abomination. These creatures are a form of Gore.Bookmark here

The Gores are monsters that have been tainted by the blight losing their minds. In most cases the mind is destroyed and what remains is a husk of murderous intents. But in the rarest of cases a host can still manage and hold onto their sanity while still benefiting from the powers of the transformation.Bookmark here

However this case has been confirmed only within demonic existences and sacred beasts. Creatures with magnificent magic ability. As for humans, corruption is equivalent of death, there has been not a single case of a corrupted human that retained their sanity it was and always be the fall of the human that ever was unlucky to have been tainted by this wretched blight.Bookmark here

The tainted demon wriggled and squirmed some more stating his disapproval of being confined by making the container more fragile and weaker.Bookmark here

A solution was being poured into the container from tubes that were linked to it, right after the soldier scurried away from it sighing in relief.Bookmark here

The creature seemed to stabilize and his temper seemed to quiet down. The experiment end with sighs of relief and the dismissal of most personal except some of the cleaning crew.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Bookmark here

(Asura POV)Bookmark here

“For god sake this is not working…” Asura who felt dejected could only state his discomfort after days of trial and errorBookmark here

“You still can’t solve the mystery of the magic null spell, and I taught that after seven days of testes we could somehow manage.” OsforBookmark here

“Well we did have more insight on the abilities of the Eye of the wise I even managed to use Mana flux without forcing my body to deplete itself from its natural mana, I never would have taught that I only needed to will the spell for it to activate huh.”Bookmark here

“Yeah you actually did get lucky with that discovery it helped a lot and even that new trick you learned is really fascinating, taxing but still really impressive. However you should keep that as a trump card because as you know your eye must remain a secret so as the fact that you are a contractor and the fact that you can open ways to the void…actually you should not speak to anyone about any of this. Your very existence should be a secret...I am thankful that you can now turn off the golden glow from that eye it would otherwise it would only be bringing us more trouble. ”Osfor said with a sullen mood he was awake for god knows how many days experimenting with Asura and trying to unravel all the secrets of the Eye of the wise.Bookmark here

“But this sure is looking to be impossible…I mean are you sure that the magic null spell actually exists... it just may be but a rumor.”Bookmark here

“No I don’t want to believe that. Weren’t you able to modified one of my spells and make it dissipate.”Bookmark here

“That was only a fireball and what I did was nothing impressive, I just rewrote your own text and changed the word Air in the spell to Void just normal chemistry fire cannot exist without oxygen. And even that only happened on a fluke when I somehow was able to see the mana that is forming the spell. I’ve been trying to reenact that same thing but without success.Bookmark here

“Yet that is more reason why I believe that the magic-null does exist, never in my studies had I ever seen something about interfering with someone else’s magic writing and you did that. This may be the secret to unravel the truth behind the magic-null now we have something to base ourselves from. So again Fireball.”Bookmark here

Normally Osfor-sensei who had affinity toward fire and air could use fireball without a magic text yet he wrote it to help me visualize the texts, we’ve been at this for days now and with only a singular success to rely on we kept on trying again and again.Bookmark here

After few hours Osfor seemed to be tiered, he was at this for hours launching spell after spell, while changing their base weight and velocity even heat, what is cool though was the fact that I was able to unravel one more mystery of this eye. It can see the texts of any spell and I noticed that even the most complex Mahojin is remembered with a glanced right down to the letter. With this I was able to learn countless spells from Osfor most of them I am unable to use due to the fact that they need more Mu than what I naturally have. And the majority that are channeled spells that need to store mana within the body which I dismissed. These spells will definitely activate the curse so I tried not to use them but learning their pattern and Mahojin should not be a problem. What was amazing though was the fact that Osfor had three S spells in his arsenal and one SS spell that he refused to show me saying that that spell was what made him one of the seven demons and he did not want to reveal it to me . He even said that I will not find a use for it anyway.Bookmark here

