Chapter 5:



Nerve system. It is in our body. It works fast and automatically in our body, that even us wouldn’t know it. It is very small and there are hundreds of them in our body. But the most important thing in the nerve system is the neuron. It is the central nervous system in our body that makes our organ works, it makes our brain receive response and information from our body. Without it, humans can’t move or even think. Humans are still fascinated by it. They tried to copy and remake it using advanced technology. In early 2020, Japanese and a couple other foreign scientists had been working hard since then.

First, they try it on a computer system, then they try it on our gadgets, and then on public facilities, and then they try it on robots. When it comes to robots, they try to combine the artificial neuron system with AI. After several tests, they finally made it. The AI works as a brain for the robots. The robots worked properly and since then it has helped humans with their activities. After that it evolved from robots to droids.

Then one elite and smart scientist who has worked on the artificial neuron system had an idea. Why don’t they make the system to control, watch and help any people all at once in a city. So, the system would be capable of doing it all by itself. No more corrupt workers, no more crime and violence, everything is done by the system and people can live safely. All of the scientists finally agreed, and they started working on it. Finally, after 10 years they finally made it. Hyper Artificial Neuron System or H.A.N.S.


On the way to the archive database office I’m still concerned about what Izumi sensei said to me. He must’ve planned something. But what should I do? I can’t even understand and predict his moves. I’m really confused. For now, I have to be more cautious and aware because he might kill me, or Kaito, or Asami or even all of us. I believe he’s been watching me since I graduated from high school. I’ve been close to Izumi sensei since the first grade. At first, I thought that he's a nice, kind and humble person who loves his students. But after what happened that night, everything changed.

Ever since that night I’m still afraid because he murdered my father. When I remembered my father, he was such a humble and kind person. Since my mom died 5 years ago, he always tried to raise me as best as he could. He is an empathic person, but he cared for his family. He always forgives me if I make a mistake. He trusted me and always believed in me. I was shocked when Izumi murder my father. But believe it or not I have to face the truth. I know he won’t let me out of this.

I must do something before it’s too late. I… I… my father, my father… He murdered the only family I have left. I can’t let this happen. I can’t let him play around with me. I.., I…, I really hate him, I really hate him! After he murdered my father, and made me lose my arm and eye and trapped me into this situation I just can’t… I really hate him. I have to finish him. Now I must figure out a way to tell Kaito and Asami about Izumi sensei, and how I can avenge my father’s death. But I also cannot forget what the ‘Principal’ told me. Even if I know the truth that this is not the real world and Izumi sensei is corrupted. I will still avenge my father’s death and find a way out of this world with my friends.

After a few minutes, we arrived at the archive database office. It is a huge building, it’s the second tallest building in Neo-Tokyo. Missaki-san said that the archive she’s looking for is on the 19th floor and the hunter droid archive is on the 22nd floor. Only officials and government scientists are allowed to enter this office but with special documents and permission from Misaki-san, we can enter it and copy the archive. There are only 2 human operator and 2 operator droids. Then when we entered the building, we were shocked… We suddenly entered a room. It was dark and there was nothing in there. It is an empty space. I realize that this archive database office is trapped. Kaito and Asami are very confused. I can see clearly in the dark because of my mechanical eye. “Kaito, Asami, use your night vision goggles, you brought it right Asami?”

“How did you know?” Asami was surprised and confused.

“There’s no time to explain!” I suddenly detected a heat signal and It’s coming from the right side. It might be someone in there, so I looked right and scanned it. My eye scanned it and detected that it’s a guy. I then carefully approach him. “Hello sir?” He doesn’t reply. “Hello, can you see me? or hear me sir? sir?” He is not replying. I looked at her face and suddenly his eyes turned red and I saw a warning sign when I looked at him. “Everyone, get away from here!!”

After that the man suddenly transforms into a giant hunter droid. I’ve never seen a hunter droid that big and that scary before. The giant then looked at us. “Run!” I shout it out loud. The giant hunter droid started chasing us.

We ran away as fast as we could. Asami then tries to attack that giant hunter droid with her laser gun, but it is useless. The giant can’t deflect any laser that Asami shot. This room is not like any other room. After we kept running, we realized that this room was an endless space so we were running endlessly. We try to find an exit but there is none. “What should we do Hirata? Asami can’t even shoot that thing! and we will be dead if we can’t get out of here!” Kaito panicked. I also didn’t know what to do but, suddenly I remembered something. Back when I met the ‘Principal’ he said tutorials, skills and upgrades. I don’t know how it works and It is a risk, soI have to try.



