Chapter 15:

Chapter 15

Prince of the Sun

It was now Momoka’s turn to invite Jace into her world. She obviously couldn’t bring him to her packlands as it was quite the journey and very much not a part of the pack’s trip to the palace of the Phoenix. She now was the one to lead Jace through the palace though she wasn’t quite as sure of herself as he was.

She held his gloved hand as they walked and passing by a group of Phoenix they all stopped their conversations and watched them, in their own avoiding looking directly at someone kind of way.

She let go of Jace’s hand. “Do they not want us to be holding hands?”

He took her hand once again and his thumb brushed the back of her palm making her blush. “No, they are just interested in what I’m doing. You know the young Prince will always draw attention right?”

“I guess it’s certainly true for me,” Momoka said softly and they continued the way she led them.

“Don’t you get a lot of attention as well?” Jace asked.

Momoka nodded. “You’ve probably heard about this but the birth rates of female werewolves are dropping, it’s hard to prove but we believe the Myth Hunters are involved in some way. But that’s not important, it’s just that I get a lot of attention because I am a young female wolf, that’s why I’m next in line to be Luna for my pack, that and my bloodline. But usually people don’t have that much to say about me.”

“I had heard about that. It’s almost certainly them,” Jace said, allowing her to lead him with ease.

“I don’t know how they’ve done it,” Momoka mumbled, taking a turn she wasn’t quite sure of but was relieved to see that it was the correct one.

“They’re able to make those weapons that change the makeup of their blade with the power of their minds, there is sure to be a group of magic users involved within them, some dark magic they must be using,” Jace said softly.

“That’s a scary thought,” Momoka said softly, almost stopping.

“I’m sorry.”

Jace squeezed her hand and she felt a lot better once again.

She had led him right down to the bottom of the palace and begun searching the ground level. Jace was slightly amused by the fact she seemed a little lost.

“Are you most certain you don’t need my help?” He asked.

She smiled back at him. “I am most certain Prince.”

She lead him down another hallway seemingly at random.

“Very well.”

Finally Momoka came across what she was looking for, a door to the outside world, that was ideally not a balcony.

“Ah huh!” She declared and charged toward it, pulling Jace along.

As they approached the door Jace realised that she intended to leave, it seemed strange considering she wasn’t wearing a heavy coat, was she just to rely on his warmth again?

The doors opened and the cold air of winter enveloped them before they had even stepped out. Momoka let out almost a shriek and shrinked back towards Jace. Her shoulders dropped in relief once she was inside his warmth.

Jace chuckled. “Were the windows not enough indication that that door led outside?”

“Come on, let's go,” Momoka said defiantly.

With her close to himself he stepped out. Shutting the door firmly behind himself.

He looked over the darkened snow field that was their lands. He allowed his eyes to close faintly and the snow began to sparkle at him.

“Is this the thing?” He asked.

“No, of course not. I’m going to take you for a ride,” Momoka said with pride.

“A ride-” Jace started to say but stopped as he saw Momoka beginning to change.

Her bones and muscles all changed places, white fur grew all over her body. Soon she was on four legs and she was as tall as a horse. A majestic arctic wolf of fluffy white fur. She was terrifying yet adorable.

Jace gave her a pat on the head, he couldn’t resist. She was as soft as clouds.

“You are so cute Momoka,” he whispered.

The wolf wiggled in excitement, its tail wagging rapidly. She nosed his hand, rubbing her face into it.

Jace had been around many werewolves before yet he had never been so close to one, nor been able to touch one. Her mouth and her jaws were big enough to bite him clean in half. Big muscles rippled under a heavy coat. But her eyes were huge and still had Momoka’s sweet brown look to them and she was smiling in the way a wolf can.

He was looking directly at her, he couldn’t help it. She was just so cute, in this form she was a little less vulnerable, that would be his excuse.

“What did you want to do again?” He asked, his mind lost in the fluff.

She circled him, doing little excited hops and brushing up against him. He laughed with joy and ran his hands along the length of her body, embracing the fluff.

She tilted her head to the side and looked at him.

“What?” He asked.

She gave him that wolfish smile again and brushed up against him, this time going behind him.

Suddenly her head was between his legs and he was knocked back onto her back.

“Whoa!” He shouted in surprise, his eyes getting a little brighter.

He sat up and he was riding her.

Riding a werewolf.

Momoka made a sound he could have sworn was a laugh then she started to walk. He lent forward burying his hands into the long fur of the back of her neck. It was similar to riding a horse or riding a dragon yet there was no seat so he had to grip the best he could. As she picked up the pace he clung tighter.

Faster and faster she went.

The wind rushed past him as she was suddenly travelling at speeds greater than he could achieve on his own. The way her body moved, it was a musical rhythm of muscle and bone. A symphony that allowed her to fly across the land. Momoka’s wolf body was built for running and he got to share in this beautiful and rare experience.

Jace let out a laugh of joy.