Chapter 14:

Chapter 14

Prince of the Sun

The beginnings of the relationship made Jace long to see what Momoka’s pack was like. She had told him maybe in the future he’d get to visit. Though it made him worry further about what their future would look like after the visitation period had ended. He put that thought to the back of his mind. He would process that when he got to it.

For now Momoka was dedicated to learning more about the mysterious Prince. Jace didn’t think he was all that mysterious but Momoka had described herself as filled with wonder when it came to him. She had nearly demanded to learn more about his personal life. Jace wasn’t sure what to tell her or show her so he landed on his own private quarters.

He only hoped she wouldn’t get the wrong idea.

He led her up to where she had previously never been allowed. The guards in their long black jackets eyed her suspiciously, but a nod from Jace eased them and they were allowed to pass through.

This hallway was even more lavishly decorated than any other she had been in. The roof looked as if it had been painted by some great painter of the past. Along the walls hung family portraits, as well as portraits of rulers and generations. Each of them was so breathtakingly beautiful as those that lived.

“Where are we?” Momoka whispered, still a little on edge from the guards.

Jace merely smiled as he led her down the hall.

She could smell each of the royal Phoenix very strongly in the hallway, especially Isabella, her scent was extraordinarily fresh.

Jace stopped in front of a door. He seemed a little nervous now. “Try to hold your judgement ok?”

Momoka nodded.

He stepped forward and opened the door.

Inside it was similar to the rest of the palace with its styling. Jace’s smokey lavender scent was all over it. It was not just one room but a collection of a few, with a living room, a bedroom, two bathrooms, balcony and a small kitchenette. It was like a studio apartment yet grander and larger than a normal one. Despite its large size it was filled to the brim with piles of books, especially around the actual bed. Each of the flat surfaces was covered in books and papers, the small dining table, desk, coffee table and the bed.

Momoka laughed to herself, she couldn’t help it.

“Yeah ummmm…. Probably should have made a trip to the library huh?” Jace said bashfully.

“No, it’s perfect Jace,” Momoka said with a smile at him.

“Really?” He looked a little shocked.

Momoka nodded. “It’s adorable.”

She stepped into the room, he sheepishly followed along.

“So these are my quarters, I would say I sleep here but that’s not really true. I relax here and umm… read,” Jace said as he neatened up one of the stacks.

“Well it’s certainly a big enough space for you to unwind in,” Momoka looked around herself. It was four or five times the size of her own bedroom at the pack. He was a Prince after all.

She inspected one of the sacks, it was filled with language books. Another was all about combat strategy, that one was a little more dusty. Moving further towards his bed, the gleaming white silk satin looked so inviting. The books around here all seemed to be romances, Momoka’s face grew red at a few of the titles.

“So what’s your favourite thing to read then?”

“Romance for sure. I’m a hopeless romantic,” Jace said, his honesty was so raw even if it made him a little nervous Momoka appreciated it.

“Maybe not so hopeless anymore,” she said.

He went bright red, his eyes darting around.. “Where did all this confidence suddenly come from?”

She laughed. “Oh it was there all along.”

He smiled too, his skin returning to inhumanly pale. “I like it, we both need to come out of our shells a little more.”

Across from his bed there were the doors to the balcony. Two doors filled with windows and framed by heavy curtains, likely for the time of year there was nothing but sun. Momoka approached the doors. Even in the dark light of a not quite full moon Momoka could see the view was spectacular. Her breath suddenly fogged up her view.

Jace chuckled a little behind her.

“Do you want to see?” he asked softly and approached her.

He put his hand on the door handle.

“Won’t it be too cold, I don’t have my jacket on,” Momoka said quickly.

Jace didn’t hesitate. “You’ll be ok with me,” he said as he opened the doors.

The icy wind rushed in and blasted over Momoka. She jumped back nearly bumping into Jace but with her sudden closeness to him she started to feel warm, like there wasn’t air of the arctic around her. His heat was like the warmth of sunlight on her skin.

She was able to step out onto the balcony with certainty with Jace.

His view was amazing, the whole of the icy plain the palace sat on as well as the forests and mountains in the distance, all illuminated by the silvery light of the moon.

“Wow,” fell out of Momoka’s lips.

Jace smiled, “I do spend a little time out here I must admit.”

Momoka stepped forward and leant on the railing, looking down at the palace and its lands below her. While Nikita bothered her there was just so much about being around Jace that felt so magical. She never wanted the experience to end. The wonder that filled her heart and soul was too much to give up over something like Nikita. Surely she could bear it, he lived such a short time compared to her own immortality. She could do it, she was so certain of it.

She looked back at Jace who smiled at her. His skin and hair gleamed with iridescence under the Moon’s light and the soft light from his eyes. He was so impossibly beautiful, a statue of diamonds and to know he too had feelings for her filled her with so much hope.

It was as if the light of the Phoenix was within her own soul as well.

She reached up, standing on her toes and kissed him. He kissed back.

He was so warm.