After a good study with Osfor I understood that the Void path is a really risk-reward path so I was forced to always use void spells in the presence of Osfor. We even developed a Void disintegration ray based by same disintegration spell that Osfor uses and have the void element added to it. This way elements hit with it will not only be burnt to nothingness but rather become nothingness themselves if that makes any senses. But like always the research was rewarded with failure as the addition of the void element is somehow interfering with the other elements and instead of merging it corrodes them and makes the spell backfire. After a test and a close call we decided that we need more understanding to this element in order to use it. Osfor said that this spell may be a SS class spell if it succeeds adding to that that this spell may be invincible and can penetrate any defense he said that it may even break through my Black aura shield with ease. Because in theory void will not collide with it but rather eat through it.Bookmark here

Dejectedly Osfor teleported away. He seemed to not want to sleep in this forest and leaves me with enough supplies and food. I actually find it rather quiet here. If it wasn’t for the timer in the cabin I might have not known how much time passed it’s been two weeks since I started training here. And I can say that I clearly grew stronger. The fact that magic clad and spiritual buffs can be used together was enough to vouch for it. I used to be able to carry 4 tons of weight with my full buffs now I can carry more than 20 tons. I couldn’t find heavier boulders to test my limit and even the 20 tons didn’t feel heavy at all.Bookmark here

But this was the last day I have left here. I was told by Osfor-sensei that the first years were taken to a training camp. The same as the second and third years. And I was somehow forced to attend. The dejection on Osfor’s face was probably because of this.Bookmark here

He seems like a really good guy even with his weird giggles and the way he sometimes think out loud, he really is a caring old man. Too bad he don’t have a family he would make a wonderful father.Bookmark here

To my surprise Shiki somehow managed to score a place in the grand tournament. By fluke or skill he was able to beat one of the five beasts of Albion. I was told that he challenged all five but only managed to beat one. I know Shiki is strong he can be levelheaded and sometimes too carefree but he is strong and I witnessed it. But to have four more monsters stronger than him I can feel that this school’s students have a great future in front of them.Bookmark here

A good addition though is that the silver haired girl her name was Yuna Korima if I remember. Was also a participant. Well it’s not a surprise but she scored second in the school event. I am sure that she would have gotten first place if it wasn’t for that incident and me miraculously and unjustly getting the first place…I feel bad for her. She however was able to win a spot because she beat everyone in an interschool competition that was held while I was stuck here. I would have loved to partake in that tournament to see how well my sword can fare in front of their magic and to at least know the approaches and different tactics that the other students use to fight. Osfor gave me some recordings to different matches just to not be left in the dark after I asked him for it he linked them to the crystal that was showing the fights like they were alive.Bookmark here

It was time for me to sleep. Thankfully I no longer see those dreams. Weird enough that those nightmares only manifest in my sleep when my sword is away from me.Bookmark here

After a good night sleep I was ready to leave Osfor came back at his regular time this time wearing a straw hat shorts and a t-shirt with mathematical formula written on it. Nothing like the half serious teacher I knew with drowsy eyes and hunched back with the white coat he looked like someone ready to enjoy a trip to the beach. And I was worried that he might still be upset about not experimenting.Bookmark here

“Asura-kun let’s leave already all the necessary items you need have been taken to the camp.” Said Osfor with an obvious excitement in his voice.Bookmark here

The only answer that I was going to give was the one that he was mostly expectingBookmark here

“Let’s go sensei!”Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

“It’s so bright…”Bookmark here

We were teleported from the dark forest near the school to some sort of lake it was still surrounded with green lush and trees. Thus it made me think that this was the same forest only a bit deeper. But I couldn’t be more wrong. This lake was actually situated at the borders of Alsa and Astora. The Grandin fairy forest.Bookmark here

“Ah finally we are here. It is a bit difficult to travel more than 2600Km using basic teleport spells huff... This one was tiring, I need to relax…” said whiny Osfor.Bookmark here

“This is amazing sensei to travel that distance with a teleport spell is something I can’t even fathom.”Bookmark here

“No, no son. Traveling that distance with a teleport spell is impossible. The maximum range of the most advanced teleport spell is but 5Km radius. I only intercepted a teleportation of material that was going to be sent from our school to this place and hitchhiked with the flow. That massive distance teleportation is only made possible by the existence of two identical magic circles on two different places and the fueling of massive amounts of mana from one side to another. Basically we were flushed with food supplies to the camp. This is normally deadly to living creatures but I have my little secrets.”Bookmark here

