Chapter 15:


White Parasite

After a hike up half of the mountain, Meghan's dress began to be whipped up by an invisible wind. However, there was no breeze present so as a cautionary measure, she invoked her magenta magic and reached out to the centre of the source of the "wind".

The very air around her rippled as a man in a lab coat and suit stepped out, narrowly dodging her hand as he did. His glasses stood out against the inky, cold night as he sized her up with a brief glance - she now wore a rose-coloured chiffon dress with ankle boots a deeper shade of pink, although this dress was only knee-length as opposed to the ankle-length white one.

"Meghan. Nice to see you after so long. How are your statue transactions going?" the man - obviously the Professor - asked as he darted towards her and slammed her into a nearby rock formation.

The woman coughed a bit but when he approached her, she then swung her hand up, creating a golden bisection through his middle. "Just as usual," she added to punctuate this action. The professor's mouth moved in response, but his voicebox would no longer function. "Save it for later, not-so-speedy."

A small object knocked into her with the force of a bullet, causing her to trip. It was Shousuke, his entire reptilian body drawn into his shell. The professor must've timed his entry so that intruders could be taken out.

With this, Shousuke's father made his getaway down the mountain, his arms swinging wildly as he ran.
Knock knock.

"Who's there?" grumbled the half-awake swan, roused from his sleep. His neck lazily coiled around one on the bars of the cage before he peered out of the window.

The professor bent down to look back, the moonlight on his glasses obscuring his eyes. "Kafka."

The swan was about to parrot the response before fully going on high alert and honking as loud as he could.

"You ruined the joke!" the man lamented, smashing the rear window with a fist. "The reason it's Kafka is because like his Gregor Samsa, you're going to die, morphed and forgotten!"

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