Chapter 6:

All The Time


“Urghh…, W…, What happened?”

“Thank God, you're safe.”

“W… What just happened?”

“Kaito? Where is Kaito? Where is he?”

“I’m alright, nothing to worry about, but my hand got stuck.”

The archives tower exploded. If I remember correctly, it was a huge explosion. After the explosion Asami tried to protect me from the explosion. We tried to get out from the ruins. I know who’s behind all this. Because no one came to help us or even know about the explosion.It must be Izumi sensei. He must know that we’re here. He really has gone too far. How many times does he want me to go through this?

Asami then tried to pull from the ground. After that, she tried to help Kaito. Kaito’s left arm is stuck so me and Asami tried to get him out. We finally got Kaito out. His left hand is hurt and it’s bleeding. Asami then tries to cover the wound with the first aid kit that he brought in her bag. The Archive building really tore down into pieces. There is nothing left from it.

Then we saw the archives operator. They’re dead, lying on the ground. We then managed to get out of the building. “Is the chip safe?” Kaito asked.

“It’s on me, It’s safe!” At least we got what Misaki-san wanted. I really don’t like this. He really gives me a lot of trouble.

Kaito then tried to call the police but there was no answer. He then tried to call Misaki, unfortunately there was also no answer. I also tried to call them but there was no answer either.

“Why? Why the police and nee-san didn’t answer? Why are those hunter droids after us? Also, how can you suddenly get a gun? and how can you suddenly be so skillful? I’m your best friend Hirata and I have a lot of questions right now.” Kaito asked angrily. He is really confused.

“I don’t know, I feel like, it’s just a coincidence.” I can’t tell the truth to Kaito at least for now. The ‘Principal’ put a lot of information in my head and it is a very secret and risky information. I know the consequences if I leak it without caution.

“Really? cause I think that…” Before Kaito continued his words, a bunch of hunter droids appeared from the sky. Their eyes saw directly to us and then they started shooting at us

“Watch out!” Asami then pushes Kaito and shoots one of the hunter droids. “Help me Vice–kun!”

“Okay, Just stay behind us Kaito!”

“Yeah… I don’t care anymore.” Kaito said that while he took cover behind us.

The hunter droids kept coming and then an android appeared.

“That is an android right? Is he coming to help us?” Kaito was surprised but also confused.

But suddenly the android’s eye turned bright red and shot a laser from his eye.

“Hurry! We have to run!” Asami then grabbed, pulled us, and flew. The hunter droids start to attack and they blow up Kaito’s car.

“No! My car!”

“There's no time, we must hurry or they’ll kill us all!”

The droids still catching us from behind Asami then fly fast enough to get away from them she then stopped and land on an empty street

Then some of the droids come and shoot us. But Asami managed to dodge it with a shield. She has a bracelet on her arm that can make a shield. She then rolled and turned around and shot those droids.

“I’m gonna deal with them,” “You two just keep running.” “I’ll catch you guys later!”


“Come on Kaito!” Me and Kaito kept running from them while Asami tried to hold them back.

While running and shooting some of the hunter droids, I keep thinking about him. What is Izumi sensei doing now? I believe he must be planning or watching us somewhere right now. I should’ve warned Misaki-san about him. But I can’t, maybe he is still in the lab or maybe he’s gone out somewhere. Should I call Misaki-san? or what? I can’t be hasty because I believe that if I do that something bad will happen. What should I do?

We run as fast as we can. We then run into an alley, the droids still behind us.

“Where is she?”

“I don’t know.” “I hope she didn’t die or get lost.”

He uses hunter droids again to chase us? Asami is still hasn’t behind us. How can I stop those droids?

“I remember that I haven't used my third skill. I should try it.”

“Bullet Stop!” When I said that, I shot a bullet towards the hunter droids. The bullet hits one of them and transforms into a dome, surrounding all of the hunter droids and stopping their movement. I then stopped for a while. I wonder, Is it some kind of magic? I looked at the skill description and it says that my skills use pseudo-magic. Which is an artificial magic.

“Great Job Hirata! How can you do that?” We stopped running for a while and Kaito was so surprised. The hunter droids really stopped moving.

“Hmm... I don’t know, I just tried it for the first time, Thank God they stopped. Well then, let’s go before they move again!” I said that to Kaito but he didn't listen, he kept staring at those hunter droids.

“Come on Kaito, let’s hurry!” After I said that, we continued running.

Asami finally showed up. She said it took a pretty long time for him to finish the droids. We continue to run. Asami is behind us, and he shoots the rest of the droids that are still chasing us. After we ran for a long time, we found an abandoned building. We then hurried and ran into that building. The building has five floors. We run to the 3rd floor and hide in there. The hunter droids then followed us and managed to get into the building. The droid scanned every part of the building to find us. Before the hunter droids came, Asami had already activated stealth mode to cover us so the droid won’t find us. After scanning the building, the hunter droids left. We successfully hide from them. Asami then deactivated the stealth mode.

I said to them that maybe we have to stay here for a while until it’s really over. I think that the hunter droids might still be looking for us. We still can’t get out of here right now. Kaito is still confused and it seems that he feels annoyed. He just didn’t believe that this was the 2nd time those droids were chasing us, and his car was destroyed. He doesn’t know what to do. Even though the droids left, I believe that He will find us again. Because he’s watching us. Kaito then looked up his phone. He wants to check the news about this situation. He hopes that someone notices and reports when his car blows up and sees those hunter droids. But when he looked at the news, he was shocked.

“H… Hey guys, is this for real?”

“What is it?” I asked.

“W… we…”

Kaito's face seems shocked and frightened. He then starts to panic. I immediately grab his phone and look at the news. I’m also shocked after I see what’s written on the headline. It says that Me, Kaito and Asami are terrorists that are responsible and wanted for destroying the Archive tower. It also said that they found 2 bodies at the crime scene.

“What?” “What is this?”

Kaito then yelled, “We are the victim not the suspect! We’re supposed to get help!”

“Why did the police come after we left the Archive tower, is this a setup for us or what?”

Yeah, this is no coincidence at all. I knew who set this, who is all behind this. It must be him. Because he is one of the top scientists who made H.A.N.S, he has the power to affect the media. I… I… is this what he really wants from me. He really… How can I resolve this?


Asami then looked back after hearing that sound.

I looked around to find who’s and where did that sound come from.

“Ahhh…” “H…Hirata”

Wait, “Kaito…?” “Kaito...?” “KAITO!”

Kaito got shot on his chest.

“Forgive me Hirata-kun, I… I don’t want to…”


and then he vanished.

“What Just happened…? Kaito? Kaito? Where are you Kaito?”