Looking at my foot I was assured that there was a huge magic circle under me. I instinctively copied the spell using my eye for future possible uses. Looking a bit to the side there were different cases and containers that were being transported by several maids. This instantly reminded me of that green haired maid I can’t seem to see here.Bookmark here

There were multiple shacks probably for teachers and the school staff as for students I noticed that there were several tents laid scattered around none organized probably every student just set up his tent wherever he felt comfortable.Bookmark here

Osfor seemed to know the way around he signaled me to follow him as he happily strolled toward the bigger looking cabin. Inside it was a setup of a modestly equipped facility. A table with some wooden chairs, few study desks and some pictures on the walls. Even a fridge was there.Bookmark here

On one of the chairs sat Takeda sensei with some casual cloths brown pants and a black t shirt reading a book, apparently a novel, He did strike me as a literacy man the first time I saw him with his glasses and whatnot.Bookmark here

Writing on a desk was the maid-san from that time I would have mistaken her for a teacher if it wasn’t for that short cut emerald hair, as she wasn’t wearing her maid uniform.Bookmark here

There were multiple new faces I presume they are mostly teachers of our school. Even the guy that was responsible for that giant crystal sphere, I wonder what happened after that incident.Bookmark here

“Oh you are finally here Osfor.”…Bookmark here

“Oh hello there dear Kansaki. What brings you here I taught you were in Alikh for diplomatic affairs.”Bookmark here

“Oh don’t let me start with that, those guys are a real pain to deal with I tell you, did you ever get the feeling that some people have bricks for brains sometime?”Bookmark here

“Except for few people I know I think that bricks for brain is a trend nowadays. And a lot of people seems to be fashion crazy.”Bookmark here

“Hahaha knowing you I think that everyone you meet will be a fashion fanatic.”Bookmark here

This guy…how can I say he ‘clicks’ rather well with Osfor, like if they were best friends. He was however slim with a small goatee beard and a glorious mustache all in all he was a good looking Blondie.Bookmark here

He looked dignified spoke with his chin held forward like a true gentleman with the addition of his tuxedo and twin tailed vest he looked exactly like a nobleman from a Victorian era.Bookmark here

“Oh let me introduce you, this is Asura the disciple of Greetman and currently my student.”Bookmark here

“Oh nice to finally meet you, I heard great deal about you young warrior.” Spoken like a true gentleman Kansaki said.Bookmark here

“Oh I am too quite pleased to meet another of the seven heavenly demons sir.”Bookmark here

“Oh, how did you know? I am sure that people who know that I am one of the seven are rare. And I don’t think that Greetman is the type to talk about this?”Bookmark here

“Oh I read a few reports about you handling diplomatic affaires for Alsa. And that you were once a student of Albion, seeing you in the flesh only confirmed it because the aura that is seeping from you is indeed only peered by my master. And Osfor sensei here. Also Takeda sensei and that maid-san and the director you all have that ‘feeling’ about you.”Bookmark here

“HAHAHAHA truly magnificent to uncover five of us just with a look, a terrifying young man you are I can tell you. But please keep this to yourself some of us might happen to not want their identities known.”Bookmark here

This man seems like a good guy too, they are called demons but they all look like saints…I can’t seem to understand the naming sense of the one that called them this.Bookmark here

“Ah I remembered. There is one more of the seven that is currently here and …yeah I think he is looking for you, but I think that you should try and lay low for a while, he is not on good terms with-“Bookmark here

A deafening sound was heard that cut Kansaki-san speaking.Bookmark here

“WHERE IS HE???”…Bookmark here

“Oh crap…” Osfor said with a bit of discomfort in his voiceBookmark here

Takeda sensei and the maid san were both standing now and most of the teachers were on standby.Bookmark here

Their faces were grim as if they were expecting a disaster.Bookmark here

A tall man wearing a sky blue colored loos pants with an open vest on top. He had his brown hair done in a bun and it probably was quit long. He had a nasty looking scar on his chest. At his left was an eerie looking katana.Bookmark here

“THERE YOU ARE... Mayre* Shunpo”Bookmark here

…with a slight tilt of his body the newcomer disappeared from sight.Bookmark here

