Chapter 2:

The Unbeatable "Escape Room" Part 2: Friends

Escape Witch

Shortly after the car began moving, Madoka got to work freeing herself.  She was free within 38 seconds. She then untied Yuni's arms and legs before ripping the tape off Yuni's mouth.

"Ouch! That hurt like hell," Yuni growled as she massaged her lips while Madoka grabbed the trunk’s emergency release.

"Trunks are the "free spaces" of escaping," Madoka declared as she peeked open the trunk/

The girls peeked out and noticed they were on a freeway. Sirens could be heard in the distance, but neither of them could see any flashing lights.

“Well, what do we do now?” Yuni asked.

“Sadly, we need to wait. They’ll probably notice the trunk is open, but since we’re on the freeway they can’t do anything about it," Madoka stated.

“So, what do we wait for?”

“A good ole semi-truck.”

“Are you crazy!? Escaping through death does NOT count as escape! I thought you said you were good at this.”

“We’re not gonna isekai ourselves dummy! We’re gonna use it to escape these thugs. Oh look one’s coming up right now! Get ready Yuni,  we’re gonna jump!”

Madoka slammed open the trunk and stood up as the car began to pass a semi-truck in the adjacent lane. She built up as much distance as she could before waiting for the right moment. Once she sensed that moment she charged and jumped at lightning speed successfully grabbing the semi-truck’s mirror and door handle. She quickly opened the door and climbed inside the truck. Yuni and the truck driver struggled to process what happened.

"That girl's insane!" Yuni screamed in her mind. 

Madoka left the door hanging open and called for Yuni to jump. Suddenly, the back window of the sedan rolled down, and the blue-haired woman leaned out holding her gun.

"Ugh! She escaped! But I can get her back. Moribe! Slow down so I can hop in the- “

Before she could finish, Madoka kicked the window of the open door as hard as she could sending glass flying towards her at ballistic speed. She barely managed to avoid having her face pierced, but her left arm was not so lucky. The woman howled in pain and dropped her gun as Madoka latched one of her arms around the broken door frame and held out her hand.


Yuni didn’t stop to think as she began charging towards Madoka. She jumped, and barely managed to grab onto Madoka's hand. Madoka then yelled at the truck driver to hit the brakes and used the momentum to hurl Yuni and herself back inside the truck. The black sedan sped away as the truck came to a halt. The driver immediately called the police.


Police sirens blared, and two patrol cars pulled up. Yuni stomach churned as she recognized the three female officers that got out of the cars.

"Why are you even here you damn murderer!?" a woman with spray tanned skin and bleached blonde hair snarled.

"Why do I have to come to save a  dumbass like you!?" a woman with long forest green hair growled.

"Ara ara, don’t be so mean to poor Yuni-chan it looks like a lot happened to her.” a woman with long purple hair chuckled.

The three women were from Yuni's station. 

The one that called Yuni a murderer began strutting towards her. Her aqua eyes glared with hatred as she looked down at Yuni. She had pounds of makeup on her face and was scantily clad, wearing nothing but a bikini top, very short shorts, and white sneakers. She had shoulder length hair that was bleached blonde, spray tanned skin, and average sized breasts. Her name was Bianka Yuzume, the 21-year-old younger sister of Yuni's sensei and partner, Reika.

"I was hoping you'd at least be dead so Ne-sama could berate you in the afterlife," she scoffed. 

The woman with long forest green hair then walked forward. Her name was Serika Midoriya, a 21-year-old detective that had been saved by Reika and greatly resented Yuni. She had pink eyes and large breasts and was wearing an unzipped grey jacket, a white bra top,  jeans , and  chartreuse sneakers.

"So how many lives did you ruin today with your stupidity?" she growled.

"Ara Ara, don’t be so mean, there were no wrecked vehicles on our way over, and the girl and truck driver look to just have minor scrapes and bruises," the woman with purple hair smiled.

The woman was Yuni's superior, Mutsumi Nakajima. She was 27 years old and had purple eyes and average sized breasts. She wore a grey suit coat and skirt along with a pair of white heels. 

Madoka stared in confusion at Yuni.

“Why do these cops know you? Wait! Don’t tell me you’re a real high school detective?” Madoka gasped.

“I AM a real detective!” Yuni growled as she showed her badge.

“But you WERE a high school detective before you graduated, yes?”

“I mean I did meet Sensei while I was in my senior year, Ugh FINE! Yes, I was a high school detective! I’m Detective Yuni Futagawa of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. Sorry for the late introduction."

“I’m Madoka Ginkawa. The 4th daughter of Harumi Ginkawa, the current head of the Ginkawa family, and the granddaughter of the former head Gozaemon Ginkawa. You probably figured that out though.”

The officers then began gathering testimonies.

"Well, hello beautiful, mind telling me your number?" Bianka asked Madoka.

