The Everlasting

An Everlasting. It is a title given to those who’ve reached a state closest to godhood. Be it with might and power or love and compassion these begins hold great influence over the realms.

Our story begins with Asura a young orphaned kid that was taught the way of the blade and mastered warrior arts at a very young age. Given a recommendation by his teacher, Asura ventures to learn magic. We will follow the journey of Asura in his quest to reach Everlastinghood.

This story is a bit high paced compared to a lot of stories in royal road. Volumes in it are mostly consisting of 30 to 35k words. However it is enjoyable.

(Edit: You may have noticed that the story start with volume 2, but you can read volume 1 (which should be on sale soon) for FREE!! if you follow the instruction given on the first chapter of volume 1)


Action, comedy, romance, school life, betrayal, horror, psychology.

UpdatedFeb 07, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count38,936
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