Just after that. Time seemed to slow down significantly. He used a spell I don’t seem to have recalled this one specifically but his spell was used to reinforce his own muscles. Around his ankles, thighs and leg muscles. On his waist, his hands torso and back. These muscles all swelled for a bit. And in this slowed time it may have been a fraction of a second in the real time. I noticed also he used some type of warrior arts. It is definitely ‘control’ and this must be Light legs. But on a different scale. The problem is that he covered the distance that was clearly more than 20 meters in a blink even in this slowed time he appeared right in front of me with his katana unsheathed and ready to cut me in half.Bookmark here

Unlucky for him. This type of surprise attack will not work on me. I have been trained by Ainz on sensing the faintest of bloodlust. So I was prepared when I heard that shouting. Instantly drawing my blade I knew that positioning myself will be impossible with how close his sword is getting to my side. So I had only one thing to use.Bookmark here

“Shunpo!”Bookmark here

“What the hell!!!”Bookmark here

Yep this what I was waiting for. I trained so much with Osfor sensei that I was able to copy any spell he was going to use and instantly learn it thus using it within a single try after seeing it.Bookmark here

So a spell that is based on muscle reinforcement with a fusion of warrior arts was easily interpreted into my mind. It is but a fast movement spell that will seem to a non-trained eye to be a quick short teleportation spell.Bookmark here

It uses Wind element with a bit of spiritual energy to give the body a significant boost for a very short period of time. Thus making it look like a teleportation when the muscles flex and the body is pushed forward.Bookmark here

Right now my drawn devourer was sitting on the base of this man’s neck cutting him slightly drops of blood started to stain his blue vest. I askedBookmark here

“Who are you?”Bookmark here

Not wanting to answer the man once again used his spell this time appearing behind me trying to cut me vertically, yet again I used his same spell to reappear behind him taking the same position as earlier.Bookmark here

“Hahaha what a monster…that Greetman sure have a fine disciple too bad I will need to kill you boy. Then can you keep this up.”Bookmark here

The slow time effects as Osfor explained to me when we were in training is actually but an instinctive cry for help that the Eye is capable of. It forces the brain to go on overdrive to increase the processing of the surroundings and handling of informations thus making everything seems slow. This apparently only happens when I am in a distressed situation or when an event that can’t be seen with normal vision is happening in front of me. This time however even with the slow effect I was unable to stop his blade completely.Bookmark here

The man made a dozen copies of himself. All of them looked exactly alike. They even had the same aura coming from them and an equal bloodlust. The blades were drown and in a untied voice they all saidBookmark here


Instant movement from every copy with precise and deadly aimed sticks. Everyone aiming at a vital organ. I can only back away from the room as it is really packed right now. The teachers seemed rather distressed and I saw some of them trying to get to us, probably trying to stop this madman. But the look on Osfor was rather one of enjoyment.Bookmark here

Not giving it much taught I used Shunpo to get out of the room. The air where I stood was impaled by all the blades. That was definitely a killing attempt. So I don’t need to hold back with this guy.Bookmark here

“You dam bastard that would have killed me…You want to play it like that THEN BRING IT ON.Bookmark here


This version of buffing myself was developed by Osfor. He saw that I was in distress while fighting with that iron controlling guy. He said that the way I buff myself takes too much time and he showed me a quick way to maximize the buffs on me with the shortest time. It’s like a save of preselected buffs that I can use and they give me the instant benefits of the selected boosts the only drawback that the use of this method is really straining and can only be used three times a day. Anymore and my body will blow up…Bookmark here

I used titan’s might and burning soul with soul shield and eagle eyes. earth bound too for more control and light legs for increased mobility. Forsaking stone skin for its uselessness in this situation as this man can cut me even with it. Soul barrier was used because this man may have other air spells that I might be able to negate some of its damage with this buff. All in all another light show was emitted from my body. But unlick the time I was suffering with that guy. I can go all out this time with my blade at my side I no longer need to suppress myself I can use pressure to further make myself more intimidating. And this time I have the mana clad ability. So I will make sure I will not be on the receiving end.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

*Mayre= Japanese word for Here I come. Often said by old swordsmen to imitate a challenge.Bookmark here

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