Chapter 0:

Requiem to All Life


Before the beginning there was nothing, no sound, no light, not even darkness, only the empty abyss of nothingness. That is, until a sudden burst of energy appeared. The explosion not only birthed a new source of power into the abyss but also scattered it in all corners and directions.

Like fireworks, an endless number of explosions awoke and like the last, they each gave birth to a multitude of energy, scattering it in all directions. As this process repeated slowly but surely, the abyss transcended into a garden of raw energy.

These random bursts of energy occurred for a handful of eons, when suddenly another change was brought about. Random explosions of energy cease to appear.

Instead, energy from all around the abyss began to combine into a singular point and created a new being through a process we call “accumulation”.

Without any idea of how it came into existence and no other available options, the being wandered for another handful of eons in hopes of finding a remedy for its ever deepening boredom.

Question: Say, what would you do in this very same situation?

To roam around in a void of absolutely nothing. Not a single other sentient being in all of existence, just you floating around in complete isolation. To be in this pinnacle of boredom, simply existing, completely isolated.

This isolation was brought to an abrupt end however. With no warning, another burst of energy appeared and like a chain of explosions, their numbers increased. Until once again the abyss was transcended into a garden of power. This chain was clearly an improved version since unlike the last, this one started to combine almost instantly.

This time however, “IT” witnessed this process. The being was left motionless as it watched the process of accumulation. Strangely enough it couldn't help but feel a warmth inside while laying its gaze on the beautiful sight before it.

And as the being watched the magnificent process of birth, for the very first time since the being’s formation, it began thinking its first thoughts.

“Is this how I came into existence? Will this become as I?”

With thoughts like this raging into its consciousness, the being developed a new emotion. One that it would never forget for all its days… FEAR!!!

The very thought that another being one day rivaling or even surpassing itself, engulfed the being with terror. It simply couldn't nor wanted to accept the idea of an equal. And with no other acceptable options, the being chose carnage.

It devoured EVERYTHING.

As if it was a newly bought vacuum, it absorbed everything the new accumulation had to offer and left not a trace, but instead of feeling guilt or even relief, it felt an even sweeter emotion… ABSOLUTE POWER!

That rush was like nicotine to the being. If it had a face, the expression it would be wearing would be that of pure ecstasy. To witness the beauty of birth and destroy it, was like the peak of happiness.

Even after the rush ended the only thoughts it could muster was the feeling of wanting even more of that rush. Then suddenly, almost like an ocean wave, questions of fear creeped into its consciousness.

“What if there are more? What if an accumulation occurs in a location I am not near?And if they are born, what would they do? Would they absorb me?!? I cannot afford to take any chances here”.

Then as if a light bulb lit, the being gave birth to seven grand ideas.

The first of these ideas was to issue a new will into the abyss, the being declared that all energy was to be absorbed into itself. Then as if the abyss itself served his very will, all energy stopped spreading throughout the abyss and instead absorbed into “IT”.

The second grand idea was for a new and more convenient body. Again the abyss served its very desire and granted the being a new and more convenient body.

From a bubbling clump of pure energy, the being started to take shape into a form that was akin to what we know today as a man’s body.

The third grand idea would bring forth a cure to his solitude and remedy his desire for amusement. Once again, the abyss served his very wish, and a new being was made. A being whose sole purpose was to serve and obey.

“From this moment on you shall be known as “Universe”, it issued with a voice that ruptured throughout the abyss.

“And from this moment on, you shall address me as, Kami.

And as if serving was installed into its soul, Universe replied, “As you command my Lord Kami”.

Forming a master and servant relationship, these two beings, Kami and Universe, went on to form a series of events that would soon come to be known as “The Big Bang”.