“What are you doing!? Are you hitting on me? Please stop! You’re not my type!” Madoka shrieked.

“What a shame. Unlike that twin tailed murderer over there I’d- “

“Yuni didn’t murder anyone! Stop calling her that!”

“She screwed up so badly she practically did.”

Bianka then walked away without asking Madoka anything else. Madoka then walked over to Yuni who was being mocked by Serika.

"Heh? You got captured twice in one night. Wow Sensei really screwed up when she allowed a dumbass like you to join the force," Serika snickered.

"Hey! Stop being so mean to Yuni you twig of celery!" Madoka glared.

Serika turned to face Madoka with a murderous look in her eyes.


Mutsumi and Bianka rushed to restrain Serika as she glared angrily at Madoka.

"I'm fine dammit! I know not to lash out and slug people left and right. Sensei taught me that," Serika mumbled as she calmed down.

Mutsumi then ordered Serika to leave with Bianka.

“Yuni, Miss Ginkawa, you can ride with me. There are some things I want to discuss. Also, I assume these phones are yours? We found them at the fake escape room," Mutsumi stated as she held up a bag containing two smartphones.

After reclaiming their phones, Yuni and Madoka exchanged contact information before getting in the car with Mutsumi. Yuni then decided to look up all of Madoka’s social media accounts.

"100,000 subscribers on Ewetube!? what was all that about not wanting to get too close with people?" Yuni glared

"It’s OK if it’s online,” Madoka pouted.

"So, you perform online in order to generate income and avoid getting kidnapped?"

"You got it! Though I have done some live shows... and got kidnapped after every one of them ended. So now I just stick to Ewetube. Plus, momma owns Ewetube and can easily protect my channel. Did you know she has over 100,000,000 subscribers."

“On- ONE HUNDRED MILLION!? No way! Aren’t there like only a few channels with numbers like that? What the hell does your mom post?”

“Oh, she’s very eccentric and posts things like her riding over the Grand Canyon on a tightrope, jet skiing during a thunderstorm, riding a motorbike down a volcano while its erupting, you know crazy things like that. Now that she’s the head, she’s forced to only do smaller things like eating live scorpions or getting her tongue pierced. Though she still does all that ecchi stuff everyone knows and loves her for.”

Yuni shivered and decided it was best to change the topic.

“So Chief, what did you wish to discuss with us?” Yuni asked.

“Illumous,” Mutsumi sternly stated.

"I- Illumous!? Those are the creeps have been trying to get my family to join them for years!” Madoka shrieked.

“Wait Illumous has been targeting your family? Then that explains the bounty,” Yuni stated.

“Bounty!? Yuni, please explain what you’re talking about," Mutsumi gasped.

“No, she has no idea. Let me tell you all that I know. My family is the second richest in the entire world; its why I’m frequently targeted for kidnapping. While my family is by no means the purest in the world, we are not part of the evil Illumous. However, since we are the second richest family in the world, they’d rather have us as allies and have been viciously trying to recruit us for years. Then after Grandpa died two different bounties were placed on me. One trillion euros for capturing me alive and unharmed, and one hundred thousand euros for killing me. The reward for killing me is drastically lower than the one for capturing me, most likely because they’d rather recruit me or use me as a hostage against momma. But sadly, there is a faction within Illumous that just wants to wipe out the Ginkawas. That’s all I’ve got,” Madoka stated.

Yuni began to analyze the information she just received.

"If Illumous is involved, I can’t sit back and watch. Those are the bastards that murdered Sensei," Yuni glared.

"Wait! Illumous were the ones that killed her!?" Madoka gasped.

“Yuni, Miss Ginkawa, I’m sure you two know, but do not mention Illumous to anyone that doesn’t already know about them. They will kill you if you identify one of their members or if you declare your intent to expose them. They also have agents implanted in all levels of society, and most certainly the police. Don’t carelessly mention battle plans against Illumous in front of other officers, you never know which one could be a member," Mutsumi warned.

The girls promised to be vigilant. The drive from that point onwards was uneventful until Yuni decided to banter.

“Say Chief, my paid time off was supposed to end tomorrow, so why’d you try to force me to do a case off duty?” Yuni asked.

“Well, I thought it would get your head back in the game, and maybe you could have arrested the kidnappers instead of you know getting kidnapped," Mutsumi stated.

“Then you should have told me beforehand you shrewd fox!”

“Hey! I’m not the one who screwed up. Besides its thanks to me that you made a new friend.”

“*Sigh* Well can’t argue with that, so I’ll give you, my thanks. As for you Madoka, I’ll bring those scum to justice so you can do a live magic show without getting kidnapped after it."

"Hey!" Madoka angrily pouted.

"What!? Aren't friends supposed to tease each other?”

"You got it!”

Everyone smiled and began laughing.