Suddenly my body turns back on its own and moves towards the giant. I can see the attack range of that giant hunter droid.

“Hirata, what are you doing? run away! Are you trying to kill yourself?” Kaito was confused.

“I have a plan!” Then the giant hunter droid starts chasing me. Then a screen pops up.


Then there’s a voice saying “USE YOUR WEAPON TO SHOOT THE TARGET”

The system targeted the giant hunter droid. But first, how can I use my weapon if I don’t have a weapon? After that I see a screen, it says “GENERATE YOUR WEAPON” “How can I generate my weapon? How does this system work? Wait, is it like a VR* game? Then…

I try to imagine a gun in the palm of my hand and suddenly a gun pops up in my right hand.

“Yes!” I then shoot the target rapidly. Instead of lasers, My gun shoots bullets. It hits the giant left arm and right leg. But I can’t aim for his head. It's hard to do it while running.

“USE YOUR SKILL!” The screen pops up again.

Yes, I must use my skill to improve my attack. Maybe I’m starting to understand how this system works. I immediately opened my status screen and looked up the skill list. There are 3 skills. The first one is ‘True Aim’, The second one is ‘Bullet Shield’ and the third one is' Bullet Stop’? To activate it I just need to say their name in my mind,

“True Aim” After I activate that skill, I can shoot the head of the giant hunter droid. I think it also maxed up my damage, because it is dead just by one shot.

“You did Vice-kun!”

“Hey Hirata, How can you do that?”

“I really don’t know how to explain it. It’s all just ha… LOOK OUT!” Suddenly a bunch of hunter droids showed up. But they are not just any regular hunter droids. Me and Asami immediately try to shoot them down, meanwhile Kaito tries to take cover behind us.

“Shoot every one of them, Asami!”

“Alright! Just stay behind me Kaito!”

Kaito was a bit scared and worried. I then activate my second skill on Kaito. My second skill is to make a shield by shooting the bullet at the target which is me, my friends or my allies. But it only lasts for 5 minutes and I can only use it twice..

“It won’t hurt Kaito, trust me.”

“Wait, what are you doing?” Then I shot directly at him and then the bullets tore down and made an invincible shield.

“You’re good now Kaito.” Kaito was very surprised when I shot him and suddenly the shield appeared. After that, Asami and I kill all of the remaining hunter droids. When we shot the last hunter droid. I heard a sound in my head, “LEVEL UP!” It looks like I've leveled up.

At the same time, we found a door. Without hesitation, we ran to that door. Running from that endless room. Without knowing where that door is going to lead us. But, it turns out that it is the way out of that dark room. We managed to get out. However, we were so surprised when we suddenly arrived in the real archive database office.

I checked my status and all of my skills were unlocked and my abilities and level had already been upgraded. “It must be the ‘Principal’!”

My level changed from 200 to 55

After we got in, we had to hurry before something unexpected happened again to us, so we used an elevator to go up. The elevator was transparent, and it pulled us up, so we were floating up from the first floor to the 19th floor. The archive looks like a library.

The data is kept on a server and every server has its own categories like AI, vehicle, traffic, school, and office. Every server shows data and information of its activity every hour a day. Each server has one computer on it. It helps us to find the specific archive data. I wonder if there is some data about this world and the real world. But still, I can’t believe that this unreal world has such a detailed archive system.

We then found the AI category that Misaki-san was looking for. When you want to find the data, you must input a password from the flash drive, the flash drive itself is a chip and we got it from Misaki. When Kaito inserts the chip to the computer, it inputs the password automatically. Then we are able to find the archive data. We then find the research option on the computer. After that we copied it to the chip that was given by Misaki san.

Then we went up to the 22nd floor. We found the hunter droid category and then we searched for the activity of the droid. The droid hunter attacked us at noon. But when we looked for it, there is no data or footage that tells us the droid is active. Instead it's only written, 


The system indeed showed that the droid was inactive the whole time. But Kaito and Asami thought it may be a system error or something, so they wanted to ask the operator. However I knew it was Izumi sensei who deleted the data. We then get back down to the first floor to ask the operator. When Kaito came to ask, they asked us back. One of them ask to Kaito,

“Do you really have permission to enter this place?”

“Yes, why?” It was the 2 human operators that we saw in the beginning.

They looked at the computer and said,

“It says that you are not allowed to enter this office.”


“Is something wrong?” Asami asked,

“Are you all trying to steal data?”

“No!” “We clearly got permission from my sister to enter this place.” “She worked at…”

Suddenly there was a big explosion on the 22nd floor. The building shattered because of the explosion.

“Watch out Vice kun…!”